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Hello friends.

Berilin Hünerler is nice to my youtube channel welcome.

I have orchids with me today.

My orchids that I look at in water, in water culture I get a lot of questions about my orchids I have grown.

Make a short video about it and I wanted to make a general statement.

Now I want to show you these.

These are my orchids that I look at in the water.

First of all, I want you to see its roots.

Look, these are rooting in the water this way.

I'll show you the other side right away.

I'll explain how it's done later to you immediately.

Look, these roots have just been created.

So is the bottom.

Now, besides the roots, branch development very good.

How to look now, what to do I want to explain.

I just water two fingers into these I use.

You will not use too much water.

Everyone says that.

Roots when water stays on the plate of orchids they rot and ask how they do not rot in water.

Let me state this here.

Always change the water in it required.

You should always change my intent every 3-4 days.

Look, I'm putting two fingers in the water.

Since I put two fingers in water, Orchids absorb almost every 3-4 days.

Very little water remains in the pot.

Sometimes it can even be completely finished.

So I don't even have to change it.

I'm just adding water.

In the normal period, you can change the water every 3-4 days.

You will put up to 2 fingers of water.

And the water you used is absolutely rested there must be water.

The water of the egg you boiled you can also use it.

Or you can use boiled chilled water.

Just be careful not to use chlorinated water.

Chlorinated water can cause decay.

I would also like to mention this.

When you do it this way, you can use it in the food. but there should be no nutrients in this water.

This is one of the mistakes made.

They put food in water like this and that food produces toxic substances.

White molds may be involved in the roots.

So you shouldn't put it in this water nutrients.

Let me explain how I use food.

You can use food once a month or every 15 days.

If you are using ready-made food, pay attention to its duration You can apply this food.

But let's say the food you apply is 1 liter If there is 1 cap of food in the water, prepare this water and put your orchid in this water.

But half an hour in this water Soak.

After waiting for half an hour, remove rinse it with water once.

Because when the food stays in the roots, is causing.

After rinsing, 2 fingers normal water again You'll use.

The water you use is again chlorine-free and there should be boiled water.

Because I don't use ready-made food, garlic and I'm using aspirin juice.

When using garlic and aspirin juice Let me explain how I am doing.

Half an hour orchids with garlic aspirin I put it in water.

All of the roots enter the water.

All of the roots absorb that water.

I keep it in that water for half an hour.

I use this as a nutrient.

I pour this water in half an hour.

Then again I use two fingers of normal water.

So in garlic and aspirin water I'm not leaving.

I should also mention this.

While your orchids are flowering, not necessary.

Flowers die faster it causes.

So you don't need to give it while flowering.

Let's say you give garlic aspirin water, give only garlic water.

While flowering, you can give it without using aspirin.

I also want to show you my orchids.

Look, I want to show you that.

This is my orchid, which I paint with food coloring.

I turned my white orchid into a blue orchid you can also find his video.

I want to share this with you.

There are many questions about this.

See this my pet looked in the bottle my orchid.

It was my rootless orchid.

I have shared your videos with you before.

It was my rootless orchid.

Putting it into the pet bottle is fast with algae somehow I rooted it.

I bought this in its normal pot 15-20 days ago.

I also used seaweed when I was in a normal pot.

To ensure that rooting with moss continues I'm trying.

Its development is very good.

I'm sure he will be a flower branch soon It will give.

In other words, it saved the orchids without root. became.

Sharing the development stage with you I wanted.

Look again, this also looked at water culture my orchid.

Look, it doesn't have a lot of roots in it.

These roots were formed with water culture.

Look, this is developing very well. My orchids.

But of course, when flowering, both rooting, It is a bit tiring for the plant to deal with both flowers and plants.

Look, these two branches gave.

His health is fine, but we have a little root I will continue with water culture in this way.

I would also like to mention this.

So much about the softening of the leaf I'm getting a question.

Look, there is softening, unfortunately.

Here's the reason for this softening from root losses It stems.

Because the root has rots, the plant leaves are softening now.

In this way continue to look with water culture We will try to get new roots from the plant.

And we will support the development of the plant.

How much to look at an orchid in water culture There are many questions about this.

As much as you want in the water culture to the orchid You can look at.

If you pay attention to these things, Your orchids will develop very well.

If you already give the food, this is the way I described it, the water is already in it.

Since your water keeps it moist enough, your orchid it will develop very well.

In addition, you need to do plenty of sun you have to put it somewhere.

Look, especially in this winter, your plants they need the sun more.

If you put it where the sun can get and if it is in the water in this way and you also add nutritional supplements, You can look at.

One month or two months no condition.

If his health is going well, he gives a flower branch, see the flower branch in good health.

If this is the case, it remains in water culture. no problem.

If they don't have roots, your orchids and some After getting the root, you can also take it in a pot instead of looking in the water.

Both methods may be appropriate.

But I am saying again, look especially If you want your plants to bloom these winter days, if you want to give the branch, please feel free to put it in the sun.

Because orchids need the sun.

It needs lots of light.

In greenhouses and many foreign countries Since there is no light, they look with special light systems.

We are lucky in the sun in our country.

It's a bit cloudy on those winter days the more sun it can get, the better.

If your orchid has healthy roots, if your temperature is 20 degrees and

where you can get plenty of sun in your orchid If you are putting it on the ground, there is no other reason why it does not give a branch of flowers.

Make sure if you pay attention to these will give a branch of flowers as soon as possible and will open such flowers.

I want to say today as much as I can think of I tried to touch on everything.

Especially to answer your questions I wanted to make a video like this.

This is all I have to say in this diary.

If you have questions and comments, give me comments You can pass.

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To answer all of you as much as I can, return I'm trying.

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Healthy, happy, beautiful days to all I wish.

See you in the next video.