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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Epic Texas Offshore Fishing (Port Aransas)

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about three o'clock in the morning we're on the road headed over to

headed over to Aransas Pass we finally got a fishing trip plan we're going

offshore first time this year it's been a rough couple months since the

hurricane we have not been able to get offshore it is pretty busted up

we haven't even really had a chance to get into the you know some of the

channels you can't even drive the boat through but today all that changes we're

finally getting offshore we're gonna go catch some big stuff

I had a nice little bottle of whiskey I was gonna bring but I fell victim to the

same rule

Look for ling Paul I have a big mark

we normally don't even get to the tarpon rig this fast

sometime today Paul there he is big ol' Jackfish down deep

there's the bait, good bait

all right bait

now you're warmed up

Alright Stanley do that again

¿uno mas? Uno mas

brace yourself Stanley get ready for the pain here we go

damn Paul how'd you miss that

you ready yeah I'm ready hey we've got a little Finch sitting on the tackle box

that guy hey that's not fair you took a break

What you got there buddy? That is a mean old fish

get it on we are ready to hit it

I'm ready

yeah when he starts dancing around a lot this because something's coming after him

that's probably him going crazy down there but you'll know when you get a

fish on he'll pull pretty hard when they dance a lot like that there you'll pull

oh that's alright that was just him pulling really hard that's a big there

you go now you got it alright Perry go Perry you got him I think he got off

that's how it usually goes just that quick

just as I turned the camera on he gets off

It got off

oh good


Scorpionfish very dangerous very good eating

A lot like the lionfish but

very tasty does it hurt yeah yeah you don't want to get pricked by that look at the eyeballs all full of air

Bubble eyes

keep an eye out Pablo because the fish got off the hook does not mean he got away

oh yeah we brought him up high enough in the water column he could float up

oh there we go

dibs on the haik another good tile at where the tiles are living that's good

Stanley working at it got something good on ya he's sweating and he's wearing

himself out it's tough bringing those fish up from a

thousand feet down we got two nice tiles yeah it needs to be reset that's all all

right way to go Stanley got a couple of nice tiles whoo get to work for those

here's Perry with another good tile have another hog man look at that oh you

won't have any he's working hard now he does a time after time after time like

that at 1,050 feet down he's gonna be sore tomorrow this gonna

be terrible

a double tilefish coming up hey you like that

always got a shark yeah tile fish and shark see the spines on

their fin big green eyes and poisonous spines on their fins man i didn't tell you i got popped by a stingray for the first time last week

look at the green eyes doesn't get barotrauma and he didn't have the

notch in his tail

I'm not saying actually that I would do that... I'm not saying that on camera that

actually would that was actually a joke

that hunk of meat for bait

that's real here's Paul fighting the big shark giving him hell

it's screaming line off the reel hes got a bunch of drag on there It's ripping

line off stay on the boat please

this is not a small shark Stanley this is a four-hundred pounder anyway

putting much pressure on my skin

you dumped a lot of line off that reel you caught about 130 pound

shark on that rod and reel they couldn't take an inch of line last summer this one

dumped the real once I tell you that's a big ass shark

Once you get that blue line back on there It'll get a lot easier grab the line pull

it in you need a glove

when he was screaming all the line off the reel he dumped that reel man that's

200 pound diamonds right there

well I've got it back with a hundred pound braid and I've got another 100yards of

200 pound diamond yeah that's that that's good right there all right

Paul finally get this shark in kind of close oh my god it's huge I can't tell yet

just not a hammerhead could be a big bull come left here he comes left he's going

across the bow

he's going onto the boat good okay you're good

yeah he didn't like the boat at all that's a 400 pound bull shark

he's probably just coming up go ahead and keep cranking let's see what happens

here is he is he gone oh you cut the line that was a big bull shark

down so you may start at the bottom we get him halfway up

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