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Caribbean life is going from Times Square to island time.

Let's move to go be over there.


Caribbean life is we eat together.

We drink together. We party together.

NARRATOR: Life is one long vacation in the Caribbean.

Whether you want poolside living in Puerto Rico...

The ocean and a pool.

This is amazing.

Oceanfront serenity on St. Croix...

Wow, look at the color of the water out there.

And there's Buck Island.

Or a tropical oasis in the Dominican Republic...

I can trip out of the door and fall into the ocean.

There's a home for every lifestyle

on these islands.

Caribbean life is watching the sunset

and listening to the waves.

This is Caribbean life.

Patty, how far do you think we can go?

I'm Steve, this is Patty,

and we're moving from Washington state

to Jamaica and Negril.

On top of running four automotive repair shops,

we also drag race professionally.

It's something we're really passionate about,

and when we do it, everything about you just comes alive.

And that's kind of how we like life

and there has to be that in our life.

I don't know if we can keep it afloat.

We work all the time. We run the shop.

We decided we were just going to slow down, shift gears.

Used to live here on the island when I was a small child.

All the islands in the Caribbean are just beautiful.

But the people is what makes Jamaica.

Everything's low key. Everybody's happy.

Everybody helps everybody.

Oh, it's nice and warm.

We came up with the idea to open a bed-and-breakfast

by selling the stores.

Moving to Jamaica was very easy.

This is a new start.

It's a wonderful time to start a new chapter and go forward.

So, Steve, I hear you're a race car driver.

Or is it Patty?

No, it's -- it's me.

But she works on the car, so...

Okay, she keeps you safe.


Well, you know we have a race car track in Negril.


You do?

I would love to see that. That would be great.

Yeah. That would be definitely something we would want to see.

Okay, just give me an idea

of exactly what you're looking for.

What we want is to open up a B&B.


Around a 10-room area.

I think we would really like something on the beach.

If we're not on the water,

we definitely have to have a view of the sea.

The sea is important to me.

It's the whole feel, the relaxation,

the "ah" at the end of the day.

Swimming pool. That's almost a must.

I'm a water rat.


That's all I ever did is lived out there.

Foliage is a big thing too.

I'd like to have a lot of fruit trees,

banana trees, coconut trees.

So you can climb a coconut tree

and pick a few coconuts.

Yep. Absolutely.

All right.

In terms of your price point, what are you looking at?

We'd like to stay between the $600,000 to $800,000.

I can do a lot of fixing up stuff,

so I don't mind if we get a place

that needs a little bit of TLC.

I'm already thinking about different properties

that we can have a look at. and I think it's going to --

that you're going to be excited about.

Sounds good.

Sounds good.

All right.

NARRATOR: The island of Jamaica

is located 90 miles south of Cuba

and is the third largest of the Caribbean islands.

The town of Negril sits on the very western tip.

DEBORAH: My favorite thing about Negril are the cliffs.


The swimming is amazing. The water is beautiful.

The people that come to the cliffs want to relax.

NARRATOR: In addition to its unique coastline,

Negril is known for its laid-back vibe

and beautiful seaside vistas.

Visitors flock the seven-mile beach to sunbathe,

people-watch, and shop the many stalls along the water.

You have people that return to Jamaica every single year

because it's just such a special place.

NARRATOR: Located just a short drive from downtown Negril,

Sun Ups is perfectly placed for stunning sunrise views

in a secluded cliffside oasis.


Here we are.

Oh, wow.

At Sun Ups.


I can definitely see myself sitting up here

and relaxing, having a beer.

All the structures have been built

to take advantage of the various views.

The property consists of five buildings,

7,000 square feet,

good space, 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms.

The price is $849,000.

Wow, that's way over our budget.

But you know what, it's move-in ready.

You can start business tomorrow.

This is the stone house, which what I was thinking

that this could actually be the owner's cottage.

Okay. This is beautiful.

Wouldn't change a thing. Look at the floors.

The character is just amazing. It's one of a kind.

DEBORAH: All of these stones are miner's limestone

and you have these craftsmen that mine the stones

and actually create these beautiful walls.

It's gorgeous. Everything just fits.

Look at the ceiling.

I love the ceiling.

Amazing. Again, that's all local wood,

all local craftsmen.

Look at the bathroom over here.

Oh, okay. This is nice.

Look at the shower. That space.

Little breeze through there.

That looks good, the back wall.

It's gorgeous.

That looks really nice.

PATTY: What is not to love about this?

STEVE: I like how there's a veranda on each floor.

Wow, look at the floors.

This looks like brand-new.

