Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【喳桌遊#76】找了狐狸.Lucy.凱洛玩黃牌..你知道會發生什麼(18+)

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Zyn :Do we play this?

Zyn: you want to play this?

Zyn : anything is strange that one!

Lucy : yup

Kailo : nice!

PG for 18+ only

Fox : You should touch the face (ww)

Lucy : oh! Like this

Annie: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy : hey! It's hard!

Zyn : bull shit!

Zyn: This is Lucy who didn't meet a long time. And Kailo.

And Fox in there.

Zyn: So we play special one this time!

because it is these guys play (w

Zyn : When we get 3 yellow cards , game over.

We choose some yellow cards.

Because we need to pick out,

we change it to choose ourselves

Lucy : I think we better pick out. It should be funnier.

Zyn : We have picked before, it's got too many normal things.

Then we start. Who will be the judgment first? Me?

Kailo: Should we start like this?

Zyn: Question! Because I'm ________ , I __________

I think I'm so noob......

It's so difficult............ (@[email protected])

Zyn:Did you choose some too.....

Lucy: I think mine is so bored

Fox: Even if you get useful card. You also are bored. ( )

You are boring.

Lucy: Let me see.. lololol

I suddenly see..(ww

Fox : A light?

Lucy : It sudden become so dirty (ww

Zyn :Doesn't matter. It's play like this. "You will find that you are pure after you played this game."

It written like this.


Because I'm married, so I'm ___( translate error)__

Fox: It's my friend

He will.....

Lucy: Because I'm married, so I'm ___( translate error)__?

translate error

Fox : It's not fun~~~

Because I'm eating shit, I'm style-conscious.


Kailo: me....I just choose one.

It's worst!

Lucy: You are "queer-conscious" ok?

Kailo: I did get one when I play last time.

It doesn't __________ , so sad.

translate error

sad.. lololololol

translate error

404 translate not found

Lucy : I choose the 3rd one.

Zyn :Whose? lolololol

You are so weak~~~

I have no idea!!!

Zyn: Can't you get it!

Fox: no card!!!

zyn: You choose so strange.

Because of ________ , _________

Zyn: so difficult! NG...shit....

Kailo: I gonna to get the yellow card

The problem of penis, because of waiting to marry.

Why I know you wrote this?(www




NO! It's point to someone.(ww

If we only talk about meaning, the 2nd one is not ok

Fox : It's mine.(www

Kailo : Doesn't the first one?

Annie : It's Zyn pointing to other!

Fox: my turn

______is not horrible, but the most horrible is______.

You read that.

Read with feeling.


Semen is not horrible, but the most horrible is swallowing it.

All : lolololololololol

Zyn : It's nice!


Fox : It must be passed!!

Then these...

OK, I think this, the first one


Zyn: Let's choose a easier.

I afraid of everything, except______.

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