Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Arduino Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Difficulty: 0

when the show might

automated chicken or been working on for that

past little while

design is not really mine

i kinda morphed into what works for me

up here

within sight of this plastic box

i've installed about you can see it

teeny little while a twenty-four won't motor

that's will be triggered by an art we know

uh... code

going to be true heard by uh...

another piece of source code called time ward so that the store will open hour

after sunrise and our after sunset every night

based on the longitude latitude of work

anyway that's touched

to uh... omega reported there

apple ultimately lifting the store which is too little watch inside

employees pulled up

openssl all the way amidst all these micro switches

but if you could see that

micro switch was there

well short of a close-up winter

that'd be inside here

one here

one here

signifying a close

before it opened

totally open clicks off

waits for time-warner took

our plus

sunset plus our

proposals these two

fall into place thereby wouldn't shut up about sophia

reckon figures

in there which is going to be almost impossible to get in because of the

picture of yourself

as well

they would be able to lift it and cracking open africans

extremely strong reliable second isaac video

break with one arm opened up

four garage door


musical strawberries are pretty vicious

so this is help

take away the pain of

waiting now

you can get in the morning ever every morning opening opened the door in the

wake of interest at night

uh... having to

make sure that they don't know for death or if you're out to dinner racing around

make sure that shifted

attacked by some kind of predator

this is going to reaction mounted on the inside of the cooper compulsory right


so all that will be seen

is this opening right here

motor spends poor goes up at twenty five miles per hour

whispered are slow

for twenty-five revolutions per minute

complexity people make it work

jumpsuit montgomery drops below blocks engage

the door shut ginger insert so

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