Oh my goodness. That is beautiful.

STEVE: You know what, I can definitely see

other people coming here and loving to stay here.

This is beautiful. The floors, everything is done.

It's good to see the wood with all the concrete.

Come look at the view here.

Can you imagine doing your dishes?

Wow. That is gorgeous.

Although this is a lot more expensive

than what we planned, we can maybe rent this out more

or even get more rental for it

because it's out in the mountains

but yet it has that beautiful view of the ocean.


I mean, it's not every place that has that.


So we have something to offer that's better.

Right. Look at the colors as you're coming up.

You already see it's just full of life.

Look at that. This is kind of a little space.

Two beds.

Oh, look at the ceiling.

Oh, wow. That's great.

The woodwork.

It could use a fan or two or something in here

to circulate the air, but it's gorgeous.

The room is definitely small,

but they have the best view.

I mean, the best view.


Oh, my...


Now, this is perfect.

And you know what?

Can you just imagine?

That room is going to be the most expensive room to rent,

'cause a view like this, it's priceless.

What I notice here is they didn't finish the concrete.

Because when you walk out here, first you see the ocean,

but if you spend any time up here,

you're going to see the concrete floor

and it's going to bother people.

PATTY: The house was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

The view was amazing.

You could do wonderful entertaining there.

But the layout all spread out as it was,

it didn't seem like it could bring

everyone together as I would like it to.

The rock house was just gorgeous.

I can see myself living in there.

But at $849,000, I don't know if I can do that.

Oh, look at this.

Oh, wow.

This never gets old.

Something about the water is so soothing.

It calms you down.

I mean, this is our drive every day.

How do you compare Jamaica now

to when you were a kid growing up?

The people have never changed.


I see more modern houses.

I see more cars where before there were donkey carts.

Lot of bicycles.


Didn't you have a donkey cart?

I used to have one, yeah.

Did you have goats?

I had lots of goats.

I remember you telling me about goats.

Goats, chickens.

Your favorite one, billy goat?


Oh, Nanny. That's right. I couldn't remember.



NARRATOR: Blue Sky Villa sits directly on the sea

and is minutes away from Negril's lighthouse

and some of the best snorkeling on the island.

DEBORAH: This house has been on the market for a while.

It's just been reduced to $600,000.

It's 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms.

It's a little bit under 3,700 square feet.

Lot size is about an acre.

It's kind of bare, to be honest with you.

It doesn't have a lot of fruit trees or anything.

It's actually on the water.

We see that.

Not too many things on the water right now.



Oh, wow. Look at this.

Oh, my -- look at the ceilings.


This is a surprise.

I didn't expect this from outside.

I didn't either. Kitchen, I love.

PATTY: What I like about this is it's big enough

where you can interact with everybody.

And I feel like the nice part is,

is if somebody wanted to cook their own food

every now and then, they could.

It's got that openness that --


So many possibilities.

I love it. Look at that view.

That is heaven.

It's amazing, yes.

I love this.

It's heaven.

This is great. This is what we're looking for.

Each bedroom has its own entrance to the veranda.

That is great.

All four.

Look at how bright it is, though.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, this is --

That paint. That white is killing me.

Look at that.

Makes you squint.

But look at that.

That is worth every bit of squint.

That is awesome.

It's beautiful.

This is really brown and dry.

This needs a lot of flowers

and trees and crops throughout there.

It doesn't look inviting.

Look at the pool.

Well, the pool is, yes, a little bit small.

That is small. That looks like a kiddies pool.

Yeah, yeah.

We might have to work on that a little bit.

Wow. This is a room.

King bed. Turn around and look at the view.

Laying in bed, you can see the ocean.

This is it.

This is what my life on the water --

I don't know what the owner's house looks like,

but if that doesn't look that good,

this is going to be our room.

This is beautiful. We have our own area.

Separate from the other four bedrooms.


That makes it nice.


Look at the rock work.

That is amazing. Beautiful.

That is nice.

And it's open, very open, very open.

Look at the floor. It's tile.

It's easy to clean.

And it's got a little kitchen.

I like that.

STEVE: That way we can do a little stuff here,

not have to walk all the way over there.

That's right.

For the little things.

Oh, wow.


The rock work on this side also.

This is gorgeous, and it's big.

This is nice.

Where's the shower?

Turn around. You're looking at it.

Oh! It's an outside shower.

Is that not beautiful?

Look at the shower.

Wow, look at the blue tile.

That is fabulous.

It needs some foliage.

Yeah, little foliage.

Some -- some plants and flowers coming over it.

