Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The UC Davis Campus and Community! Pre-Arrival for International Students

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Welcome to the University of California at Davis!

My friend Scrunch and I are here to help give you an idea of what life in Davis is like

by showing you some fun and unique places on campus and around town.

This is the Quad, which is the heart of the UC Davis campus.

Its Scrunchs favorite spot.

Lots of room to scurry around or relax and have lunch with friends.

Sometimes, you can find the Cal-Aggie Marching Band

fondly nicknamedThe Band-Uh

practicing or performing for local events.

Here they are on Picnic Day,

an annual festival that brings 60,000 visitors

to UC Davis every spring.

Facing the quad is The Coffee House,

which also has a nickname: The CoHo,

located in the Memorial Union building.

The CoHo is always bustling with students,

professors and staff members eager to get their lunch,

a snack or their venti mocha whipped frappe latte coffee.

Plenty of stuff to eat, from burritos to sushi,

from pizza to noodle soup.

All of the servers are students just like you.

Also located in the Memorial Union building

is the UC Davis Bookstore,

where you can purchase textbooks, computers,

electronics, stationery, art supplies

and all kinds of UC Davis souvenirs.

Just outside the north entrance of the Memorial Union

is the MU bus terminal.

This is one of two bus hubs

where you can catch a ride almost anywhere in Davis

and even to the city of Sacramento

and Sacramento International Airport.

Across the Quad to the south of the Memorial Union

is Shields library, a great place to study

and meet for group projects.

Just beyond the library is Mrak hall,

where the UC Davis Administration is located.

The offices of the Chancellor, Registrar

as well as the Undergraduate Admissions office

are located here.

One of our egghead statues

sits in front of the main entrance.

Continuing south, just behind Mrak Hall,

is the UC Davis Arboretum,

a beautiful 100 acre park

surrounding the former north fork of Putah Creek.

This beautiful garden is open to everyone.

And Scrunch loves to have picnics and feed the ducks.

This is The Arc, Activities and Recreation Center.

Theres lots of equipment and group exercise programs such as

martial arts, rock climbing, dance and yoga

just to name a few.

Across the street from there

is the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Inside you can find a

pharmacy, emergency care, optometry, psychiatry

and just about any other resource you need

to keep you happy and healthy.

Just off campus, a local weekly Farmers Market is held here

where you can buy fresh produce and hand-made products.

There are also almost always live music and food trucks

hanging around for you to enjoy.

Ooo! I wonder whats in season!

Downtown, you can find all sorts of places to have fun

and have some great food.

Davis also has a great local art scene.

They hold events all the time.

Check out the galleries!

Davis at night is beautiful.

There are events happening all over town

like trivia nights and live music, even fire dancers.

UC Davis is a peaceful college town

with a population of about 65,000

and rated as one of the top ten best public universities

by U.S. News and World Report.

We have only visited a few fun and unique spots,

come and see the rest for yourself!

The Description of The UC Davis Campus and Community! Pre-Arrival for International Students