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Increasing numbers of vehicles are equipped with v2x or vehicle to everything technologies.

These technologies allow vehicles and other road users to receive the position and movement data of all the other road users

and infrastructure in their vicinity.

DEKRA's connected car test area allows manufacturers of these kinds of technologies to perform R&D

validation and early production testing in a built but safe environment.

Through the usage of test scenarios, actual cars,

emulation equipment and specific lab settings,

they can ensure the safety of their products while making them fit for the future.

Some of the scenarios tested for vehicle- to-everything technologies are

Intersection movement assist, green light optimal speed advisory, forward collision warning and work zone warnings.

DEKRA's connected car test area is part of an international network for connected,

automated and electric driving with additional locations in Germany,

the Netherlands and East Asia. DEKRA's test network allows a smart combination of safety and connectivity testing,

enabling automotive manufacturers and suppliers to gain a competitive edge and prepare for the future of mobility.

DEKRA, your global partner for a safe, connected world.

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