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Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and as we move away from 2020 and that comes to a close

and move into 2021 ios 14.3 is our latest version of ios and so i want to talk about ios 14.3 ios

14.4 and beyond and see what apple actually needs to fix what issues you're still having

and i thought i'd just talk about it a little bit as we're coming to the close of the year

and so the first thing is ios 14.3 is great for some people and not for others and i think

this is a big problem across the ecosystem as it really depends on what you're using of course many

apps can impact the way your phone works overall but the consistency from ios over the years has

sort of gone down as far as its overall stability at least in many people's view however ios 14 i

would say is more stable than ios 13 was at this exact same point in time so i have ios 14.3 on

this iphone 11 and many people are seemingly having a good experience but there's people

having bad experiences too everything from lag as we go through screens sometimes you go open an app

close it it will stutter as it closes and we're seeing that across ios 14.3 and 14.4 and so that

seems to be a big issue for people weird lagging on processors that are more than fast enough to

handle the overall experience much faster than we've had since 2007 with the first iphone so

we're way beyond that and those stutters really should not be an issue today and i'm surprised

that they are that seemingly something that apple is incredibly good at is the user interface and i

hope they update and fix these lag issues as it's really not something you should be experiencing

with a public release on a newer device it's sort of acceptable when you're running it on

a beta because it's a beta and they're testing different things and trying different software

and that's where you would report it in feedback but really for the most part it shouldn't be an

issue the other thing too i'm seeing a lot of is very inconsistent battery across devices

for example many people are reporting amazing battery or better battery on ios 14.3 and about 50

or maybe 45 are reporting poor battery life that's pretty bad compared to what we've had in the past

iphones in general do get very good battery life and they seem to be very efficient but it really

depends on the app you're using but the experience is very different depending on the device and this

is something that i think apple really needs to fix and the reason i say this is i have my iphone

12 pro max here which has good battery life and if we look at the battery life this is on the beta

but either way when it was on 14.3 i had basically the same battery health is basically the same and

you'll see it was at 100 on a new device which makes sense but here's over my 10 day past 10 days

yesterday i only had two hours of screen on time and i used about i'd say 40 percent of the battery

but i had four hours and eight minutes of screen off time if we look at the day before i only got

4 hours and 40 minutes however sometimes i've gotten much better battery life 8 to 10 hours

it just depends on the day and it seems to be very inconsistent even using it the same way

and so that's something i'm not seeing great battery life with it's seemingly gone down

with the beta as it was a little bit better before and the experience is very different

from the device to device like i said so on the ipad pro i've had horrible battery life

you'll see i'm at 29 percent right now and if we take a look at when i charge this we go to battery

you'll see it was last charged on monday at 2 18 am now i did this on purpose to show you because

what i did is i completely wiped this device or actually upgraded the device using finder on a mac

so it didn't fully wipe it but i basically reinstalled the the ios version right over

the top of it to see what it would do and so since monday you'll see here's my activity so 52 minutes

or here's monday 1 hour and 27 minutes another hour so 2 hours and 27 minutes or 28 minutes

and then 36 minutes i'm getting about three hours of screen on time on my ipad pro this doesn't make

any sense for something with a battery this big you'll see telegram notifications were part of

it youtube was 58 of it one day and prior to these updates i was getting amazing battery life

some people are having great battery life some are not and apple has said in order

to fix this completely wipe the phone and then restore from a backup i haven't done that yet

but it's getting to the point where i think i need to try that but the problem with that is

not everyone has a computer to actually wipe it with so you'll actually need windows or a mac

with finder or itunes to actually do that and it's just becoming a problem over time and even

though i'm switching updates a lot i'm seeing this enough from people that i think it's a big problem

so there's that is a weird issue that i hope apple addresses and the same thing is true on

different devices so it really doesn't matter what your battery health is even though your battery

may not be in top shape this one's at 100 on my iphone 11. it's still a big enough concern that

it seems to be a problem for a lot of people and i would like to see apple finally fix this with ios

