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So Lar Si DoSolar's New Challenge




This is Solar.

Today I prepared a self hair dyeing challenge.

To be honest, since a really long time ago

With different teasing..


My hair experienced lots of suffering.

I think it started with 'Yes I Am', my hair dyeing.

It started with pink hair.

Then, during 'Starry Night', I went blonde.

Then, during 'Egotistic', I did ash blonde.

Then, my hair turned into dog hair.

And then, during 'Wind flower', I went back to black.

Went back to ash brown during 'gogobebe'.

And, during 'HIP' this time, I went with an orange toned ash brown.

Then, during 'SPIT IT OUT' promotions, I went with a similar ash brown.

And, now, it's a faded color.

My roots have grown out a lot, and

It's almost just two-toned.

It feels messy and dirty to me, too.

The reason I wasn't able to dye my hair is

Because I kept dyeing my hair for 3~4 years

[Infections occurred] In the beginning, there was this discharge.

There were these discharges and my head was so itchy!

At first, I wondered if it was because I didn't wash my hair?

[First, questioned herself]

But, even when I washed it

While sleeping, my head was so itchy.

If I like, scratched it, it was to the point where there was dried blood.

If I got my hair dried

The person who does my hair

Told me my hair [condition] was severe.

That they think this is the most severe instance they've seen.

They told me I should go to the hospital.

So, I went to a hospital for my scalp.

As I suspected, the condition wasn't really good.

Right now, I'm going to that hospital and receiving treatment.

Anyway, it's so messy that I felt I need to do a darker color

So I kept looking for an opportunity.

And, this time I was able to do it!

Self hair dyeing challenge!

Let's~~~~~ Go!!!

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(Not an ad) Not hair dye, but there are a lot of color treatments.

(Not an ad) I'm thinking about adding color with color treatment.

(Not an ad) Of course, there will be damage with this, too.

(Not an ad) But, I feel there would be less than with hair dye.

When I had mid-length hair, I dyed myself, too, at home. (Self)

I occasionally dye my hair at home

Because it costs so many money (Hate it).

When pretty colors are done during promotions, I do it at the hair salon.

But, when doing dark colors, I do it at home, too.

The plastic, I'm going to wear 2.

[Checking the back]

You normally have to put on latex gloves

But, I don't have any, so I think I'm going to have to wear plastic ones for now.

[Will start right away]

>>Making the hair dye<<

I squeezed out 4.

I part my hair with my hands. [This is an experienced person!]

[Meticulous combing before dyeing]

[Glove ends also meticulously]

Part it in half

And I will start from this side.

[Habitual close-up shot of product]

(Not a mud pack)


It's liberating covering my hair like this.

How much do you think I also disliked this?

My hair is so weak

It like, cuts off.

You normally have to comb it while doing it.

But, if you use one, you have to use it like you're going to throw it away.

I don't have a comb like that to use.

[If you don't have something while doing it yourself, do it without it]

Wow.. Seriously.. My black hair..

It's been such a long time...

When was 'Wind flower'? [It was November 29, 2018]

[Back hair rubbed depending on touch]

[Self hair dyeing challenge where her facial expressions can't be managed]

(Not irritated)

(Is it going well?)

(World's most gentle) Maleficent.

It may look like my hair is all dyed

But, after washing it, there are spots that aren't.

After having done it myself a few times. (Official from an experienced self hair dyer)

You have to keep doing this.

[Feeling pain in her jjasikie]

[Keep mixing it]

(Wish she would wash her face a bit..)

I squeezed out one more.

[Mix it meticulously]


[All-back beauty]

It's 10...

[Wear the plastic you had on over your head]

(Expert ease)

20, I will rinse it out.

Should I wash my face off a bit?

It got all the way on here. (Not sure why it got on her cheek)

[Tight facial expression]

I will return in 20 minutes.

I was doing something else...

And it's been 40 minutes.

[Finally, after washing her hair...]

[Most heart fluttering moment...!]

(Reveal in a moment)

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Self hair dyeing challenge, complete~

Ah here...

(Wish I saw this wrong)

There's a band...

(Really?) I think it's pretty okay.

It's been years~~~ And I've returned to black hair like this.

(Not an ad) This treatment I use has been discontinued

(Not an ad) And I barely managed to get it.

Self hair dyeing...

(Even though there's a blonde band) Really, successfully!

(Even though there's a blonde band) It's been completed!

With a good, clean appearance

I will show you it prettily, a lot.

Thank you for watching today.


I will return with a greater challenge next time.

Come one~

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The hair dye was done in here and there.

As a perfectionist...


Come here real quick.

My hair dye wasn't done well...

There are some spots that weren't done. So I applied it on some places.


Is it not done here?

Why wasn't it done well?


Don't you have to apply it to dry hair?


You're just putting it on wet hair again?

It's already dyed...


I'm doing a little bit.

Even just in your pajamas like that?

Oh yeah, I forgot.

That's something you shouldn't forget.

That's right.

[If you get caught jumping halfheartedly, you're going to die]

[Subtitles by: ch0sshi & ckinoza]

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