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MIKE: Got 'em on the stick! Got 'em on the stick!

NARRATOR: On this episode...

BOBBY: We're on, baby!

NARRATOR: Of Wicked Tuna...

BANKS: Put it in gear! Put it in gear!

NARRATOR: North vs. South

ADAM: He's taking line. ERIC: (bleep) yeah, it is.

DANIEL: Woo! ZACK: Fish on, baby!

NARRATOR: With the clock winding down...

DREW: Every fish is a tick, tick, tick.

MARCIANO: We ain't found no fish yet.

BRIAN: Let's make some money.

NARRATOR: And the wind blowing up...

REED: We're all getting ready to blast off here.

BANKS: You know it's bad when Reed wants to go in.

NARRATOR: One quality Bluefin...

NARRATOR: Could change the entire game.

ZACK: Dang!

NARRATOR: And less bounty...

TYLER: The quota going as fast as it's been going.

We just can't get a bite.

NARRATOR: Pushes each captain...

BANKS: Watch that rod.

DANIEL: Spin it now! Go, go, go!

NARRATOR: To fish harder...

TJ: It's gonna go crazy. It's gonna go crazy!

Bubby, rope! Rope, rope, rope, rope!

DANIEL: Hurry up. Now they're crossed. I can feel it.

MARISSA: Here it comes.

ERIC: Oh, (bleep). (bleep)!

NARRATOR: Or risk getting caught empty-handed.

BRIAN: We're gonna lose him, bro!

NARRATOR: This is...

BRIAN: I can't hold him, bro! DREW: Oh!

NARRATOR: Wicked Tuna North vs. South.

BOBBY: Today's forecast, great chance of Bluefin.

NARRATOR: With less than $7,000 separating the top five boats,

local Kahuna leads with Offshore Outlaw and

Northern boat Pinwheel too close for comfort.

Reel E' Bugging, Hot Tuna, and Rasta Rocket

are desperate to close the gap.

While Falcon tries to stay afloat.

BOBBY: Today's gonna blow pretty hard.

It's gonna blow up late this afternoon.

To win, you have to take chances.

You cannot just fish when the weather is good.

You have to push the envelope.

Especially since the one quota extension we got is already running out.

I think if we can get a morning fish, get home to the dock by 2:00 in the afternoon

and let the storm blow up, we'll be right back in it.

We have to get back on top.

We were in the lead once, but still these other boats didn't take us seriously.

They're saying, "All right, we don't have worry about Bobby Bugs.

He's out, game over."

That's gonna be a critical mistake on their part.

Yo, guys.

Take a look at this boat we're gonna pass on the port side.

Tell me if it's the Rocket.

He's bouncing around like an apple.

BRIAN: Yeah, I think it is him.

DREW: I have no idea where they put their microwave and TV on that boat,

but it ought to be wet.

BOBBY: Yeah, or a dog.

BRIAN: Those guys are nuts, bro.

DREW: God bless 'em.

BOBBY: Got a mark at 250.

Yo, wolf pack, 250.

I think today can make a difference, so we got this.

This will be a good day.

Hopefully, when the sun opens up, we'll get ours.

ZACK: So far, the wind ain't kicked up too bad yet.

We just got in position.

Hopefully, it's gonna pay off here.

We're feeling real lucky this morning.

We've struck out the last few trips and with the quota running out,

the end of the season could come any time.

To say that we're desperate to catch at least one more Bluefin is an understatement.

There's just no way we can let our families down.

DANIEL: Come on, baby. Give us our bite.

ZACK: I just seen 'em busting right here in front of us like hell.

SHANE: Oh, man. Yeah.



ZACK: Come on, baby! Come on.

(reel unspooling rapidly)

There he is. Fish on, baby!

ZACK: Double? Oh, yeah! DANIEL: Doubleheader.

ZACK: I'm gonna get this line out of your way.

You good, Daniel?

DANIEL: Yeah, put her in neutral.

ZACK: We got two fish on,

and with time running out in the season, we gotta land one.

Keep those lines apart!

ZACK: We can only keep one,

but you don't want the lines to cross on a double because you'll lose both of them.

All right, Shane. Pull this rig up for me.

DANIEL: We gotta hurry up and get him on this other side before we take him off.

You get that out the way first.

ZACK: You keep tight, Daniel.

DANIEL: Come on. Help me, I got this.

He's still behind me.

Maybe I need to go to the front.

Shane, help me move this stuff.

ZACK: We got our bites. Let's capitalize, boys.

DANIEL: Don't put a lot of pressure on him.

Just kind of enough to keep that hook in him.

ZACK: Getting close.

DANIEL: 100 yards. ZACK: 100 yards?

DANIEL: Yes. ZACK: Okay.

SHANE: Damn, these lines are crossing; I gotta move.

ZACK: Dang, Shane. What the.

SHANE: Yeah, I got it. DANIEL: Zack? ZACK: Yeah.

ZACK: What you need? Huh?

DANIEL: Spin it now!

ZACK: He's swimming towards the boat.

ZACK: Pick up. DANIEL: Come on this way, now!

