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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn't Walk | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E03

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- We were called by the animal welfare authorities.

There was a pony locked up for a long time,

and he needed us to take him and to care for him,

because he was really, really heavily mistreated.

It was just horrible.

We are a horses and farm animal sanctuary.

We have about 400 farm animals.

In Belgium, there are very few farm animal sanctuaries,

but they are very often mistreated.

They need a place that takes care of them.

When Poly arrived here, we called our blacksmith

so he could chop off the biggest part of the hooves

which are really, really heavy for such a little pony.

That's 540 degrees of curving.

We have never, ever seen that.

Poly just couldn't walk.

- That's the first day Poly's ever had good care

and people who really, really loved him already.

Good things were happening, were beginning to happen.

He didn't have any kind of personality when he arrived here.

Now he does what he wants.

He's very, very kind with people.

Now he has a real pony life.

- Two or three days after Poly arrived,

Lola was born here.

She's very small, Poly's very small.

He needed company.

We put them together.

At first, Lola's mother was very, very protective of her,

but Lola really, really wanted to go to see Poly.

It took a few days, and then Lola's mother

took confidence in Poly and let him approach Lola.

I think they're more than friends,

he's like a father for her.

It's like Lola's been adopted by Poly.

Look at that.

Yeah, they really love each other.

He has a great life now with his new family.

- Such a comeback, that's amazing how a pony

who has suffered like this in the hands

of humans still has confidence in other humans.

He's full of hope, love, friendship.

Yeah, he's everything.

How you can overcome what life does to you,

what other beings do to you, just with love of life.

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