But look at it.

Make you think

that you're taking a shower in a jungle.

Yeah. Look at the door.

It needs varnish bad.

All the water eats it up.

I think a lot of it here is going to need to have it.

We're going to have some jalousie to do

if we decide on this.



This is gorgeous. Look at the water.

Look at that, it goes all the way up to the edge,

so you can go into the water.

What do you guys think about the house?

Well, it's definitely in our budget.

That's a plus.

Big plus.

The room sizes are nice.

They seem comfortable, like everything you would need.

The little things that we talked about changing 'em,

I could probably do 'em.

This being by the ocean is definitely a plus.

Plus, yeah.

But the only four rooms,

that limits our income.

Yeah, yeah. You know what? Not a problem.

There a couple other places

that are a little bit bigger that we can go have a look at.

That sounds good.



Yippee ki-yay. Here we go.

PATTY: Steve and I are so busy all the time, we don't get a chance

to do something a little out of the norm.

Today we're going to go ATVing and I'm excited.


Got to take in the full scenery.

Got to have fun, right?


As we're going through these turns

and these moles and bounces and the rocks,

Patty's yelling and screaming on the other side of me,

and I'm surprised that she didn't really hit me

as much and tell me to slow down.

What do you think? Are you having fun?

I'm having fun.

Oh, look at that.

Yee haw.

Our life has been a fast pace.

No slow stuff for us.

The racing. I'm always go, go, go.

Oh, no.

Hang on. Hang on.

If there's not that bar of -- of excitement,

then it's not fun.

It's gorgeous.

Just clear blue, just endless.

I love it.

Right decision to move here, right?

We love it.


The Jamaican life.


There you go.


NARRATOR: Banana's Garden is a tropical getaway

from the downtown crowds

and is directly across from one of Negril's

most popular cliff-jumping spots, Rick's Cafe.

DEBORAH: Banana's Garden would be

a beautiful property for Steve and Patty.

It would allow them to upgrade their B and B.

It oozes Old Negril and it's just so fruity

that I think Steve is just going to love it.

According to the owner, there's, like,

about 25 different fruit trees here.

I just saw the plum tree when we came in.

We're not on the water.

But you have the pool, which is important.

It's a good-size pool.

It's 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms,

separated into six self-contained cottages.

The owner's cottage is actually really nice.

It's 4 bedrooms.

You may want to consider using the owner's cottage

as a rental unit,

because, you know, there's obviously four bedrooms,

so you can get more income from it.

All right, let's take a look.

Oh, wow.

Definitely island. Look at the windows.

These are the old style

that when I was a kid, when I was here.

You don't see those at home anymore.

No, but I do like them.

Pink counter top, green doors.


Definitely a Jamaican style.

It's a little smaller than what I thought, to be honest,

but it can definitely work.

But it does definitely need some TLC.

Look at the hammock.

Oh, my favorite.

You want to try it, see what you think?


I'll pick you up if you fall.

Hope I don't break the tree.


But this is beautiful.

Maybe we can add a little something out here.

I can -- I can sleep here and, oh! Fall off.

Ah, that's good.

It's a good thing I don't do this all the time, huh?

So we'll put something underneath it

to catch everybody's fall.

There's another ackee tree.

I love the color.

I can definitely stay here.

It's a good place to have a lot of people.

Look at all the space.

It's outdoor living here.


You couldn't do this at home.

I like the stairs.

They must have recently done these.

It looks good, sturdy.

We just need to paint 'em.

Nice space here.

We can actually put a bed there.

Okay, so here's a bathroom.

It's another outside shower.

All right, what do we got here?

Is this the only way to get to the bedroom?

That is kind of --

Kind of different.

Kind of different.

Not sure I would enjoy that very much.

You think this is the master bedroom?

Yeah, it could be,

and this could be one we could stay in.

The only thing that I would find --

It's fine. I like it too, so...

I find odd would just be coming through a bedroom

to come up here, so I'd prefer it to be something

that we would use rather than, you know, a guest room.

So from the stairs up, we just make it ours.

Absolutely. Just your own little --

And maybe rent out the bottom.

Oh, that would be a good idea.

What we could do is knock out that wall

and make this all one room

so that the bathroom weirdness goes away.

The scenery is gorgeous and the colors are nice.

It's got everything you need.

Except the rooster.

Looks like a kitchen.

Oh, wow.

Look how big this is. I like it.

You could cook anything in here.

I like the sink.


Double sink is nice.

Go back and forth. Yep.

Look how much space and storage we have.

Kind of different that it's separate.

You notice that?

