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Welcome to episode 53 of Marihuana Television news, the program for cannabis culture!

After almost a year of a provisional government, we are back to having the Partido Popular in office.

Back in office, simply sayingNo," to drugs. Back in office supressing users and associations.

Last month, we told you about an intervention in the hemp crop of Josep Pàmies, a farmer and

activist for medicinal plants. This month, police intervention has fallen on Bernat Pellisa

the ex-mayor of Rasquera, another person who has openly proposed the legal growing of cannabis.

In the United States, 9 states will vote on marihuana during this months presidential elections.

In Chile, growing for personal use is now legal. And in Spain, with the Partido Popular

we are falling behind the wave of legalization sweeping the Americas.

This is bothering, particularly as we have exported our club model to other countries.

In Green Medicine, we'll travel to Castellón to meet Jaume, who is HIV positive, and Lidón

who has multiple sclerosis. They will tell us about the improvements in their quality of life

that they have experienced thanks to treatments with cannabis

In Drug Report, we'll take a stroll through

the Fira dAlimentació i Salut de Balaguer (Food and Health Fair of Balaguer).

We will also take a walk through Americannabis in Mexico.

Miguel Gimeno will introduce us to extractions with butane.

As for me, I'll tell you about Somango and White Widow in La Barraca de María. Lets get started!

In the Parliament of Catalonia, appearances about regulation by means of the

La Rosa Verda Law on Cannabis Associations are back.

Civil society has done the important tasks of self-regulation

establishing criteria and codes of good practices.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court has admitted the first appeal for legal action for processing

which was brought by the Regulación Responsable platform against the Ebers sentence.

This is great news, given that less than 1% of appeals are admitted for processing.

In this historic context on cannabis regulation, the UGT syndicate and CatFac

demand a legislative framework for workers in the industry.

In Balaguer (Lleida), the 9th edition of the Food and Health Fair was held

an event where there is always room for cannabis. Clara tells us all about it!

Organized by Slow Food Terres de Lleida and Dolça Revolució de les Plantes Medicinals

the Balaguer Food and Health Fair celebrated its 9th edition with the most important speakers in the field.

Mindful eating, emotional education, sea water, cancer treatments, MMS

childbirth that respects parentswishes and medical cannabis were some of the many interesting issues

that were explored, bringing together the latest in science with the wisdom of our grandparents.

We also have doctors offering their opinions such as Joan Parés or biologists such as Manuel Guzmán

from the Complutense de Madrid, which is the leader in research on marijuana and cancer.

Josep says, "They don't let me do the trials at the clinical hospital," because they know that if they are done

the business run by that mafia will tank.Ten years of research on rats.

It's incredible what happens with brain diseases, with epilepsy, with multiple sclerosis

yet we cannot do the final clinical trials on human subjects because that beast, the WHO, prohibits it.

Thanks to them for being here and giving a good talk that will surely help to answer any questions you have

or your doubts on how to use marijuana correctly, because it is extraordinary.

I am 70 years old. For me, marijuana has been a companion since I was 20, for recreational use.

Later, I studied medicine. I never thought that I could use it medicinally in my specialization

which is the respiratory system. But, when I retired, thanks to the La Maca social cannabis club

which was my club, the President of the La Maca club, who is around here, José, told me

Hey, why dont you start talking with those who have health problems and want to use marijuana.”

I started to get into the world of medicinal marijuana. I liked it so much and I didn't know practically anything

about medicinal marijuana, so I started to study, study, study, and to get further into this world.

Apart from this, at that time my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer that had to be treated with chemotherapy.

You have no idea how useful marijuana was to her in counteracting the negative effects.

Given that it has been seen that THC induces cellular death in tumors in animal tissues

Why aren't studies performed on humans? Why not perform regulated clinical trials?

Because the big pharma laboratories are not interested in it.

If you want, join the fight for the legalization of marijuana, of DMS and of everything that we need.

We don't have to accept that something is banned. We are of legal age.

We have free will to decide whether we take it or not, to study it beforehand.

Nobody can tell us that we cannot take this. You cant tell a dog, “don't eat that plant.” But a human being yes?

A dog is free. Its instinct guides it. Don't we have instincts? Don't we have knowledge?

Dont we have books? Don't we have the internet? Dont we have medical research to know what we can do?

To know if it's good or bad? Some joker in the government has to tell us

"That's illegal, you can't do that"?

It was an enjoyable fair in all aspects, where learning never stops and which serves as an example for all

especially because thinking globally and acting locally is how we will change the world.

Lets continue with more health news related to cannabis in our Green Medicine segment.

