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One, two, three

One, two, three

One, two, three

Ow, my ring

We are Visitors [What is the team name for the "Respect" unit?]

Two, three, Bang! Moon!

Hello, we are Visitors

a.k.a friend

[What does that mean?]

We heard it was a visiting concept

so Visitor...

SUGA just came up with it

Hello, Park Moon-ja

[What is our unit's strength?]

What is it? [What is our unit's strength?]

Our strength

We're seasoned Big Hit employees

It's been what, 10 years?

So, that's one

We're the Hare and the Tortoise

We're both fast and slow

We get things done

so we work really fast

We do everything we're asked

That's right

And we're good it it too

-Let's do this -Okay

-Okay -Right, let's go for it

-SUGA how about this! -Right on


[How did your work style change compared to the past?]

It's important to get that feeling across

Before, I thought a song had to have a message

for it to be a good song

but now, there's a certain feel that I want to convey

and if that gets across to a lot of people in different ways

I think that's enough

That's what I think

I used to squeeze and wring things out

But now, if it doesn't come, it doesn't come

if it does, it does

Waiting for it to finally materialize...

I learned to enjoy it

Before, I was really hard on myself

I kept wondering, "Why won't it come?"

But now I think, "It'll come eventually"

But then it really does come


I open my eyes, and the song's all done

It's incredible

[Can you sing your favorite line from "Respect"?]

What is respect?♪

I'm asking 'cuz I don't know


You say it just like that



I think the chorus is the most memorable

I think he forgot [Busted, hehehe]

You say it just like that♪ [Lyrics loading...]


I don't know yet


Take another look

You wrote it, why do I know it better?

I'll say it some day

So that's how it goes

If I have to rap it live

then I'm memorize it in my sleep

in the bathroom

wake up, memorize

Lather, rinse, repeat

[Did "Respect" turn out as expected?]


I know, right?

It didn't start out funny

I wrote the latter half

The entire album was really...



You'll know from "Run! BTS"

We're not all that serious

So, I wrote it like that

but I found the middle ground, to not make it too comedic

I think there's a good balance

We needed a track like this come to think of it

The other songs are about strong egos

so it was good to let loose a bit...

-That's what I thought -People thought it would be super serious

'Cause it's called "Respect"


So, it did turn out as planned

It's just that the plan was changed!

-Plans always change -Plans change along the way

[Were there any fun stories working on "Respect"]

Ad libbing...

I heard SUGA's ad lib...

I wanted SUGA to ad lib in my part

-But instead I went along with SUGA's ad lib vibe -Right

Things like, "Is that so?"

"I see you"

"I see you"

Things like that

I kind of made them consistent

In fact, this song is all about ad libbing

Writing it wasn't hard

It really took a short time

I really wrote it quickly

It really took no time at all, 20, 30 minutes?

It was real quick

I was like, "Huh? It's just pouring out"

This album, I really didn't struggle

Everything just flowed out

Well, it was hard for me

That's 'cause you write too much

I had a lot of fun with "Respect" though

And it went really quickly

Because, in fact...

"Let's try out what we had last time"

That's how we started

Namjoon finished his lyrics while I was still writing mine

I got Namjoon's part first then he listened to mine

The verse was funnier

There were some swear words

but they didn't make it in

I got to rethink about what respect means

and how we use it...

In fact, respect can be very profound

but also very light

So, the song's about "Let's think about the word before using it"

It's not that not everyone should use this word

-More of, what does it really mean? -Let's think about what it means before using it

That's what I want to know, what does it mean?

It took just the right amount of time to write it

and the song asks, "What is it?"

[What do you want the performance for "Respect" to be like?]

The performance? [What do you want the performance for "Respect" to be like?]

-Make it funny -Like a skit

For example

I can be Dooly

-You mean like a cosplay? -Yeah

Characters from different comics

respecting and understanding each other

Drawing styles are all different

Like Tetsuro from Galaxy Express 999

and Dooly meet

a coexistence of the past and the present

One wears a taekwondo uniform

One person wears a jujitsu uniform

That would be fun and cute

[What score would you give the "Visitors" for chemistry?]

100 points

I think the last...

The last ad lib...

Yo, do you know what respect means? not really. They keep asking me to think about at it but...



-We could do that because we were in the moment -That's right

I think our chemistry was almost as good as '13

when we did "Cypher" together

In one go, one take

Back then if someone orders pizza

someone would start freestyling white eating

This pizza in front of me

Let's win this war

Let's stretch our shoulders

I need a visa

-Someone would just start -Just spurting nonsense

But then you have to join in

It becomes dead silent in the middle of eating pizza

We'd just stop eating, and think, "What rhymes with pizza?"

"Reporter, visa, start, let's rest..."

That's what we were like back then

I tapped into our sensibilities back then

True retro

P-dog clapped

He was like, "Yowza!!"

"You guys can still pull it off in one go!"

This is newtro

That's what it was

[What do you want to work on next with this unit?]

How about a ballad, SUGA?


I'll work hard

build up the harmony with SUGA

I want to make you think

"There's nothing left for music"

"There's no more left to do"

Just like contemporary art

"This can be considered music, too"

"This is art, too"

I think it'll be fun

I'll really try singing

[Filming crew: "Who will sing the high notes?"]

I can go higher

My vocal range is pretty high, though

In charge of high notes...

Y... you... you know those...


I had a drink

I had two drinks

[Filming crew: "Will it be in the studio album?""

Of course not

Selling that for money?

That's just not right

Crank up autotune to the max

I had a drink

Feat. Autotune

This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution

That's our message

It might be fun as a one time event though...

[What aspects of each other do you respect?]

There's something about SUGA...

How much he works!

I don't work that much anymore

Yeah, but that's compared to his standards

Since I worked on "mono."

other than working on the album

I did next to nothing

I'm in trouble

It's been a year and a half since "mono."

It's been four years for me

It's only been a year and a half

SUGA's almost done with his

I should have released it last year

Listening to my stuff now

It's a hard reality check

I really can't release it

Out of the things I released at the end of '18

some I wrote in '16

I did take a lot out

But sometimes you just have to put it out in the world

because some emotions never come back

That's what I feel

I'd like to write at least one or two songs per quarter

but I can't seem to do that

So those things, I really respect

I said this before

I really empathize with Namjoon

His struggles as the leader

-He has to bring about a grand unification -A grand unification hehe

So I'm really proud of Namjoon for that

The oldest person is usually the leader, and encourages everyone...

That's not always true but

People think Namjoon is the oldest

My stage name is bold too

Bringing different people together

is Namjoon's strength

[Would you like to say something to each other?]

Our hard working leader...

I know you're going through a lot

You're one to talk


I hope you spur ahead with your Mix Tape

Let's make it through these hard times together

We're not the only ones feeling like this

-We have to cheer up -That's right

In BTS as well

we have to cheer up...

for things to happen

You know how, in games

certain events occur only when NPCs do something

Just like that

I think it's time for us to activate things

Right, we have to pick ourselves up

Let's create something, SUGA

I already am...

[Say something to ARMY!]

We'll visit you visitors(?)

Two, three, Bang! Moon!

This has been the Visitors!

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