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Hello and today I will come back on my recent experience attending the Duba Watch Week.

I think you guys know how much I like and appreciate this event, well for its third

edition it most definitely didnt disappoint me one bit.

So I will quickly relate my experience and the cool things seen, but I will also cover

the novelties seen there, but I would like to point out that brands dont really use

it as a launch platform for new products, its really much more than that.

Nevertheless I did see a few new timepieces from Vacheron Constantin, a new line in the

Overseas collection and a new Traditionelle complete calendar, a new FB1 Marine Chronometer

from Ferdinand Berthoud as well as special Dubai editions from Urwerk and Moritz Grossman

among others.

So over the years, I have had the chance of attending a few of these watchmaking events

around the planet and for a few particular reasons this one is just very special, but

the main one is that is focuses on knowledge sharing, something that is obviously very

dear to me and that we try to achieve with through our video reports; so not only talk

about the watches we love and respect, but especially what is behind them.

The other reasons for me that makes this event special, is that strangely enough and despite

many brands being present, it seems like were in a neutral territory and this creates a

very constructive environment where watchmakers, journalists, collectors, young, old, you name

it, well we all mingle in an informal way and it thankfully seems that we all want the

same for the industry and come back to a bit more substance and meaning.

For me the highlight of this event are the many panels organised over these 5 days, talking

about many various topics, ranging from the resurrection of brands, to the role of auction

house, impact of technology, are complications reserved for men, well many subjects where

not only panelists share their thoughts and expertise, but the interaction with the public

is also very interesting.

The type of questions asked often reflect real issues and its definitely something

brands should be really attentive to, just as such as when you guys post comments here

on Youtube.

I really think it would be wise for some brand people to pay closer attention to what you

say, this is very valuable and precious input for them and should inspire in maybe stop

doing some mistakes that weve talked about unfortunately too many times whether here

on this channel or precisely during these informal talks held during this Dubai Watch


Well additional to this, I just wanted to say that this event has gone pretty much larger

than the 2 previous editions, its a bit more spread out, so the only little downfall

to this is that its just a tiny bit more difficult to have these impromptu discussions

and bump into each other, but more people can attend the panels, there are more brands

present, more watches to be seen, from both big name brands to many cool independents,

and the coolest thing for me was to bump into some of you looking at us, having a direct

and personal interaction is super nice I must say and also very instructive, your input

is really very valuable!

Another interesting thing experienced there was a special exhibition organised by the

Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie, the organisers of the SIHH, and they created this virtual

reality experience where they try to make you understand through 3 examples how the

mastery of timekeeping changed our world: marine chronometer and navigation, unified

time zones and the railway system, chronometry and airplane navigation.

Its very playful, you naturally look a bit stupid from the outside while youre

doing it, but its really fun and immersive.

Another positive are the many master classes organised where you can have a go at some

of the watchmaking crafts, from movement assembly with the Presuzios, father and son, that was

fun and I also attended an engraving class and damn what that difficult.

Heres the result and yes, I know, my attempt was just ridiculous.

Got me a certificate anyway, but definitely doesnt make an engraver.

I really think those experiences are very precious, because they really make you understand

through your personal experience the complexity of what we appreciate so much in watchmaking.

There were also some enamelling and miniature painting classes, but I left my spot to some

more talented people!

So lets now talk about some novelties seen there and lets start with Urwerk who came

with a special engraved version of its UR-210, something we saw first at Baselworld this

year, but here they came with a special Dubai edition and were talking about some serious

engraving! Moritz Grossman revealed a special 17 pieces limited edition, the Extreme

Dubai which was produced in collaboration with the organisers of the event and the main

watch distributor in Dubai, Seddiqi & Sons.

The particularity of this timepiece is that in a certain it lacks a dial and you can therefore

see better the movement coming with a purposely made aged look.

Ferdinand Berthoud introduced a new version of its FB1 Chronometre de Marine.

This one comes in a titanium case, but more importantly they have developed special sapphire

bridges and this lets you appreciate much more this very spectacular movement and just

as a reminder this watch won last the best of the best prize at the GPGH, the leading

industry award ceremony.

But lets listen quickly to Vincent Lapere about it.

And finally Vacheron Constantin

came out with a new Traditionelle model with a complete calendar display and for its launch,

they came out directly with a version in their Platinum Excellence collection.

Lets listen to Christian Selmoni about it and


will also talk about a


line in the Oversees collection with

a brand new GMT model.

So this is it for our coverage of the Dubai Watch Week, was really interesting to attend

and furthermore it was even more pleasant to meet in person some of you guys watching

us, made some very cool friends there.

Thanks to the Seddiqi family for pulling this event, its really quite remarkable of them,

much respect and apparently the next edition will not be next year, but probably in two


This is not a bad idea and this event will therefore remain special and highly qualitative.

Thanks for watching, special thanks to our patrons, cant thank you enough for your


All the best and see you soon.

The Description of Novelties seen at the Dubai Watch Week 2017