This month, we don't have a testimonial, we have two! Lidón and Jaume have told us their story about how

they have found the solution to many of their ailments thanks to their cannabis club.

Marihuana Television presents

with the support of

Green Medicine

This month, the Green Medicine team traveled to the city of Castelló de la Plana.

We went to visit two people with illnesses who are receiving marijuana-based treatments

thanks to the advice they get from the most important association in the city: the Castelló Cannabis Club

which has been supporting several dozen patients over the past 2 years

and helping to alleviate the symptoms of their illnesses. Let's meet this episodes protagonists.

Im Jaume. Im 56 years old and, well, I am HIV positive and a medicinal cannabis user.

Hello, Im Lidón. Im 43 years old and I have multiple sclerosis.

I am a cannabis user because it helps me with muscle stiffness.

What symptoms improve with marijuana?

In the medical aspect, there are two main parts: eating and sleeping.

In terms of eating, now, for example, I weigh around 48 or 49 kilos. I used to weigh 44 or 45.

In terms of sleeping, for many years I've been sleeping with the help of medication, high doses of sleeping aids.

Now I have reduced the medication significantly since I started using medicinal cannabis, and it's going well.

I keep my immune system strong, I have a negative viral load and my liver has returned to where it belongs.

The most important thing and what it helps me most with is to get rid of muscle stiffness, the spasticity.

It is working well for me. I cant tell you a specific time it happens, but I do notice that when I feel stiffness

I take oil or whatever I have, and it works really well for me.

What else does marijuana give you?

Apart from the medicinal aspect, it also helps me on other levels. Focusing, being focused

when it comes to socializing, to being with people, to enter into the world

that I would go back to being there, and being there has been what has kept me active.

And this, of course, brings you... not peace, I don't know whether to call it peace

rather a feeling of "I'm going to get up and I have the motivation to do things."

Also, I do feel that it heightens my senses; Im more alert, everything. Its a different way of life.

I write and it's like I see the world in a different color, in another way thats more relaxed, everything.

I find her more relaxed, calmer, and its what she asks for to sleep.

Lidón does exercises to strengthen her muscles every day. Physical activity helps her manage her sclerosis.

She dedicates her time to taking care of herself and doesnt have to waste energy in getting her medicine

because at her club, they provide her with it. They also give her support that goes beyond treatment.

We put them in contact with other doctors, we tell them where they can get tests done

any variety of tests according to their illness.

We give them all the information we have, because here at the association we have a lot available.

Then we have the dispensary, which has each of the oils they may need.

How each one is used depends each person's treatment guidelines.

We have approximately 30 members in the medicinal section at the moment. Their profiles are very varied.

There are young people who are 22 or 23 years old, to older people, about 60 years old.

The illnesses are very different. There are cases of cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, sleep disorders

problems with appetite... they are very different.

Does organic growing make you feel safer?

Its not the same going out on the street to buy who knows what. And when I say who knows what

I mean you don't know what theyre giving you, what quantity or quality.

The quality isn't the same. At the club, they give you advice and tell you what works and what doesn't.

They tell you what will work for you.

Particularly for medicinal use, we try to ensure all products used in the final result are as clean as possible.

That is the most important thing, and I repeat myself over and over again, health is the most important thing.

We can't take medicine like we take traditional medicine, a medicine with excipients, with side effects, no.

We're looking for the cleanest possible thing so that what we take does not harm us even more, but helps us.

While self-medicating with cannabis is far from being regulated in our country, the truth is that

patients and cannabis groups have been piecing together their own support networks.

But part of society and the current political class still have a lot to reflect upon in this issue.

They have to change many things, fully legalize something that's helping, not harming, like they think.

They should enter into a club like this, where they advise you properly, they should try it themselves, anything

so they see that it's not what they say it is on TV or what society tells you it is, Rajoy and the politicians.

They are doing something good for us as well, because when your doctor tells you something I don't think that

you have any reason to be at home suffering, because on your balcony you have a marijuana plant.

Here in Castellón, we have been warmly welcomed now, when we are starting up, but it's fragile,

pain, serious illnesses, people are dying... we dont have time.

Each of us knows how an illness affects our body and what the benefits are of different things.

In the case of cannabis, the benefits are huge.

Patients and those around them know it well: access to medicinal marijuana use is an inalienable right.

When a patient has a consultation with us - and it's very common - about anxiety disorders

about poor stress management, even with problems related to insomnia...

These types of symptoms are pretty common in the lives that almost all of us lead.

In these cases, we think that cannabidiol in particular can be relevant

because its anxiety-reducing effect could allow us to better manage the stress of daily life.