ZACK: Pick up. DANIEL: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

SHANE: I got this.

ZACK: What way? What way? DANIEL: I don't know.

You're gonna have to get back there and look at it.

Hurry up now, they're crossed I can feel it.

ZACK: I'm trying, dude.

DANIEL: Take it out the holder.

Back the drag off, now.

ZACK: We're off.

All right, Shane, come to the front.

Put it in gear.

(bleep). Dang.

SHANE: Get the boat. ZACK: I got the boat.


DANIEL: Come to the front, Shane.

Oh, oh, you're gonna have to drive the boat, Zack.

ZACK: Okay, dude. I'm just, I'm just trying to get it.

DANIEL: I know, but you were about to drift over it.

Don't let that happen again, man.

ZACK: Yeah, okay, Daniel.

DANIEL: Yeah. Pay attention now. That was bad.

ZACK: You okay?

DANIEL: Is he under or over it, bud?

SHANE: I can't tell.

ZACK: The only way to know is to get his ass.

DANIEL: Yeah, he's under.

SHANE: All right, he's gonna run it back to ya.

We already got the lines crossed one time and had to work 'em out.

DANIEL: Yeah, he's doing pinwheels.

SHANE: There you go.

ZACK: I'm not sure how big this one is.

DANIEL: This is definitely a big one here.

ZACK: Oh, yeah, baby.

DANIEL: Color. SHANE: Color. ZACK: He's big, ain't he?

DANIEL: Shane. Now! Holy (bleep).

ZACK: I'm coming.

ZACK: Pick it up.

Man, that's a big tail.

Dang! Woo! Heck yeah, boys!

That one was a long time coming.


I think that's the biggest one we caught this year.

Look at the difference between that one and that one.

That's a little fish.

ZACK: Nice.

DANIEL: All right, Zack.

One, two, three.

ZACK: Another big one, boys.

I don't know if he's gonna come through the door or not.

ZACK: This is a pretty good problem to have.

He's definitely the biggest one we've caught all year.


ZACK: We might be small, but we're mighty.

We can win this thing.

Woo, woo!

We gotta get a measurement on this behemoth.

Oh, hell yeah, boys.

106. Heck, yeah. Had to take the door off.


ZACK (over radio): Another one bites the dust, son.

BOBBY: Oh, (bleep) me.

Pocket Rocket catching is just one thing that sticks in my craw,

not because they're not good guys,

but we've been out here far more than them

in the worst conditions.

And they zip out, hook one,

and zip back in before the wind even hits.

It bugs me and it takes a lot to bug Bobby Bedbugs.

It's time right now, man.

This could be the critical minute.

This could be it right here.

ZACK: We're on a heater and we don't want it to cool off.

BILL: So you got another stud for me, huh?

ZACK: Big one.

Hang him up and see what we got.

BILL: Let's do it.

That is a big sucker, ain't it?

ZACK: What we got, man?

BILL: Good God. 523 pounds.

ZACK: We put that in that.

BILL: I swear.

Let's see what she looks like on the inside.

ZACK: The buyer, he's looking for a nice cherry color and tons of fat.

And that's what will get us a high price per pound.

Man, Bill, this is our biggest fish ever.

SHANE: True.

ZACK: We need some big old money on this one.

BILL: You know, it's got a lot of fat.

This fish has been eating really good.

Let's see what this core looks like.

ZACK: Oh, yeah.

BILL: Nice and consistent. Got some oil in it.

DANIEL: Anticipation. ZACK: Yeah.

BILL: I'm thinking...

ZACK: Man, it's killing me. What you think we got?

BILL: $20 a pound.

ZACK: Biggest fish.

DANIEL: Perfect. That's what we needed.

ZACK: Man, paying some bills right there. See you tomorrow.

DANIEL: Take is easy, man.

ZACK: All right, man. DANIEL: Bye. BILL: See ya.

ZACK: We're so lucky we got ours before that Northern wind kicked up.

Everybody better watch out.


REED: It's gusting 37 at Jeanette's Pier.


BANKS: Sounds like a fun ride in.

REED: Thirty-seven.

STEVE: That's pretty stiff.

REED: Let's get 'em up.

STEVE: Yeah.

REED: Oh, it's coming, baby. It's coming.

STEVE: Woo! I feel it too.

REED: We were leading until Rasta Rocket knocked us down.

We've got to get back on top because we all know the end is near.

But when it blows from the North, that's our roughest wind.

We push the limits every day, but when it starts hitting 35 to 40 knots,

that's when you should not be out here.

I'm not gonna put my boat or my crew at risk.

BANKS: You know it's bad when Reed wants to go in.

TJ (over radio): Hey, Reed.

I don't know how much longer we could be out here like this.

REED: Sounds like we're getting the (bleep) out of here.

TJ: I hear you.

Right now we're in sixth place.

This is a decision that comes down to me where I'd rather keep my guys safe

than do something stupid.

Let's bring the (bleep) in. Bubby, come on.

Sometimes, you know, as a captain,

I just need to kind of draw the line and say,

"You know what? Not today."

