Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cristina Mittermeier – Change Your Mindset | She’s Mercedes

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Its time to wake up.

Blue is my favourite colour.

It reminds me of the ocean and of the responsibility we have to it.

This is the only way you can appreciate its unique beauty

and to see what we must protect.

My name is Cristina Mittermeier

and Im a conservation photographer and an advocate for the ocean.

Years ago, I committed myself to the future of our planet.

Thats why I chose Vancouver Island as my home.

It makes it so easy to just pack up and escape into the wilderness.

Out here, the world seems to stand still.

Growing up in Mexico, I had to learn to be a fighter.

I studied marine biology and made my way to photography.

It was my way to protect what I love so much.

Sometimes the waves are massive,

but Im never afraid of drowning.

The only thing we need to understand is that we have to be brave.

There is strength in numbers.

Were still searching for solutions and together we will find the way.

Dont listen to the voices in your head

that tell you that your dream is not for girls.

That youre not strong enough, brave enough, smart enough.

Instead, imagine taking those voices to the edge of a cliff

and throwing them over.

It takes a lot of courage to take the more difficult path.

Do it anyway. Defy the norm!

Ask yourself:

Am I blazing a trail for the young women behind me?

Who are the new leaders of tomorrow?

Let us change the world.

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