Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reloading 7.62 Tokarev, Part 2: At the range

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Hi! We are again at the outdoor shooting range testing our 7.62 Tokarev ammunition.

We will first fire 5 rounds of S&B and 5 rounds of PPU factory ammunition through the chronograph.

Then we will shoot 5 rounds of hand-loaded ammunition with an H&N .309 caliber lead bullet,

and finally 5 rounds of basically the same reload but with a .311 bullet.

Ok. It is clear that the .311 bullets do not work with the Tokarev pistol.

I am not sure exactly why.

There are constant problems with feeding.

The .309 bullets generally perform very well, but as you can see the ejected cases rather drop from the gun

than fly from the gun.

So, the cartridges are very low-powered, and it may be a good idea to increase the charge a bit.

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