And when problems such as insomnia or sleep disturbances appear, we must also keep in mind

that cannabidiol is a very interesting cannabinoid because it can normalize these sleep disturbances.

If cannabidiol is not enough on its own, during periods in which the insomnia is more debilitating or

affects our quality of life, we can also consider adding varying proportions of THC to the dose taken at night

which is different from the dose taking during the day, which would only be cannabidiol.

At night, we can also take cannabidiol and THC to increase the amount of time the patient sleeps.

The Balearic Islands began proceedings to create a report on the responsible use of marijuana and hashish.

The report will study the possibility of recognizing the medicinal use of cannabis, which is already being used

on patients undergoing treatment for cancer in order to alleviate some of the side effects.

According to a report by the UKs Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

CBD extracts have a medicinal effect on human beings. The British government considers that products

with cannabidiol should be considered medicines and, as such, should be studied and controlled as such.

After the Federal Parliament modified the Law on Drugs and Narcotics this year

this November, a decree authorizing a national program for growing medicinal cannabis comes into effect.

Both growing and administration will be under government control and will be strictly regulated.

The Argentinean Chamber of Deputies issued a report on the bill which would allow the use of cannabis

in certain medical treatments. According the bill, cannabis oil could be used by people with cancer, HIV

chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

We have even dared to prescribe marijuana to children, to months-old babies, who are dying from brain tumors.

This is why I would risk whatever it takes to continue growing it, because there are always going to be people

who dont have any marijuana growing and they are going to need it.

This could land me in jail, well okay, I'll still do it.

We have to wake up and say "its okay that there isn't any marijuana in the pharmacy," soon enough there will be.

It'll be very controlled, very expensive, but people must also know how to grow their own marijuana at home

which will be free. This plant is magic: hemp, marijuana, and of course it's going to have a future. It will.

Remember, if you want to share your experience and tell us your story, all you have to do is write to us at Now, in extractions, we will tell you about butane.

In the previous episode, we started to look into the world of extractions with solvents such as ethanol and

emphasized safety measures that must be followed. Today we'll look at extractions with butane gas.

Welcome to Extractions, the segment that sublimates your mind.

Electronic vaporizor for resins

Completely portable

Up to 2 hours of battery life

BHO, which stands for Butane Honey Oil or Butane Hash Oil, is the name for extractions with butane gas.

These extractions reach concentrations of close to 80% and yields of over 20%.

However, it is not risk-free, given the nature of butane itself.

Due to the high risk of working with this type of solvents, as they're highly flammable, we recommend not doing

this type of extraction without appropriate safety measures and under professional supervision.

As butane gas is denser than air, it settles in lower areas. As such, you must not perform extractions in basements

or in enclosed spaces. You should of course be far from lights, heat sources or electronic equipment.

You must also take appropriate protection measures such as gloves, safety glasses

and clothing made from natural fibers because the smallest spark could make everything go up in flames.

The one chosen for this extraction is a variety whose creators say has important medicinal properties

we're talking about Deep Mandarin, a solid bet for medicinal marijuana with high levels of CBD

from our friends at Delicious Seeds, who are always on the cutting edge.

Deep Mandarin is the result of years of research and work on genetic lines which have a high levels of CBD.

Its lineage is a cross between the mythical Sugar Black Rose, winner of multiple championships

and which needs no introduction, with a clone of Karmen, a variety with citrus notes

but with moderate effects, given that its THC:CBD ratio is 1:1.5.

The result is a plant with an identical phenotype to Sugar Black Rose but with an intense mandarin flavor

which is the reason behind its unique name. In analyses of various samples, THC:CBD ratios of 1:1

and even up to 1:3 have been found, with 4% THC and up to 15% CBD.

Thus, it is a variety with subtle effects that allow you to continue with normal daily activities

without such a high that is caused by THC.

It is recommended for people who are looking for a medicinal use but with more manageable effects.

The most popular method of BHO extraction is also the most dangerous. It involves forces butane gas through

a stainless steel tube filled with vegetable matter

so that the gas dissolves and carries out the cannabinoids as it passes through.

To carry out this simple but dangerous technique, all you need is a stainless steel tube, activated carbon

a filter for ash or a rag, as well as a small flange and a borosilicate glass tray.

To use this technique at home, you can use a modified piece of stainless steel pipe.

Make a small chamber with active carbon. On the exit side, place an ash filter or a rag held on with a flange

to prevent vegetable matter from coming out.

On the market, there is a large variety of extraction tubes that are fairly affordable, tested and much safer.

You can also find more advanced versions such as Hemp Tools manual extraction column tube

with two valves and a unfloodable column that allows you to work with both ice as well as dry ice

which allow you to obtain greater yields.