14.4 14.5 and beyond i'd love to see them focus on quality and get this taken care of and also if

you're using exposure notifications for example i had someone message me about this if you're using

exposure notifications and you have it available in your area i don't have it available where i am

but you can install apps to try it out this can use a significant amount of battery because it's

using your location so that's just sort of the price of using that so if that's affecting battery

that's something different than if maybe it's an app affecting battery so just keep that in mind

but when it comes to other weird bugs people are still having issues with notifications some

people get them some people don't and this is a continued problem i get complaints a lot that

instagram notifications aren't coming through they work fine for me but other notifications sometimes

such as text messages aren't coming in through for other people which are very important so there's

some very weird problems going on and it seems to be intermittent and i think apple really this

year whether it be with ios 15 or hopefully 14.4 they focus on quality and get this taken care of

because notifications as well as battery life are probably the number one priority

for people when it comes to text messaging and then battery life of course so i see that a lot

and then also there's a headphone volume issue that i hear about almost every day

someone messages me about and this is kind of an odd problem because

it's location dependent as well so what i mean by that is if you go into your settings and then

sound in haptics and then go to headphone safety some people have these options to turn that off

or they don't so if you don't have the option some countries don't support it but some people in the

united states are seeing this as well depending on where they're at and so the option to reduce the

sounds is great you can reduce them to whatever decibel level or decimal level

level you want and it tells you how loud it is as loud as city traffic for example with 85 decibels

and so the reason i bring this up is because some people don't even have the option to turn this off

then they connect their phone via bluetooth to their car and they're playing music and all of

a sudden the volume turns down and they can't hear anything and this is a big problem for

people with phones whether you be on a phone call and it does that or you're in music and it does

that or a podcast these are things that are sort of can be critical or might not be depending on

what you're doing but it's something that apple really needs to fix and make more

consistent or make people aware that you can change this or fix this so it's something i'd like

to see updated and if it's something you're having and you're on a beta definitely submit feedback so

that they can fix this now as far as ios 14.4 well we're seeing minor features and things beyond that

and i hope that they continue to update features but i wouldn't expect anything major until ios 15

at this point however with the overall experience i would love to see apple really nail down this

experience and get it right apple has been known for years for reliability and consistency

and there's weird things like huge gaps here at the bottom and there's sometimes times when

android does a better job of handling larger screens than ios widgets were a big step forward

but i would love to see reliability consistency and battery life be something that's at the top

of the list for this year in 2021 or 2021 going forward i would love to see them change that and

i hope to see something like that i still think it's better than ios 13 at this point in time

but it still needs a little bit of work apple had said in the past they're going to focus on quality

and better quality control and i'm hoping to see this now as far as the amount of versions of ios

14 that we get this year well with ios 13 we had 13.7 which basically fixed all the issues with ios

13 brought good battery life and then we started over again and so i would like to see this here

maybe not start over again but improve on what we have and have consistency and quality be the main

focus and i think everyone would appreciate that then you can bring new features such as changes

to widgets or live widgets and all of the new features people want i think would be much more

welcome than what we're having now and so i'd love to hear from you in the comments below what do you

think apple needs to focus on this year with ios 14 and beyond i think 14 is a great step forward

with customization it has a lot of great features music might need a redo a little bit some people

i hear from that a lot and quite a few of you in the comments have said a lot with ios 14.3 because

it needs some work and there's 45 000 votes on the community poll that i did some time ago

and over 1 000 comments and if you look at some of these you'll see a lot of people

say i can say battery life is slightly worse than ios 14.2 and and accept that

everything works fine but you'll scroll down through all of these comments and there's

very inconsistent experiences across the board and i wish apple would tell us more what we need to do

to fix that problem as far as battery life if it's something that's being affected and how to better

handle that so lots of bugs and if they're apps the app developer needs to fix it but if it's ios

give us better control of not only battery but better battery health as well so a lot

of people get freaked out about battery health i've said i want this to change from a percentage

to more of a stop light system green for good yellow for it's getting worse red it's time

to change the battery so all of these things i'd like to see changed in the future i'd like

to see more consistency and i'd love to hear what you think about it in the comments below

if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i'll link it in the description like i

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