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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Severe Weather Update: high humidity and heavy rainfall 30 January 2020

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Hello again from the bureau. We're here with an update on the high humidity and

risk of heavy rainfall through parts of the country over the coming days. The

tropical low which has been bringing heavy rainfall and flooding to northern

parts of the country, has begun to move to the west, and is currently located

over the Northern Territory. This system will begin to track towards the south on

Thursday, dragging this more tropical air mass and the risk of heavy rain down

with its passage. This severe weather warning shows the most likely area for

severe storms, though they may develop elsewhere through southern parts the NT

and northern parts of SA on Thursday. The main threat is heavy rainfall which may

lead to flash flooding and damaging winds. At the same time an approaching

cold front, will drag warmer air across the southeast, resulting in elevated fire

dangers. Fire weather warnings are in place for parts of South Australia and

Tasmania, heatwave conditions will intensify with severe to extreme heat

wave conditions extending from the Pilbara, in Western Australia, all the way

across to southeastern parts of Tasmania. As the low dives further to the south

the humid airmass will extend all the way to the coast of South Australia

overnight Thursday into Friday, with dew points climbing into the low

20s, values which are more typical of the tropics. This will lead to an

uncomfortable night in Adelaide, with a forecast minimum of 29 degrees.

These muggy conditions will extend east and into parts of Victoria, Tasmania and

New South Wales on Friday. The threat of severe storms will also extend east

across South Australia and into southwestern Victoria. We'll also see

increased fire dangers through Victoria and Tasmania. As the high humidity

extends east, it will exacerbate the impacts of the very hot temperatures

with extreme heatwave conditions forecast through parts of Tasmania,

Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. Friday into Saturday will be a

particularly oppressive night in Melbourne and Hobart. As we move into

Saturday, the worst of the heat and the most significant fire dangers will move

into eastern Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. Showers and storms will

tend to rain and become more widespread across South Australia, before extending

east, though some areas may still see more than others. There'll be more update

soon, in the meantime keep up to date with the

latest forecasts and warnings on our website and follow the advice of your

local health authorities and emergency services.

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