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A carefree evening with friends and family can be ruined in a moment by a

deck failure and sudden injury. Every year we hear of some tragic deck

collapse during what should be a happy celebration At Archadeck, we get calls

from people who have a host of issues with their existing deck all the time.

Here's an actual Archadeck deck safety inspection in progress,

notice how this Archadeck franchisee alerts the homeowners to various danger

spots and shortcomings of their existing deck. This deck is a perfect example of

one that should be replaced immediately. We recommend periodic deck safety

inspections like this to ensure your outdoor space is fit for entertaining.

Our acronym be safer sums it up quite nicely. Look at the condition of your

deck boards, most wood will show some cracks and splits over time

but is the general condition of the boards good or are the boards

splintering and unsafe to walk on. A variety of fasteners and metal hardware

connectors should be used to create a continuous pathway to ensure deck

stability and safety. Check to see if the appropriate fasteners and connectors

were used when constructing the deck, look at the condition of the hardware-

does any of it need to be replaced? If visible, look at the posts, seams and

joise that provide the structural framework of the deck, what is their

condition? Is there any noticeable sagging between supports? The attachment

of the deck of a house is the area where most deck failures occur. Pay special

attention to this area and check to make sure that the deck is properly attached

to the house band with appropriate screws or bolts and that it is properly

flashed for water protection. Nails should never be used for this type of

attachment. The footing support the weight on a deck and the columns that

bear on them; a footing that is sinking may cause a noticeable sag in an area

or a column separating from a beam. Check the areas where people exit from the

deck. These access usually involve stairs so

be sure to check the condition of the material used on the stair stringers,

stair treads and risers. Look at the condition of the rail post and

sections of railing on the deck to make sure that it's secure. Check to make

sure that the pickets are fastened securely and spaced no more than four

inches apart, and I think you'll agree that the best part of this sorrily

compromised deck is that it's coming down. A professional deck safety

inspection is yours for the asking, contact your local Archadeck outdoor

living expert today at call eight eight eight six eight seven

three three two five.

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