But I do like that idea.

Only because you've got a space

and kind of private and do what you want.

Even if we decide not to stay here

and we stay at the other one,

I think that anybody that rents this will be in heaven.

Well, we can definitely seat all the customers here.

Or just friends.

Whoever we have here, we can seat a lot of people.

Or if we have a bed-and-breakfast,

they can all come sit here.

And lookit here, a barbecue just for you.

It's the barrel so we can do, like, jerk chicken

and stuff out here.


I can see us entertaining here.

And I think people would relax and have a really good time.

So, Patty, what do you think?

Is this the one?

Definitely like it.

It's big. It's got space. I love the colors.

The more color the better for me.

And it's got a lot of possibilities

as far as renting it and having guests.

It definitely has the old Jamaican heritage here.

Yeah. So the owner's cottage here

is maybe a little bit big for us.

I don't think we need that much room.

It needs a little TLC for sure.

And I think being under budget,

with that extra money, we can do,

I think, a miracle here.

NARRATOR: To learn about other episodes in Jamaica,


I remember coming with you.

We didn't see a lot of cars on the road.

And the busses were old.

And you had to hold on for dear life,

kind of like driving with you sometimes.

What's that supposed to mean?

Can you believe this drag trip?

It's just unbelievable.

Look at that.

For Jamaica?

I would have never expected.

It's awesome.


Can you believe this?

Look at this.

PATTY: We don't have to give up fun.

We don't have to give up our racing.

We can bring it here and we can still enjoy it.

Yeah. We've got to be the fastest car in Jamaica.

That's just -- we've got to do it.

It's part of who we are, right?

This is home. I love it.

This is our new home.

If you didn't sell me before, I'm already sold.


All right.

We have a lot to talk about.

The Sun Ups. The view was awesome.

I mean, there was no mistaking that the view was incredible.

STEVE: Yeah. But we're looking at the cost of the house, $849,000.

And we have to spend money to finish it.

Could we make it what we wanted even spending more money

and would it suit our purpose at all?

I don't think so.

I think that maybe

we should just count that one out.

Yeah. I think so.

What's the name of the place that I really liked

when we walked in with all the foliage?

The Banana's Garden.

I didn't like the way you had to go

through another room to get to the bedroom.

But the outdoor living,

I could fall in love with that.

But it doesn't have the ocean view that we're looking for.

It still would need a lot of work.

You know which one I thought was really, really cool?

The Blue Sky Villa.

Oh, that's right.

It had that view on the water that was just amazing.

And it was beautiful.

They're asking $600,000 for it.

We have a little room.

I know it's a big concern for us

that we need to have something

that we can generate income from and that's what we want.

It's a lot smaller than we really planned,

so we really need to think about this.

What a job this is going to be.

It's a rough life, huh?

That's right, and we're going to enjoy every minute of it.

This is the Caribbean life.

Look! Look at the snorkelers.



That looks like a lot of fun.

You don't get this on a beach, do you?

No, you don't.

The depth of the water here

makes a big difference with the color.

And the swimming out there is just...


Oh, my goodness. Look at this.

Thank you.


Well, you can't get anything like this.

Look at all the fruit.

Fresh fruit, beautiful.



Do you remember this?

Ackee and saltfish, curry goat, patese.

All those things I remember still.

Fantastic. Okay.

So we've seen a lot of properties.

So let me hear your thoughts.

For us, I think the Blue Sky Villa is the one.

The owner's cottage is fabulous.

You walk into the house and you look at the view

and the ocean is there.

It's just overwhelming.

It's got everything.

I'm excited about just having the four rooms.

We can cater to the clients better.

It's more of a one-on-one than one on 50 or 20.

Great choice. It's my favorite.

It's beautiful, right on the water.

I think it meets your criteria.

It's listed for $600,000.

What are you thinking about in terms of an offer?

I think with the things that we need to do

that we discussed,

I think an offer of about $550,000 would be perfect.

The owners are motivated to sell,

so let's see what we can do.

Welcome back to Jamaica, Steve.

Thank you.

So excited for you.

I'd like to go over there right now and just call it home.

Let's make it happen.

Isn't it fun finally owning this?

The Blue Sky Villa was listed at $600,000.

We offered them $550,000.

We ended up coming to a reasonable price of $575,000

and they gave us the keys and we are ready to roll.

Moving back to Negril has just been so overwhelming.

I wake up and I almost want to pitch myself.

Look at the sunset, though. How beautiful is that?

Look at the reflection in the ocean.

That is gorgeous.

Caribbean life is dropping into another gear

and enjoying the view.

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