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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [국제커플] 우리가 동거 첫날부터 싸운 이유 (Eng.sub)

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The first day of living together

Ikea, Gwangmyeong

I came to buy furnitures with mom and Ayob

In any situation, eating comes first!

Check the price and decide what to eat,

Then pick up the food!

I choose salad for appetizer

Chicken is always the best!

You afraid? Can I take lots of chicken?

It's okay, it's okay (He's going to buy all of foods)

We've chosen a lot

We weren't going to eat this much

It's plentiul

I think it's too much for 4 people (There's my sister, mom, Ayob and me)

But you can eat it all


Now he knows how to put spoons in Korean way

Mom: I will not eat a lot

I think I learned this lie from my mom

It's time for shopping

After 3hours

We're very tired

How can people shop and film at the same time? so respectful

It was so tired even we didn't choose any stuff yet

We've done enough... Let's go back to home

After all, we couldn't but any furniture

We had a lot of arguments because we don't know anything about interior design, but we have a preference

We bought a lot of household goods instead of furniture

I think he just tried to swear...

You were about to swear right

What are you talking about?(pretending)

Going back to home

Thank you, Mom, you did a lot for us today

Convenience store

Always make us spend a lot whenever we came to this store

We bought things for cleaning

Even we don't have any furnitures, We have to clean up before moving tomorrow

We came to clean the new house

The worst thing is that we might sleep at the floor

So at least we have to clean it well



He desperately wanted the windows to be clean

Cheer up

You can do it

You can do it

We couldn't finish it today, but we worked hard


The only problem we have now is that we don't have any furnitures

Next day

We are moving today

We each brought our stuff from home

And two desks that we ordered on the internet

Now we nee to assemble it

FYI, it's our first time assembling things

He said he will do it by himself

Trying hard

Nothing to do

You need help?


I don't need your help


Oh.. so I have to take this off?

(Ignoring) Ayob: Hello?

It's your job

Come, come. Help me

What a liar

I couldn't ignore him after all

This part...

I readily made it

Yeonkyung : (It's really easy....) Ayob : Nice..


Two 16 screws?

He became just an assistant now

We need a drill from here

Ah, that thing?


What a good description

Now he decide to watch me

It's not his busines anymore....

(what a good guy)

He is so lovely

I have to drill through the steel plate with my bare hands without a drill

Good job

A second of cheering

He doesn't even have the strength to cheer for

My man (?)

I'm not

He keep saying useless things while I'm working Ayob: (Our home is the best, cuz you are here. You are my everything)

(Then why don't you come and help me)

Can you go arrange your clothes please?

He never stop talking

I will really kill you

You want me to do it?

Give me, I will

You will see my power

Finally, he learn how to stand up..?


I really wanna vomit a lot

I didn't expect anything from the first

He's bothering me in various ways

Finally he's trying to make it

5minuts later

He's pretending to look for something

Then laying down again

I can't believe this

I'm getting annoying

Are you a human?


Very cute whole (doesn't work anything)

So small

I couldn't even get upset cuz he seems so happy


He's trying again

Yeonkyung, this shit is difficult. Hahahaha

I have no power (shameless)

(How about me. You think I have any energy left?)

(I've done everything so far)

He's enjoying my reactions

So fun XD

Get out from there then.

He's lovin it

Go back to your home

You don't deserve to have this

I really want to slap you!

finally I finish it by myself


Actually, there's one more dest left

It's even hard to get it out from the box

I will do it alone


Help me!

you can do it

I'm strong

give up so easily

It's already evening


we have new table

We got nothing expect table


Finally, our home has a new furniture

And also

We received mattress today

Here is it

(also so empty upstair)

I brought old blanket just in case

It's my puppy doll

I also order some woods that I can put it under the mattress

but i didn't receive yet

so I put some vinyl on the floor

There's literally nothing in our home now

We don't even have a chair..

The floor's condition is really bad tho

So we are planning to put some carpet here

Sofa will be placed here,

and TV will be here soon

I will introduce our home simply

There's a lot of drawers

and toilet here

What I really like for this toilet is

there separation

It's hard to clean if it's not separated

So I liked the bathroom

Here we have

Couple toothbrush

This was my dream

putting our toothbrush together

I bought this wiper in Ikea

It's for cleaning water from glass

I wipe it off whenever there's water on it

I like it cuz it help bathroom to be stay clean

This is what I usually use in bathroom

I don't usually use this four, but I brought it just in case if I need it

But I didn't use it so far

This is cream for diet

I'm selling this in my ig

This is lotion made by Milkin

I only use this brand for my skin

better try

This soap is what I bought recently by surfing internet

It's a natural soap by Lanoa

I erase my make up with some foams but I use this soap when I didn't wear any make up whole day

This one is old one that I already use it a lot

New one just looks like this

So I wash my make-ups with some oil and cleansers

But I really don't put make-up all the time

So I use this when I don't wear any makeup

Actually I wash my makeup with this soap after I get drunk sometimes,

but it's kinda waste my soap

Anywayr, you are doing great job if you taking shower after drinking whole night

I don't wanna mess my pillow so I remove my make-up somehow

And it's also good product to take care of your pimples


I was worrying little cuz usually soap makes my skin dry

but it was better than any other soap

It doesn't make my skin dry too much

So It put this soap here and use it on my face and body

I recommend it

I didn't mean it but I introduced you about our toilet more than our home

but there are many things to introduce in the bathroom compare to other place

I really wanted to introduce more about our home but...

There's literally nothing in our home

And I have an appointment right now

So I will make another video about introducing our home next time after we done interior

I thought it will not take so long to finish interior, but we still didn't finish yet T.T

But at least we have everything we need now! :D

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