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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Go Natural English - Vocabulary - How to Read without Your Dictionary - use context

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hey guys I'm Gabi this is gone at real

English and we're going to talk about

reading without a dictionary so how to

figure out the meaning of what you're

reading without stopping every five

seconds to look up a word in the

dictionary so how do we do that let's

find out okay check out this example the

kitchen is immaculate she must have

spent hours cleaning it okay stop stop

stop before you go to your dictionary to

try to find out what immaculate means

let's look at the sentence to see if

there are any clues let's look at the

context let's look at other words in the

sentence particularly after the word

immaculate so cleaning she must have

spent hours cleaning it so that means

the kitchen is clean so a synonym of

immaculate is clean also if you think

that you've seen the word immaculate in

other situations like the immaculate

conception in

religious context you can guess that it

means perfect clean without without sin

without being dirty so we can take a

pretty good and accurate guess that

immaculate means clean perfectly clean

and you'd be correct okay let's look at

the second example he is unscrupulous

enough to cheat widows out of their life

savings unscrupulous is probably a word

that you don't see very often but before

you look in your dictionary let's look

at the sentence cheats to cheat widows

out of their life savings so to cheat

out of first of all we need to know what

sheets out of means so if you know to

cheat you know that that is a bad thing

to do it means to copy to cheat someone

out of something means to take something

from someone to steal basically oh

that's a negative thing right so we can

guess unscrupulous is a negative is a

negative adjective

and means something bad to cheat a widow

out of their life savings okay a widow

is someone who has gone through a bad

situation right it's a woman whose

husband has passed away so already this

person is has suffered a lot so to take

this person's life savings is a horrible

thing to do it's very unethical or

unscrupulous okay so we can guess the

meaning of unscrupulous from the context

so there's three steps that you can use

before you check your dictionary when

you're reading first of all look at the

context try to understand the situation

where you're reading and it might inform

your guess about what the word means the

new vocabulary word and what it means

second look at the sentence for clues or

examples often directly after a new

vocabulary word the author will explain

what the word means especially if it's a

very specific word that's not used very

often the author should explain it for a

general audience to understand and third

another strategy is to look at the root

of the word for clues so in the example

of the word unscrupulous we know that on

as a prefix means not so that's a place

to begin

alright and forth when all else fails

check your dictionary but when you try

to guess the meaning of the word first

you make it rain work and therefore you

will remember the vocabulary word a lot

faster than if you don't make your brain

work and you go straight to the

dictionary to give you the answer so try

to ask yourself what is the answer and

oftentimes you can answer it just trust

in your own instincts and use these

three steps to find the meeting on your


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