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My name is Andrew Lee I'm 31, and I'm from Malaysia

Why Britain's Got Talent

There's always the dream to be on Britain's Got Talent and there's always my hopes to perform for the royal family. Okay? Brilliant

Are you married? Nope, but I've got my girlfriend over here. Who's gonna help me out later with the egg. Yeah

Okay, best of luck Andrew. Thank you. We like surprises and Ruby had no idea what's happening. I love that

Well, I'm sure that many of you guys have seen a card trick well tonight

I'm gonna add mitos to this by adding a sense of danger Oh

Danger turns off. Can I get int and egg?

Now and then I get you to stand right over here as chick

Can I get you to stand right over here facing that way? Okay dick

I'm gonna go through the fact like this you say stop wherever you like

Stop right here. Now. Take a good look at your car. Yeah. Remember it call it good. Now we're gonna make your card unique

Go ahead pull the corner and

Keep that as your receipt, okay

And you're gonna hold the deck in a nice spread I can do that. Okay, okay

Jack take a deep breath and relax


Ladies and gentlemen in a moment you guys are gonna cut all out

To three and when that happens and you gotta toss the deck straight up in the air as high

as you can to hold that yes, and I'm gonna find

Thanks car

Probably this knife

Is that alright dick I think so. Yeah perfect great kid. This is what's gonna happen

And I'm gonna throw this knife at you, okay

Do it on

or off

And off it off. I'll take it off. You have it off. Yeah good choice

Oliver Anala volt

And say you idiot and already I'm ready

On the couch Oh

Okay, you usually have your cart

Hello who you my name is Don chess, I'm from Wolverhampton

I am six years old what I'm here to do my thing

You're gonna sing right? Yes Simon this is an original song called wiggle wine because we go


We do I good luck let's tear it down chest go Chad

Wiggle wiggle life

What's your name Audrey do you mind if I ask how old you are? I am 90

You're wearing a wedding ring. Are you married? No, I was in love many many times 22 gentlemen

Did you bring anyone with you today and I brought a pianist he's such a nice young man


Don't never go Mitch I

Wanna be you just and nobody else but you I wanna be loved by you. I

Wanna be kissed by you just you and nobody else but you I wanna be kissed by

I couldn't

I wanna be loved by you

Welcome what's your name, please? Noel Noel James. How would you know?

52 what do you do know I invidual eight in schools?

So when the kids are doing exams in schools and you sort of look after them, you know

Make sure they don't cheat you stuff. Yeah, if you'd have taken any sort a level Simon you'd know that

Are you with anyone today? Unfortunately, my girlfriend couldn't make it because she doesn't exist

Well look good luck, thank you very much

Gary in Blackpool

My name is Noel my full name is in fact, Noel wind James. That's right. I don't pronounce thee in fact

I'm glad you laughing

Because I've had a terrible day you've cheered me up. Do you know I was woken up at 4:00 a.m. This morning the phone rang

Who's ringing me at this time? I'll pick the phone up at you down the line. Achoo. There's a cold caller at that time

But as you can see there's an Jam I brought my instrument with me tonight I do hope you enjoy this next tune

Thank you very much

Now this is sorry I just bring the guitar to keep it in shape this II

Don't know if you've seen one of these before, this is an Old Welsh instrument, it's got a Welsh name that's right

It's called a bug and I

Am gonna play a tune for you lizard. Oh, this is not an original tune. This is a cover

It's good in the knee we like the well and some of you may recognize it here we go

And infant and then it's a famous film from the seventies is the Elephant Man

Well, you uh, put some music ladies and gentleman baa baa black sheep have

Any wool

Yes, sir

Lola got three bags full


Baa blue

I'm gonna fight them out

Seven nations army couldn't hold me back

They're gonna rip it up taking

Their time, right

Behind my back

And I'm talking to myself at night

Because I can't forget

Back and forth I find the cigarette

And the message

Seven nations army couldn't hold me back. They're gonna hit it up

Taking their time right behind my back and I'm talking to myself


Message coming from it says


What's your name? My name is Jackie. Yes, and every nice to meet you. Okay way from guys South Korea Oh fantastic

You floated all the way to do Britain's Got Talent. Yes

Because Britain's Got Talent is a show loved by people from all over the world

Yeah, we would write to perform at the West End theatre and pour the royal family

Pretty words into your mouth and he sort of come here because of me

No, I

All right best of luck

This is gonna be interesting, okay music

When a gadget

Wanna do we sp?


Finish yet

Hello girl

with the d-day darlings, okay, and

You all have normal jobs. I take it. Yes

I'm a wedding executive at a hotel. I do some waitressing and work in the department store

Why have you decided to come on the show?

Well, we're keeping the wartime spirit alive and we're trying to put into the new generation. That's our mission. That's what we do

You've done in the past

Where'd you do them? We've performed a British Legion events of festival remembrance

But we also perform for veterans birthday parties who are 90 that just wanted to come another sing along with

First of all, thank you so much

Where meet again don't know don't know


Great job

Won't you police say hello to the folks? Tell them my

They'll be



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