How about you, Pinwheel?

TJ (over radio): Headed to the west with an empty fish hole.

TYLER: I'm super determined to out fish the rest of the fleet and retake the lead,

but every day in the Outer Banks is risk versus reward.

Do I push the window? Do I go out on that weather report?

Is it gonna be gnarly?

Am I gonna blow my windows out at the bridge?

Or am I gonna stuck out there for two or three days and

then get bashed by the big waves?

Let's get the lines in. We're getting out of here.

REED: Oh man. That sucks.

TYLER: Cool, let's roll.

MARCIANO: Basically we're done.

In another three or four hours,

it's gonna be right (bleep) nasty out here.

We're gonna have to get while the getting's good.

We need a few more fish and it sucks to go in.

But staying out on the water when you know

it's gonna get rough isn't a very good idea.

Sometimes a gamble like that costs you far more than what the benefit could ever be.

No love for us this trip.

JARRETT: Well, that's a wrap.

ADAM: You ready to pull it in?

ERIC: Nope. Ain't got one.

ADAM: Starting to get white caps.

I don't want to be in Davy Jones' locker.

ERIC: Is Bobby Bugs going in?

BRIAN: Drew's up there on the wheel.

Bobby's taking a nap.

REED (over radio): Reel E' Bugging.

DREW: Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead, you got Reel E' Bugging.

REED: Looks like we're all getting ready to blast off here.

REED (over radio): Everybody's taking off.

It's gusting 37 at Jeanette's Pier.

BRIAN: Everybody's leaving.

DREW: Well, conditions are deteriorating.

The clock is counting down.

Every fish is a tick, and it's tick, tick, tick.

So even though I don't want to, we don't have a choice.

It's getting ugly.

Why don't you go tell him that it's time to go in?

BRIAN: I'm gonna tell him to come up and talk to you.

DREW: All right.

BRIAN: Hey, Drew wanted me to tell you it's time to go in.

BOBBY: You guys are making executive decisions now?

DREW: Everybody else left. Try again tomorrow.

BOBBY: Oh, come on, guys.

We've been out 10 times worse than this.

Don't bump it up.

I didn't say we're leaving yet.

BRIAN: What in the (bleep) are we doing?

We don't want to be the only ones left out here.

We've already had our ass kicked enough.

Bobby's a good captain, but he's gonna take chances, he's gonna take risks.

Sometimes taking risks isn't always the smartest thing to do.

BRIAN: And sometimes taking those risks puts you over the top.

BOBBY: Drew, hit that (bleep)! Yeah!

DREW: Yeah!

BRIAN: You just gotta realize when the situation calls for risks versus being

a little more prudent, it's always just a balance.

BOBBY: Why are we making executive decisions, gentlemen?

DREW: It's getting, it's blowing inside, it's bad.

BOBBY: It just don't look bad, dude.

We've been out in eight foot seas.

They all bailed, they're out?

DREW: Yeah.

BOBBY: Yeah, we just dropped $700 on fuel.

We're here. Five hours from sunset.

I don't know, I disagree.

We leave the dock, we don't catch a fish, we just stay in the ocean

until we catch a fish.

Unless it's absolutely gonna put our lives at risk, we need to stay.


Look at these marks too, guys. You're killing me.

DREW: Holy (bleep), look at the wolf pack under the boat.

BOBBY: Let's put those lines back in the water, guys.

We're gonna get some Bluefin.

You'll see.

BANKS: Whoa! That was a big one.

REED: When crossing the bar with six to eight, ten-foot seas and

it could be very dangerous.

We've seen boats sink in the inlet.

I've seen boats roll over end up making the wrong move.

BANKS: (bleep).

REED: And you end up killing yourself or your crew.

TYLER: Whoa, (bleep). When it's blowing thirty to thirty-five,

the waves are usually between eight to twelve feet.

And they're big and they're spread out and they're mountains.

I mean, they're coming at you and you're looking up at these giants waves.

REED: A lot of water.

TYLER: And it's no joke.

There's a reason why they call it the graveyard of the North Atlantic,

and that's because it's dangerous out here in this weather.

BANKS: Hold on, everybody.

MARCIANO: This is the type of place you take it for granted and you'll regret it.

REED (over radio): Glad we left when we did.

Bugging is gonna get his ass kicked.

TJ: Oh. Bedbugs might get his ass kicked.

And even though he's not the sharpest tool in the drawer,

he's extremely driven.

He could get a fish, but Bobby's definitely

playing with fire down here in the OBX.

He wants to win, man.

They all want to win and pound their chest.

(ominous music)

BOBBY: Oh, here we go!

We suffered all night for this.

We got this. We're ready.

DREW: Ten minutes we'll be done.

BOBBY: Ten minutes we're gonna have fish on.

DREW: Heading for the barn. BOBBY: Head for the barn.

BRIAN: Heading for the watering hole.

BOBBY: All right. I'm gonna find 'em right now.

BRIAN: Put us on 'em, Bobby.

BOBBY: Come get me some. So we're out here all day.

Everyone back, went back in because the storm was coming in.

We didn't go in because we're not quitters.

