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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reflecmedia Chroma Key Video

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Today we're going to look at a product called Reflecmedia. It involves a

light ring that screws onto your camera's lens, and you shine this onto a

cool backdrop called Chromatte. Chromatte appears gray to the naked eye, but

when you hit the light with it, it lights up a brilliant blue or green. So

this material is made up of these little satellite dish shaped beads, and

there are millions of them. They just reflect back the light that's shone

on them. And you can crumple this stuff, and it still keys. It's amazing.

So the light ring just attaches right to the front of your camera's lens.

And you can do things like shoot a candlelight scene, because this stuff

doesn't spill all over the talent's shoulders. It's amazing; you can have

blue or green. So if the talent's wearing some green in their clothing, you

can switch over to blue, or vice versa. Very cool.

You don't have to deal with all of the heat and the electricity of some

huge lights. You just throw this light ring on the front of your camera and

boom, there you go. And it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have,

because there is a light ring adapter that lets you screw a 58, or a 72, or

an 82 millimeter filter right onto the front. And here's what the seven

foot by seven foot collapsible looks like. You just pop it open, and lean

it against a wall, and there you go. Also included is a controller that you

can use to vary the intensity of the LED lights coming off of the camera,

and hitting the background.

Here's also a new product called Basematte that is used to let you get

walking shots. Here I am training my dog how to sit. And this stuff's just

made out of a mouse pad like material. In this example, we're going to show

you how we took a ratty looking JPEG off the Internet and just kind of

gauzed and blurred it with a little filter, and now we're going to put

together a little composite. Here's Yvonne sitting up at the studio in

Seattle, but we're going to put her in Hawaii. And we can do that very

inexpensively with this system, and we can do take, after take, after take,

because we're in the comfort of our own studio. So we've got her hair

blowing in the breeze with a fan, and we just dropped out the background

using the matinee plug in, and easy as pie.

Here's another shot where we've got Yvonne in a million dollar studio, but

nope, it's our little low budget studio. This could be a dingy classroom,

it doesn't matter where you're at. You could be using Reflecmedia and

putting your talent anywhere. One of the things I like to do is really

light the scene to make it look real. So one of the things you could do is

take notice of what is in the background, if there's a light in a specific

location, or a window. You can do things like this, throw a little bit of a

blue light on the person's hair and shoulders. This just makes it appear

all the more real. So the idea is to make the Chroma key believable. You

don't want to over light something, or if the sun's on the left put it on

the right. So you want to make sure that your lighting is in the correct


In this example, we're going to have Yvonne interact with the background,

which is kind of cool. She's got a plasma screen up on the wall, and we've

got a remote control, and click, we'll just turn it right off. Now if you

had any doubt about the use of this material, this is how great this stuff

keys. This was shot at our studio, nothing special here, and look at this

mat that we're able to pull off of this shear fabric. I mean this is right

through fabric, we're able to get this kind of key. So look at that

composite. That's Yvonne in Hawaii again, just with a couple clicks. And

we're saving tons of money, and we can do take, after take, after take as

many as we want because we're in the comfort of our own studio. We're not

paying for a facility. This stuff is just awesome.

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