First, put the weed in the tube.

Before beginning work with this solvent, it's essential to use special cold-resistant anti-static gloves

because the tube will reach extremely low temperatures during this process.

Dont forget that this part of the process must be carried out outside.

Once everything is ready, inject the gas through the entrance point. The gas will condense and

thanks to gravity, will fall, bringing the cannabinoids and terpenes with it.

The gas and extract solution collects in the borosilicate glass tray.

Next, the butane is evaporated using an adjustable heating plate at about 35º to 40º.

If you don't have one, you can use a simple double boiler technique by placing the tray in a tub of hot water.

But remember, it is vitally important if you dont want everything to explode, no heat sources.

The extraction will start bubbling vigorously. The bubbling will slow down as the gas evaporates.

Once almost all the gas has evaporated, scrape the extraction with an awl so the rest of the gas is expelled.

Its useful to use a thermometer to ensure the water is at the correct temperature.

Change the water out when it drops below the recommended temperature.

We can also use a water heater.

When the butane has evaporated, collect the extraction with a spatula, a straight blade or something similar.

It is a viscous, sticky material thats difficult to work with. Lastly, we move on to the final purging.

To purge it, all you have to do is put the extraction on wax paper. Then you can use a heating plate or

use a much faster and more professional option, a vacuum oven.

Electronic vaporizer for resins

Completely portable

Up to two hours of battery life

Once the purging is finished, we can enjoy this delicious Deep Mandarin extraction.

But of course, always in moderation. Remember that butane gas is a neurotoxin and the human body

can't tolerate more than 5,000 ppm of this gas per day.

Also, ingesting high concentrations of THC is not recommendable.

More in the next episodes. And remember, dont forget to watch and share. See you.

We are preparing a new segment on growing with Miguel.

In this new section, you will be able to ask questions and our expert will answer them.

If you want me to clear up any doubts you have, write me at

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and North Dakota.

Nine states will take advantage of the US presidential elections to vote on legalizing marijuana, possession

sales, transportation, growing and medical use.

For example, voters will cast their ballots on Proposition 205 in Arizona. It will allow for possession and

growing for personal use and which will authorize points of sale for recreational cannabis for those over age 21.

Under the current law in Arizona, you could go to jail for possessing a very small quantity.

After the campaign to defeat Proposition 205 on regulation received half a million dollars from a

pharmaceutical company, one of the largest food suppliers to prisons made another big donation

to prevent a reduction in the number of prisoners.

Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley, thinks it is best that the prisons are emptied.

So, he bought a prison in California to grow marijuana inside of it.

Who we hope does not end up in prison is Charlo Greene, lawyer, ex-TV presenter

and owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. They are asking for 54 years in jail for supposed transactions in her club

which took place prior to changes in Alaska's cannabis laws.

Luckily, things in Chile things have finally changed.

The Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies voted on the bill modifying Law 20,000 on Drugs

and allowing the growing of cannabis for personal use.

Yes. Chile voted against drug trafficking and for growing for personal use. The Chilean people are now free

to grow for their own personal use. The only thing missing now is that people put it into practice.

Trying to give samples to the police so that it's not sufficient to simply spot a plant over the fence

but rather what is the specific criminal history related to trafficking in that house

because its not just the quantity of plants you have, but rather your behavior, in short, whats behind it.

From Mexico, our friends at Cannativa sent us this short video on the tenth edition of Americannabis

a week of cannabis culture.

Americannabis is an event held by AMECA. It is an entire week of free activities for the entire family

from the youngest to the oldest, who are interested in any topic related to the marijuana plant.

This edition is being held in the Huerta Roma Verde in Mexico City from October 8 to 16.

There are several exhibitors including grow shops such as Mundo Verde, Octopus Garden

Cáñamo magazine is participating, Cannativa, and more.

This event is important because it brings us closer to different groups of people and different parts of society

who have not been exposed to this information before. It helps us create new clients.

The reason we are here in this type of event is to publicize the advances that my granddaughter has made

with cannabis and so that we can try to support these causes, so that they legalize

everything related with medicinal cannabis. We are also here so that we can learn more about it.

We're trying to learn more to be able to help open peopleseyes so that they dont demonize this plant.

It helps us with rheumatism, arthritis, for cancer pain. Many people believe that this is something dangerous.

On the contrary, if it is well-regulated, you can rest easy. Someone once said that war is based on young people

and children who kill each other without even knowing each other. They kill each other because of

other peoples hate, people who dont dare to fight and who have always hated each other.

I think this war with drug traffickers should end. I think that what we all want and deserve in the end is peace.

