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Hi my name is Cindy Kieffer

and I'm the director of the American English Institute

it's my pleasure today to give you some information about the AEI

and the University of Oregon.

At the AEI we have students from twenty to twenty-five different countries,

which give you the opportunity to make friendships and have long lasting relationship

from people all over the world as well as with American students.

One of the most important things that caught my attention was the diversity of people we find here.

We are not only learning English, we are learning about each other cultures.

The diversity in my oral skills is wonderful.

Some of the advantages of the AEI curriculum are that

we take the expertise of nearly 50 teachers

with combined experience of more than hundreds and hundreds of years of combined experience

and we use it to plan a program

that rangers from true beginner level English

at the lower level, all the way up

to a level of instruction for students

who will be entering the University in the following term.

So, we are able to accommodate students at

any level of proficiency and give them the skills that they need

to pursue their academic and professional goals.

Hi, my name is Baiq Hilda Astriana

but you can call me Hilda. Im from Indonesia

and I'm here to take English courses at AEI.

because it is important for me to pursue my

master degree in another University.

Before coming here I just took

an English course only for three months

that focus on grammar and I think

taking courses here it's

more efficient because

i can make conversation with a native speaker

and also we have a lot of discussions and

reasoning exercises, it's much better (here).

The teachers at the AEI understand

that it takes more than a good TOEFL score to be successful at the University.

So we work in our classes to provide students with experiences that prepare them not just

in terms of their language but also in terms of

understanding what university professors will expect to them,

how to communicate their thoughts both in speaking and in writing.

Learning takes place not just inside the classroom, but outside as well.

The AEI has a free tutoring program

so AEI students have the opportunity

to meet with a U of O student two hours per week

to talk about the classes, about music,

about American culture. It really is an opportunity

to interact with a Native (English) Speaker

and begin to build your confidence and feel comfortable

in the English-speaking community.

What I like about

people here in Eugene they always talkative and friendly and

and they all all of them are

really really nice and helpful.

The people here in Eugene have helped me

overcome my culture shock

and overcome my home sickness.

When I came here the first time, I was really shocked by the campus.

The campus is huge and the campus is like a forest.

There are lots of big trees.

Like huge trees.

There is a lot of fresh air, and I can

enjoy hanging out with friends on campus. Yeah it's pretty awesome

For students who are granted conditional admission

to the University of Oregon

you have the academic background but perhaps your English still needs some work

If you've completed the AEI's program

and finished the last level of our Intensive program

you can then enter the University of Oregon regular classes regardless of your TOEFL score.

One really nice thing about the AEI is that there are a lot of bridge

opportunities to the university life.

We have English classes for students who are actually enrolled in the University

and those classes involve a lot of connections with the university classes also.

like going to the university class lectures, interviewing other students

and getting to know faculty, and doing reports, and things like that

based on the community engagement and that's great!

There are also a lot of community activities. There's an international center here

where there is a coffee hour every week that students can join,

there are student groups for specific groups like

the Chinese Student Association there are things like that the students can

get involved in and get to know

students not only all the other students in English classes but students outside

their classes and the University as well.

So it makes it very easy to get involved in the University and not feel so intimidated by it.

AEI has very dedicated teachers and is much cheaper than the other English institutes in Oregon especially.

And you will have a lot of fun with the other International (students) from other countries.

And they are all so kind.

I think others who want to take an English course should attend AEI classes.

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