We got knocked around half the night and struck out,

but we got this.

BRIAN: I like that. I like that.

This one's gonna be lucky.

It's our lucky purple.

BOBBY: I'm an extremely competitive person.

I wanna come in first, always first.

Some people say it's too aggressive.

I don't think so.

Doesn't mean you'll always finish first,

but you have to at least believe you can be.

You have to believe that you have to strive for that.

Otherwise, you will not give anything enough effort.

And if in your brain you don't believe you're good enough, you won't be.

We got tons of marks on the screen.

I feel optimistic. We're gonna do this right now.

That's today's forecast. Great chance of Bluefin today.

BRIAN: It's a Bluefin kind of day.


Starting to get anxiety from being not catching one.

Starting to get disappointing.

With time running out, it's important we get a fish right away.

So that's why we stayed out in these rough conditions while most people

went home early yesterday.

Not only do we need to try to take care of our families,

but we're trailing Rasta and Kahuna.

And one good fish could put us in the lead.

The wind ain't letting off any.

ERIC: Dude, we just gotta win this thing, dude.


ERIC: We'll get him, or we'll die trying.


We got some good marks here.

Look at the meat on the screen.


(reel unspooling rapidly)

There he is! There!

ERIC: Doubled up! Crank, crank, crank! Come on!

ERIC: This is him! This is him!

ADAM: Keep him tight.

JOHN-MICHAEL: Now you tell me how he got off of that.

ERIC: We still got one on.

JOHN-MICHAEL: Come on, baby.

We need this right here so we can get out of here.

ERIC: Ready to move.

JOHN-MICHAEL: Ready to move it?

ERIC: He's taking right now.

Point the rod. Point the rod.

JOHN-MICHAEL: I can't get it right here.

BOBBY (over radio): Yeah, this is Bobby, Reel E' Bugging.

Anyone else stupid enough to be out here today?

Come back.

ADAM: You got the Outlaws out here with you, Bobby,

and we're hooked up to a monster.

BOBBY (over radio): Outlaw and that crew, we're not intimidated.

Hey, there's one other (bleep) out here.

We're gonna get tight.

Trust me.

ERIC: He's smoking you, Adam.

I mean smoking her down big time.

I'm telling you.

Holy (bleep).

ADAM: He's taking line. ERIC: (bleep) yeah, it is.

(reel unspooling rapidly)

ERIC: Woo-hoo! He's dumping it.

He's about to spool us.

You're gonna have to go get him.

Turn that way.

JOHN-MICHAEL: You ain't gonna be able to make that turn.

ERIC: He's gone! He's gone!

That's it! That's it! That's it!

(bleep)! (bleep)!



Every bit of it, gone. He spooled us.

He took off like a locomotive and ran about 1,300 yards of line.

There was nothing we could do to stop it.

And what sucks the most is the quota is about 85% full.

We're running out of chances here.

That right there makes me want to throw up.

TYLER (over radio): 72 and the 624.

TJ: A mile in front of us, they're blowing up.

We made the right choice yesterday coming in because of the wind.

And those guys that stayed out risked their lives for nothing.

We might be closer towards the bottom of the leaderboard,

but this is still a tight race.

Just about everybody is only one jumbo fish away from taking the lead.

MIKE: Still dark out.

Just went over a big school of something.

Couldn't tell if it two tones or Bluefins busting everywhere.

There's fish breaking everywhere here.

Game time now. Let's see what happens here.

MIKE: I don't know. I can't see 'em.

The (bleep) going crazy everywhere.

MIKE: Hopefully, we get a nice early bite.

TJ: There's a mark, Bubby!

We'd love to get a bite right now.

We don't expect the quota to last a week.

We're hoping these next few days we can get the North back on top.


Why aren't they blowing us up, dude?

Real deal mark.

We gotta make something happen.


MIKE: No, we just missed, we got 'em on the stick!

Got 'em on the stick!

TJ: Hooked up, baby.

MIKE: Woo! First drop! First drop!

Turn the hydro up. Come on.

TJ: Down and tight in the Gulf Stream, baby.

Bluefin season. Woo!

Our extended quota is running out fast.

Every fish we hook right now, we've got to capitalize on.

All right, let him go, let him go, let him go, let him go.

JARRETT: I'm used to reeling on the rod.

But when it's a greenstick catch, the bandit reel is Bubby's specialty.

MIKE: Come on. He's screaming.

TJ: Is he still there? MIKE: I don't know.

Rim wracked me, man.

MIKE: No, he's there. He's there.

He's shaking his head. I got him on, baby. Definitely over 90 inches.

TJ: Pull him up. Pull him back.

JARRETT: I see deep color.

MIKE: Tail wrapped. Get a gaff, get a harpoon.

TJ: Get the other harpoon.

Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going.

With this fish's tail chafing against the line,

it could easily cut itself off.

Come on, Bubby. Reel it in.

JARRETT: Hurry up! Hurry up!

TJ: Keep going. Keep going.

MIKE: He's coming up now.

Stick him! I got him. Get a hold of him.

Get a, get a gaff.

