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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NTA UGC NET:JRF June 2019 English Exam Analysis, Literature & Linguistics

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute

I'm professor Abhay Sharma above

paraglide sharma and it gives me immense

pleasure to announce the 21st birthday

of our Institute at the miracle

Institute English language and

literature on the same day as today 21

years before that is 15 to July 1998 I

not this Institute for the literature

students and of course language as well

and this was my second baby after my

daughter and I've always treated it with

lots of love compassion and many people

have got attached with miracles since

then it's a big big family miracle is a

big family so it congratulates all the

people who are attached to it good luck

good future prospects to all of them we

hope that you had a very nice time here

in miracle and will continue to have so

in future after the birthday wishes let

us come back to a video I have already

discussed some question in my first part

and today I'm going to discuss some few

more questions here in this video of the

NTA UGC net gr if English exam which was

held on June 2019 so let's take up our

next question that is question number v

he that is not with us is against us he

that is not against us is with us now

this is quite a fallacy somebody is not

with you this it is not necessarily that

they are against you given by Francis

Bacon in his essay of unity and religion

next question

in ilet's love song of jay alfred

Prufrock who among the following

painters is a subject of conversation

among the perambulating women so the

women were discussing Michelangelo the

right answer is Michelangelo this point

was published in 1915 by TS Eliot

provoked in this poem is the speaker who

is addressing a potential lover and

there is a mention of Michelangelo the

Reina Sofia and women talking about him

there's a gallery the pictures the

paintings of Michelangelo and the women

are discussing so he's trying to show

the modern concept of the educated elite

class how do they expose themselves even

if they are they do not know anything

much they're hollow from inside but the

external appearance shows their class

their artificial knowledge this poem is

very fragmentary because it is based on

the tortured psyche of the lover and it

is very very modern in approach let's

take the next questions question number

seven who's the author of the essay the

rationale of copy text and the answer is

dump the blue wreck he talks about the

classical manuscripts the classical

manuscripts have been transferred to the

present age through copy the decks copy

Thanks now these things which were

written originally in a different kind

of language the Spelling's were so


the style was so different so many at

times while copying the text these

spellings changed the formation changed

while copying a text a battle is always

there between the old Spelling's and the

new spellings so there are so many

different copies of men

scripts and some little additions are

not even properly revised so the old

classic man scripts are losing their

authority the same thing is discussed by

WW Craig in his ration of copy next

question number 8 in which of Anita

Desai is known does the insane wife

killer husband this is a very famous

novel from Anita Desai cry the peacock

it has earned many literary awards also

this is all about the psychic and the

torturous mental state of an extra

sensitive and emotional wife Maya who is

married to a very busy middle-aged

lawyer who has no time for his wife and

home Maya greatly suffers from Electra

complex she's too much bitten by the

love of her father she thinks her father

loves her the most and nobody else

so she desires the same love from the

husband who is a very busy man

she's also tortured by the prophecy of

an El buena astrologer who predicted

that either she or her husband would die

after four years of marriage or so the

cries of the peacock haunt her during

nights and snatches her peace of mind

she thinks that a husband who is

detached from her from life should face

death instead of her so in a fit of such

psychological imbalance or depression

she pushes her husband from the terrace

or balcony therefore she is that insane

wife who kills her husband in try the

peak which one of the following novels

of Jane Austen was abandoned unfinished

the answer is the Watsons this is an

unfinished novel which was

being written in 1803 but Austin stopped

writing after her father's death in 1805

it had five chapters approximately

18,000 words it is said that Jane

Austen's knees Katherine her back

completed the novel and it was published

under the title the younger sister in

the mid 19th century there are few more

versions of it which were completed by

different authors question number 10

culture is ordinary and that is the

first fact which of the following is the

source of this statement the country and

the city resources of her help the long

revolution of keywords so the answer is

resources of hope and this is written by

Raymond Williams resources of Hope

culture democracy socialism Williams

processed unique authority as Britain's

foremost cultural theorist and public

intellectual informed by an unparalleled

range of reference and the resources of

deep personal experience his life's work

represents a patient exemplary

commitment to the building of a

socialist future this book brings

together important early writings

including cultures

ordinary the British left Welsh culture

and why do I demonstrate with major

essays and talks of the last decade it

includes work such as central themes as

the nature of a democratic culture the

value of community green socialism the

nuclear threat this I am reading from

the printed excerpt about the book you

can even watch my video on cultural

studies lately published on my channel

and there you will find much more about

the same topic so this way we have

finished any questions I would be coming

back with more subtle then

stay tuned also I would like to

congratulate all those who have cleared

this June net JRF exam 2019 from miracle

it's a long long list we will be soon

publishing it on our site website on

different channels also and it gives me

real happiness when I read that so many

miracle eyes have cracked this exam in

the first second or the third attempt

and we are looking forward to more good

news from more students still waiting

and counting I invite all the new net

aspirants to join miracle as soon as

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dreams here we give you quality

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