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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: इस homemade hair tonic और hairmask से सिर्फ7 दिन में बाल लम्बा घना बनाये #Homemade hair tonic

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Hi everyone my name is garima and

Welcome to my channel

So today I am going to share something special

Which will show you results only in just 7 days

If you are consistent

Your hair length will increase 2-4 inches in just 7 days

And this remedy will control hair loss

And most importantly it will regrow your hair

You can see I regrow my hair with help of this remedy

I am going to show you my regrown hair

As you can see these are my brand new hair

These are regrown hair

These hair were fallen out but you can see these hairs came back

And length of these hairs is also increasing

So about which remedy I am going to talk about

Has property to regrow hair

So your hair turns thicher

With time

If you use this remedy

Continue you will get only benifits

So this remedy is hair tonic and hair mask

If you want you can use hair tonic on daily basis

Or you can use alternatively

And you can use hair mask 2 times a week

These has amazing result

If you use these things together

Like hair tonic every alternative days

And hair mask 2 times a week

You will get more benifits

It will regrow your hair

Because everyone faces normal hair loss

If you are losing 50-100 hair

Sometimes you have less hair loss

Sometimes more

Don't worry if you are losing 50-100 hairs

But if you have severe hair loss consult your doctor

If you have hair loss but they grow back

Like I show you my regrown hair

You can see small bunch of hair here

They grew back

So I have plus point that my hair always grow back

Because I always use home remedies

So my hair always looks thick

And if you are losing hair and they don't grow back

This could be issue for you

Try my remedy if you want to grow back

your hair

This remedy will regrow your hair

If you have major hair loss

Or if your hair stopped growing

Or if you have problem of dandruff

Then definitely try out my remedy

I trimed my hair 2 times since I am making video

But length of my hair doesn't seem less

Because my hair grow faster

Because of only home remedies

And I am using this remedy since a long time

This remedy controls hair loss

And regrow new hair

This remedy grow back fallen hair

So thickness of hair maintains

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DIY leave in conditioner video

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Let's start the video now

We are going to prepare hair tonic firstly

First ingredient is black seed

Also known as kalonji seed

and nigella seed

Black seed is well known for hair growth

It helps to regrow hair

And control hair loss

Rich in antioxidants

And has anti inflammatory properties

Reduces inflammation from hair follicles

And makes hair follicles stronger

And regrow hair very fast

Speed up hair growth

Nigella seed is excellent

for overall health of hair

That is why I am using nigella seed

And second ingredient is

Amla or Indian gooseberry

Amla is also very good for hair

It controls pigment loss

Control premature hair greying

Eating amla also controls premature hair greying

Also darken hair

Gives very good pigment to hair

If you apply amla

And if you eat amla along with application

Then it will be excellent for your hair

So I am using dried amla here

I am using 3-4 amla

You can take according to your hair

Next ingredient is

Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seed is very good for our hair

We all know it condition our hair

Because it has mucilage content

And it makes hair strong

It provides moisture to hair strand

And makes strands stronger so controls hair loss

And also cures dandruff

Cures bacterial infection from scalp

And makes hair follicles stronger

It give so much nourishment to our hair

Next ingredient is fennel seed

It is less known but it is very beneficial for hair

It has lots of vitamin C,iron

Rich is calcium ,potassium

Which provides nutrients to scalp

And makes hair follicles stronger

It is very good for scalp health

Boosts hair growth

It is very goog for our hair

And now we will mix everything together

Like fenugreek seed, kalonji seed

Amla and fennel seed

Now we will add 1 cup of water in it

We will soak it for overnight

Next morning we can see

Water has all the benefits

But we will boil it

to make it more effective

I want it to be very effective

So I am going to add 5-6 black pepper

I will crush black pepper

Black pepper is very good for hair

It is very good remedy for hair

Black pepper has lots of properties

,which makes it beneficial for hair

It is packed with

antibacterial and antifungal properties

Cures dandruff ,it has vitamin C

Adds shyne to hair

And also controls hair loss

I will boil it for 5 minutes

Now I switch off the flame

I will wait till it completely cool down

Once it cool down we will strain it into spray bottle

After straining I will add other things to make it much effective

Which provides lots of moisture to our hair

Now I will take a spray bottleI

I will strain the liquid

Now it is cool down

Now I am straining as you can see

This strainer is really great it has funnel

So all liquid goes directly into bottle

If you make homemade things then

definitely buy this kind of strainer

After straining liquid

we will make mask with leftover

Now to make hair tonic I added glycerin

Ow I am going to add aloe vera gel

Now I am going to add

vitamin E oil

Don't mix too much of it

10 -15 drops is more than enough

If you add too much your hair turns greasy

Now I am going to add rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil speed up our hair growth

Also cures dandruff from scalp

Mix everything together

Shake well to mix well

Once it prepared apply all over scalp

You can see our magical hair tonic is ready

It will give lots of benefits to scalp and hair

Provides lots of nutrients to scalp and makes follicles stronger

Now I will make small small sections of my hair

And I will apply it on my scalp

Apply it all over your scalp

Scalp should be cover with this tonic

I will make sure that

my scalp is cover with this tonic

Now I bend down to apply this tonic on back scalp

Cover back scalp with this tonic

Make sure every part of scalp is covered

Massage gently after applying tonic

You can leave it or you can wash it it's your choice

Now I am going to make hair mask

I will use leftover to make hair mask

Now I will add yogurt to it

Yogurt cures dandruff

And give moisture to our hair

Now I am going to add Brahmi powder

Brahmi powder is very good for hair

Cures dandruff

Cures split ends

Repairs damaged hair

Now I will add Bhringraj powder

Controls hair loss

Prevent premature hair greying

Bhringraj is very good for our hair

Specially if you want faster hair growth

Then definitely use bhringraj powder

Now I will pour everything into a jar

I am going to make very fine paste

so I will add water into it

Now you can see very fine paste is ready

I will take the paste into a bowl

I will make small small sections

and I will apply it all over scalp and hair

If you have damaged hair

then apply it all over your hair

It will repair your hair and makes stronger

If you have time then,leave it for 4 hours

But if have no time then keep it at least for 2 hours

But if you keep it for longer time it will give more benifits

Your hair will condition properly

When you wash your hair a bit will remain into hair

Because we took whole seeds not powder

But it worth guys

Once your hair will dry everything comes out when you comb

It worth guys you will see the difference

It moisturizes your hair,

makes hair stronger, silky shiny

So apply it without straining it

Now I have applied it all over my scalp and hair

I am focusing on the ends of my hair

Because ends are always dry

If you have problem of split ends

then always apply more mask on the ends

Always focus towards end of your hair

and scalp

Now I am going to tell you a trick

Cover your hair with plastic

So head would be preserved

This method will moisturize deeply

And don't throw this plastic

wash it and use it again

It would be environment friendly

So reuse again by washing it

Now I will wait 4 hours to wash my hair


This was today's video

I hope you have enjoyed my video

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bie and stay happy

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