TJ: He's gonna go crazy. He's gonna go crazy.

JARRETT: Watch that line. We're about to lose him.

TJ: Get him good. Get him good.

Get him good. He's gonna go crazy.

Bubby, rope! Rope, rope, rope, rope, rope.

Rope. Bubby, rope! I got him! Get a rope!

Hoo baby!

Here for a good time, baby. Sun's not even up.

Bound for glory, headed to the west.

We are stoked to be back in the groove.

This was a much-needed fish.

JARRETT: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo, 91!

TJ: Good job, baby. We're headed west.

MIKE: Good job, guys. JARRETT: Nice work.

TJ: Hopefully, this fish is enough just to climbing back to the top of the fleet.

Headed west.

BOBBY: Hot Tuna's back there dragging a fish already.

I mean, it's crunch time.

Any shot at being on top of the leaderboard is diminishing by the minute here.

You know, we got to find fish.

We got to find 'em now.

I wouldn't say these are desperate times, but almost time for, uh,

for us to panic, you know.

BRIAN: Yeah, there's grass all up in this (bleep).

BRIAN: Yeah.

TJ: Crossed the bar, headed towards the bridge.

Hopefully, DenDen's sitting there with his payday checkbook and looking to write

a big fat check.

Do you think I'll get under that?

No (bleep) way, right?

TJ: It's really low tide.

I think we're gonna bump the south span.

The Rasta Rocket's approaching the bridge and they only draw about 20 inches of water,

so I know they can easily get through where I wanna get through.

If they say that we've got, you know, anywhere from five to seven foot;

I know I'm good to go.

ZACK: We didn't hook up on the morning bite and we need some supplies.

So we decided to make a run in and get back out to the fishing grounds

for the sunset bite.

TJ (over radio): You on there, Rocket?

ZACK (over radio): Yeah, I got you. What's up now?

TJ: Do me a favor, Rocket,

go through the south span and let me know what you got for water.

ZACK: I got you. That main one there?

TJ: The one south of the main one, yeah.

ZACK: All right. I got you. Will do.

TJ (over radio): What are you seeing for water right there?

ZACK: Six-foot. Five-four. 5.4 to six foot.

TJ (over radio): Okay, great. Thanks, buddy.

ZACK (over radio): Want me to wait for you here,

make sure everything's all right?

TJ (over radio): No, you should be all right, thank you.

ZACK: All right, man.

TJ: Had the Rocket go through the south span before me

to see how much water we had.

I need about five foot.

And that's what he said we got, so we're gonna see here.

TJ (over radio): Yeah, we got it. Thanks for that.

ZACK: Word, man. Glad to help.

The battle between the Northern fleet and the Southern fleet only extends

to catching tunas.

We're not gonna intentionally leave a boat in trouble.

That's not good Southern hospitality.

TJ: Got through safe. So dangerous.

Oh boy, that is always something man, whew.

DENNIS: How's fishing, TJ?

TJ: Fishing was pretty good, man.

It's winding down.

I can't see this quota lasting that much longer.

DENNIS: Well, that looks like a nice fish.

Let's check it out.

TJ: All right, buddy.

I can't stand trailing Bedbugs, but we're less than $4,000 behind them,

so we've got a good shot at taking them down if we get a good price for this fish.

What do we got, Dennis?

DENNIS: 323 pounds, dressed, guys.

TJ: Perfect size. Perfect size.

Want to check him out?

DENNIS: Pretty little fish you guys caught today.

TJ: Yeah, it's beautiful.


DENNIS: And it's not jammed with fat, but you can see, you know,

nice marbling in the minor lobes and good meat quality.

TJ: Yeah.

DENNIS: Really nice. TJ: Nice.

MIKE: Really nice. JARRETT: Ooh. TJ: No burn.

We're getting close to the closing bell here with the quota,

so what are you thinking?

DENNIS: 19 bucks a pound, guys.

TJ: Got it. JARRETT: Yeah.

TJ: Good job, Bubby. MIKE: Thank you.

DENNIS: Good job. TJ: Excellent.

Like I said, the clock's ticking, man.

We're gonna get right back out there.

We don't know if we got another day or two days.

MIKE: Thank you.

DENNIS: Thanks, everybody. Good job.

TJ: How do you like them apples, Bugs?

JARRETT: Pa-pow! Woo!

MARCIANO: When in doubt, bait them out.

TRAVIS: These baits over time,

you drag them long enough, they eventually just wear out.

This one's run its course.

We're gonna put a fresh one on it.

Hopefully catch a tuna.

MARCIANO: Well, sun's going down.

Ain't found no fish yet.

It's been a very slow day for us,

so it's crucial we get one and we get one here soon.

And we're gonna have a chance at fishing tomorrow.

The clock is ticking.

The quota is running out again and we've only caught three fish so far.

Believe it or not, this is not my worst year in the Outer Banks.

There's been times I haven't caught a single bluefin.

So, if I could catch one more fish, I'd be a happy camper.

Fortunately, it is a beautiful night.

We'll try the bait fishing thing all night long.

