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Earlier we took a look at the 330d made by Kelleners

Which currently is their "sporty" model.

Now we're having the 640i Gran Coupe

Which has more optical tuning than the 330d.

Which you can easily see..

It's like a batmobile..

I can imagine Christopher Nolan's batman driving this during his retirement

It just looks epic..

I'm just going to walkaround and tell you what has been modified

Let's start with these 21 inch black rims

They immediately catch your eye!

Especially because of the other black elements..

Like this thing..

It really doesn't have any purpose

But it looks tough..

Just like these "scoops" on the bonnet

Again, it doesn't do anything

But it's just cool..

Carbon mirrors

Which look good as always

Take a look at this enormous sideskirt..

It just looks like an airintake from a B2 bomber

It just looks agressive!

The standard 6 series gran coupe looks quite modest

But NOW it's an agressive, impressive car!

It really is very cool to look at

Let's continue to the back..

Another Kelleners "hip-spoiler"

And nice, big exhausts..

Because we want sound..

We have this amazing rear spoiler!

Which currently is wrapped with carbon foyle..

But it will be fully carbon in the future..

Like all the carbon parts

Let's take a look at the other side..

Now we're looking at different rims!

A trick which is oftenly done by German tuners

So you can take a look at two different styles..

I think it looks less "brutal"

Just not as good..

It isn't my taste..

I'd go for the black ones..

They really turn the car into something special

And now the front..

Take a look at this Kelleners front spoiler

With the air intakes styled like the sideskirts

These squar lines..

Looks really nice

When I'm looking at this car

I'm imagening it going very fast!

So let's put it to the test!

Now lets see if it is as fast as it looks..

The first thing you notice is the sound..

Which is just right!


The car really isn't that fast..

But should a gran coupe BE fast?

I think comfort is the most important element


It is a contrast with the brutal exterior.

It looks like it reaches MACH1 in 3 seconds..

It has a 54 BHP power improvement

And a lot of torque..

So it's much faster than the standard one..

But it's not super fast..

It's very comfortable and nice to drive

Just put it in "D" and take a tour

Which it is made for..

Although it is a luxury car..

We're going to try to really drive it!

And when you do..

you notice the steering, which is really direct

And that it's got a very nice suspension setup..

It isn't super firm..

Let's put it in sport..

The gearbox is really fast!

I hope you can hear the speed..

But it's just amazingly fast

Which really adds to the driving experience..

But what keeps coming back is the fact that the exterior is faster than the car

It looks very very cool..

But the expectations made by its appearance are just a bit too high

I think if you'd take a M6 Gran Coupe as a base

with that twinturbo V8..

combined with these looks..

THAT would be a brutal car!

And then it all comes together..

The speed, the sound, the looks...

The experience would be complete..

With the exterior, speed and sound!

But for now..

This just is a fast 640i

which looks epic..

Tht should be worth it!

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