JOE: Sunset tuna time. Let's go, baby.

MARCIANO: What kind of bait are you using back there, Travis?

TRAVIS: We're using what's called a ballyhoo.

This is a perfect bait to put on a hook and troll.

If you rig it right, it looks just like he's swimming,

you know what I mean?

That tail gets kicking.

It looks like a bait fish that he's fishing or feeding on him.

If you're not swimming right, the fish can pick up on that.

They see something that doesn't look realistic, so why would they eat it?

You know, that'd be like eating a rubber cheeseburger.

You know, they're not gonna do it.

MARCIANO: Let's hope we get a bite here.

TRAVIS: That's what I'm talking about!

Let's make some money.

MARISSA: Want a bagel today, Ty?

TYLER: What?

MARISSA: Do you want bagel or coffee?

TYLER: I'll take a coffee, please.

There's been a lot of fish getting caught.

We've made good drifts through marks.

Lots of tunas.

Just can't get a bite.

It's starting to drive us crazy.

So we're putting in the time, we're working really hard.

We're fishing around the clock.

It's just they're not going in our favor.

MARISSA: Today is the day, Ty. Today is the day.

TYLER: The quota's almost gone.

The season's almost done.

It's been days since we last caught a fish, but that's not gonna deter us.

You know, we're out here for one reason, and that's to catch fish.

And we're never giving up.

I really wanna prove that, you know, I can do it with my sister.

It's a tough road and it's a long grind.

But at the same time, I got a lot of confidence in our abilities down here.

MARISSA: There's nothing else we could do besides catch a fish today.

TYLER: A nap? MARISSA: Besides that.


TYLER: There they are. Marking 'em good.


Come on, baby! We need a bite.


(reel unspooling rapidly)

Oh. We're on!

MARISSA: We're on! We're on!

TYLER: Hooked up 6-30.

TYLER (over radio): Crazy (bleep) going down.

BANKS: Oh, boy.

STEVE: He say Pinwheel's hooked up?

REED: Yup.

The Northern boats are bringing the heat.

We can't let them get ahead of us.

BANKS: Here goes Pinwheel on the comeback.

REED: Yeah, (bleep).

TYLER: Yeah, baby!

MARISSA: Nice morning bite.

TYLER: Oh. He's taking a lot of line. Sun's just come up.

We waited all night for this.

MARISSA: We've been waiting all week for this.

TYLER: We're dragging behind the fleet,

and if we don't catch this fish right now,

we'll never catch up.

All you, Merm. Reel him in.

Feeling stoked.

We got a fish on the line right now.

Seems like a big one. A lot of line got taken out.

There's a lot of line missing, so we got a lot of work to do.

MARISSA: I'm gonna be cranking for a while.

TYLER: Watch that rod. MARISSA: He's way out.

TYLER: Watch that rod.

Well, he's took about 1,000 feet of line, maybe more.

With the quota going as fast as it's been going, just good to finally have one.

MARISSA: This guy feels bigger to me, but you still never know.

TYLER: Feels like a good one. Got some power to him.

MARISSA: Feels heavy.

We're getting a lot of line back.

I'm just trying to keep the heat on him.

TYLER: Do not stop reeling.

Got to power through it.

We need this, Merm.

We need this. We got to get this one.

MARISSA: We have to get this fish.

TYLER: We got to finish out strong.

Reel, Merm. Reel, reel, reel!

Pull him in. Pull him in. Merm!

Keep going.


Oh, no.

TYLER: All right. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.

Oh. He's going down.

He's going under the boat!

Here, Merm. On the rod.

MARISSA: Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it comes.

TYLER: Got him! MARISSA: He's mad!

TYLER: Merm, come here. Tail rope. Hurry up!

Pull. Woo!

We got him, Merm!


TYLER: Woo! All right, let's pull him aboard.

MARISSA: We got him. TYLER: Woo! Keep going, Merm.

Okay, down. Woo.

This is the fish we needed to put us back in the game.

Happy to have you, Pally.

Pull it tight.

What do you got?


TYLER: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

This is why we've been out here grinding so hard.

Merm, we got him. Woo!

MARISSA: We did. Woo! TYLER: Yeah!

MARCIANO: I'm really happy to see Tyler just got one.

That's a good thing.

BOBBY: All right, he got it. (bleep) him.

He got it. (bleep) him, man.

BANKS: Pinwheel caught one?

REED: Yeah, he's already got one and headed west.

BANKS: Is he?

REED: Just fishing for about 30 seconds.

That bastard.

BANKS: Northern boys are getting spanked by us, aren't they?

REED: What's new?

Not by us, but by the Southern fleet, yes.

Right now, the top three boats are all Southern boats.

The other day, Rasta Rocket climbed ahead of us.

I'm definitely not okay with being number two.

We've got a lot riding on this.

So, I am not gonna let these Northern boats win this season.

BANKS: Oh, right in the grass.

REED: You got to do something today.

BANKS: Reel, Steve, reel!

All we're catching today is grass.

MAN (over radio): Out there in the middle of all that.

BANKS: Window, we're on! We're on!

STEVE: Oh, my goodness. We are on.

REED: I'm up, baby. Look out.

BANKS: That's how I do it. Watch that rod.

REED: Finally got one on the line.

BANKS: Here we go. STEVE: Oh my God!

BANKS: Put it in gear! Put it in gear! Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh my God! This thing's gone.

REED: It's gone. BANKS: Oh my God. REED: One of them days.

BANKS: That sucked.

We're never gonna climb that leaderboard if we keep fishing like this.

And with the quota being as limited as it is.

This is not good.

REED: You dumbass. BANKS: No, no, no, no.

REED: Okay.

STEVE: Lost him as quick as we got him.

♪ ♪

TYLER: What's up, Dennis?

DENNIS: So, what do you got for me today, Tyler?

TYLER: A nice beautiful fish for you.

DENNIS: Well, it looks like a good one. Let's check it out.

317 pounds, dressed.

TYLER: Perfect.

DENNIS: Let's check it out.

TYLER: We're falling way behind the rest of the fleet.

And with time running out, we could really use a big paycheck because we don't

wanna fall out of the race.

DENNIS: A nice clear tail. Not a ton of fat today.

Hopefully the core is good.

Core is gorgeous. There's no doubt.


TYLER: What do you think you can get me for a fish like this?

DENNIS: $18 a pound.


TYLER: Thank you very much. We're gonna get you some more.

DENNIS: Right on. TYLER: Good job, Merm.

MARISSA: Thank you. DENNIS: Good job, guys. Good luck.

TYLER: We're looking for more. I'm not satisfied, you know.

I'm trying to go as hard as I can and make as much as I can before it's over.

We're out of here.

We got to make it happen.

BOBBY: Hey, guys. I got a lot of weed on the right.

I'm trying to avoid it.

DREW: A lot of weed, Bob.

BOBBY: Grass, grass! You got grass on your ass.

Just (bleep) up everything, dude, if I run over that grass.

We're getting our butts whooped.

Everyone's doubted us all season.

Maybe we're too dumb to be intimated.

We came here to win this thing, you know.

It means something to us.

We wanna show that we're, you know, a top boat in this fleet.

Look at the size of that. Dude, look at that. It's a football field.

And you know there's fish under there.

No one's gonna outwork us.

They may out catch us, they may get a couple breaks.

But they're not gonna outwork us.

We want to win this damn thing.

I think we got a great shot.

BRIAN: There's a nice slick right there.

BOBBY: I know. It's all weeds.

So I'm trying to stay right on it.


Yo! Big mark, bro! Bro, look. Big mark!

Big mark!

DREW: Wolf pack. Wolf pack!

BOBBY: You see that (bleep)? DREW: Yeah, man.


(reel unspooling rapidly)

BRIAN: There it is. DREW: Oh, there you go.

We're on!

BRIAN: Yeah, we're on! BOBBY: Heads up. Coming down.

You get the rod, Brian. I'll get everything else.

BRIAN: We're tight, buddy.

BOBBY: Move over. Move over.

BRIAN: Bump it.

BOBBY: He's deep in the mono, right?

BRIAN: I'm way into the mono.

BOBBY: Yeah, get that harpoon ready, Drew.

DREW: Yeah.

BRIAN: He's coming right up, dude.

Feels like something weird about it.

He might be tail wrapped, bro.

Keep him right off the back, Bobby.

BOBBY: Yup. Yup.

BRIAN: He got a little weight. Nah, he ain't tail wrapped.

That's head shakes.

Get, get 'em, get me over there.

BOBBY: We're gonna go get him.

As soon as I clear him, we're gonna go get him.

Ready? Here we go. Going backwards now.

DREW: It's a head shake.

He just realized he was hooked.

BOBBY: He's acting weird though, right?

BRIAN: No, he's acting like a big fish now.

DREW: He was tail wrapped and then got unwrapped, yup.

BRIAN: Now, he's fighting and head shaking.

BOBBY: I'm gonna stay positive, but we're on, baby.

DREW: Yeah, baby!

BOBBY: Oh, that's the way to dip that tip, man.

Look at that broomstick bend.

Nice, bro. Real nice.

You are absolutely crushing this fish.

Nobody in this fleet thinks Bedbugs has a shot in hell.

So I wanna nail this fish and prove them all wrong.

That is the best revenge.

Oh. Coming tight.

BRIAN: Here he comes. BOBBY: Drew, take the sticks.

DREW: Huh? BOBBY: Drew, take the sticks.

BRIAN: He's gonna pinwheel out.

BOBBY: Should I do it? BRIAN: Hold on. Hold on.

Yeah, if you get him. Hold on.

You missed him. Come on, Bobby. What are you doing?

BOBBY: Well, I was close though.

Big fish, bro. Bump! Bump!

BRIAN: Tight, buddy! BOBBY: All right. He's coming, baby.

How about that! Dammit.

BRIAN: I can't believe you missed that.

I can't believe that.

BOBBY: Yeah. Yeah, it was close, man.

BRIAN: No, it wasn't even (bleep) close, bro.

That's a (bleep) done deal right there.

BOBBY: A little bump. No more. No mas.

BRIAN: The leader's on. Get his ass.

Leader's on, Bobby. You got to get him.

Bro, kill this (bleep) fish.

BOBBY: Dude, it's angled. Look at the angle.

BRIAN: Kill this (bleep) fish, bro.

BOBBY: Boo-yah! BRIAN: Did you get him?

BOBBY: Say goodnight. Yeah. BRIAN: Get a gaff in him.

We got to get a tail rope on him.

We're gonna lose him, bro. I can't hold him, bro.

BOBBY: You got it, Drew. BRIAN: Holy (bleep).


BRIAN: Look, that fish has a great shape, dude.

BOBBY: Oh my God.

BRIAN: He's a butterball, dude.

It's a nice, nice fish.

BOBBY: Oh, yeah. Here we go! Fatty.

DREW: Yeah, baby! BOBBY: Yeah, baby! Whoa, fatty!

DREW: Look at that. BRIAN: Yeah, look at that.

BOBBY: There you go. DREW: Damn is that fat.

This fish is big for us.

BOBBY: Oh, yeah. Tape measure.

BRIAN: What do we got, boys? What do we got?


DREW: Yeah, baby! 92 inches, yeah!

BOBBY: Hell, yeah! Hell, yeah.! Booyah, 92!

I'm proud of my team right here, man.

My guys are the best.

Give a smile. The best, man.

We did a great job on this fish.

Beautiful fish. That's a gift.

BOBBY (over radio): Bugging's dragging and tagging.

Heading home.

REED: Hey, Bugging got another one.

BANKS: What?

STEVE: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

BANKS: You got to be joking.


BANKS: That clown got one?

REED: That just ruined my morning. (bleep).

BOBBY: He called me a (bleep).

DREW: Who did? BOBBY: Reed.

REED (over radio): Oh, boy.


REED: Hope the bedbug season is booming next year, so that guy doesn't come back.

BANKS: Maybe New York will have another bedbug infestation.

REED: (bleep).

BOBBY: Going back to the winner's circle.

DENNIS: Here he comes.

BOBBY: Yo, we're waiting to hear from you on quota.

DENNIS: They're not gonna announce anything today.

They could announce something tomorrow.

BOBBY: We fish tomorrow.

DENNIS: Absolutely.

And, uh, let's get him off and check it out.

BOBBY: Big sickle fish. Son of a rat's ass.

All right, Dennis. What's the good news?

DENNIS: 335 pounds dressed, guys.

BOBBY: Nice! We'll take it. DREW: Sweet, sweet!

DENNIS: It's a really nice fish.

Let's check it out.

BOBBY: With the season almost over,

with the quota running out, we need a top dollar.

We need a $20 plus fish here.

That'll put us right at the top.

DENNIS: Very, very nice red tail color.

Nice fatty meat.

If the core color is nice on this fish, this is gonna be a big price.

BOBBY: Come on. Let's ring the register, Dennis.

Come on, man.

DREW: Wow. BOBBY: Cherry red. Beautiful.

DENNIS: Really, really nice core.

BOBBY: Dennis, this is the one we need.

I mean, this is like last day or two right here.

This is like big, big, big. What can you do for us?

DENNIS: It's a beautiful fish, guys.

$22 a pound.

BOBBY: Oh, yeah! DREW: Yeah!

BOBBY: That's what we're talking about.

Oh, Dennis, thank you. Thank you, Mary.

MARY: Great job, guys.

BOBBY: It's the last couple days.

And I personally think we got it set up right where we need it.

It's perfect. We got this.

DREW: He got a plane ticket to Tokyo.

BRIAN: Let's get out of here. Let's get out of here.

BOBBY: Game over. DREW: Yeah, baby!

NARRATOR: Dark horse Reel E' Bugging's catch propels them to the top.

While Rasta Rocket's $10,000 paycheck lands them in second.

Meanwhile, Pinwheel's fish keeps them in third while

Hot Tuna's fish keeps them in the game.

No fish for Kahuna and Offshore Outlaw

push them down a few notches.

TJ (over radio): Bobby Bedbugs, right now, he's having the last laugh.

BOBBY: They're all fired up.

TYLER: Bedbugs is smoking us.

I have a target on his back. We got to push the envelope.

It's game on.

ZACK: Bugging's in the lead right now.

Why can't it be us?

We're out here giving it a shot, and the quota is going fast.

There's not telling how many days we're gonna get to fish.

REED: Tugs for Bugs better watch out.

JOHN-MICHAEL: It's a kick in the (bleep), son.

ADAM: Man, that sucks, dude.

ADAM (over radio): Oh, boy.

REED (over radio): Dumb luck.

BOBBY (over radio): Hey, Reed. There's no reason you should ever underestimate us.

REED (over radio): It ain't over till it's over, dude.

We'll see who ends up on top.

BOBBY (over radio): What do you wanna bet?

It'll be the guy who's sitting there now.

REED (over radio): Watch out, Bobby.

BOBBY (over radio): You guys are ruthless.

Captioned by Cotter Captioning Services.

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