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BAC. Grow with professionals.

Hello boys and girls! In previous episodes, I told you about Critical Bilbo and Matanuska Tundra

and all about my problems with the heat; today Ill give you an update on some of my plants symptoms.

Now its the turn of these two varieties which I have never grown before: Somango and White Widow.

#31 Flowering of the cuttings

Ill start with Somango, which is a cross between Big Skunk Korean and Jack Herer.

Although it seems that in this plant, the sativa-like size of the Jack Herer is conspicuously absent.

As you can see, its an indica-sized variety that's a bit short with wide leaves and not much branching.

As you can see in its big leaves, it has a lot of damage due to a lack of calcium and magnesium

aggravated by the high temperatures.

As we said in the previous episode, these 2 elements that are giving me hell help regulate temperature

inside the leaves and they help in absorbing phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for proper flowering.

They explained to me that the deficiencies that are evident here because these 2 elements are mobile

thats to say that the plant can pull from its reserves in the main leaves and absorb them

sacrificing the leaves to save the buds which, as you can see, are undamaged.

Another of the symptoms of the heat that can be clearly seen in the plants are, again, thecoronitasorfoxtails

that are very evident in some individuals. They are these extensions that you see in the bud.

Though in some varieties it's genetic, it can also be caused by heat.

The plant tends to open the bud to better cool itself.

Somango is a plant that makes very tight buds on each node, though they do not come together.

As such, it produces a medium quantity, as you can see. In terms of smell, it should smell of mango

though the truth is that it smells more like orange with a touch of grapefruit-like sourness to me

similar to the New York Diesel, Mandarin but without being so sour.

The truth is that although it isn't mango, I love it and I really want to try it.

Lets continue with this White Widow, which comes from a selection made at the beginning of the 2000s.

Widow is a cross between a Brazilian and a plant from Southern India. It's another select cutting

that isnt very well-known but you can tell just by looking at it that it deserves more recognition.

Its a medium-height plant with a good structure and good branching.

The central stalk would support it if it werent for the buds on the side branches that are causing it to bend.

This is why I had to put canes to hold it up.

As you can see, this plant has thinner leaves which make it look like a mainly-sativa hybrid.

It hasnt suffered so much from excess heat. The leaves that are turning yellow are doing so

in a more even way than in the Somango.

This is within the normal range, because I have been watering them with just water for about 10 days

and these are typical deficiencies that are seen when they are cleansing themselves.

The buds here look excellent.

The central tail is not very thick but is fairly long with good density and very few leaves in the buds

which makes it easier to trim, a job which becomes pretty annoying when you have done it several times.

In terms of taste, I cant tell you much because I haven't tried it.

However, I know that it smells like one of those that you save for special occasions or the first type to run out

when you are smoking with friends.

Its tremendously intense with a turpentine-like scent with notes of pine resin, solvents and wood.

Grow with BAC.

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BAC. Grow with professionals.

In terms of its effect, I talked with my friend who kindly gave me these cuttings as a gift.

He told me that I should be careful with them. He said that they are among his most potent plants.

I guess well see if it's just a fathers love

or if it's true that these will make you lie down on the sofa and not be able to get up.

See you in the next episode.

Next month: #32 Harvesting and Drying.

On November 5, the II BioMenorcacannabis Cup will be held, an island cup in a calm, natural environment.

In Madrid, on November 18 and 25 and December 2 at Teatro Arlequín, we can enjoy the Canna Comedy Tour

a comedy show with the best monologists in the country on the level of Raul Cimas, JJ Vaquero

Toni Moog or Txabi Franquesa, among others.

You don't like gin and tonics? Well, no, I don't like gin and tonics. Oh you don't like gin and tonics?

Put some cucumber in that. I tell them no, idiot, put some tomato soup in it, eh?

In Colombia, on November 11 and 12, the Farallones Cup will take place in Cali.

And the fairs in the Americas are coming up. From the 22 to 24, ExpoMedeWeed will make its debut

at the Medellín Botanical Garden. It will feature a very interesting medical seminar on Friday the 25th.

On the 27th, another Medicinal Conference will take place in Bogotá.

ExpoWeed will be back in Chile from December 2 to 4.

ExpoCannabis Uruguay will sprout up from December 10 to 12.

Coming to Colombia: the first ExpoMedeWeed, the international fair on medicinal cannabis.

It will be held in a very special place in Medellín, the Botanical Garden.

We invite you to come to ExpoMedeWeed from November 22 to 25.

On Friday the 25th, the much-anticipated seminar on medicinal marijuana will be held.

ExpoMedeWeed, a one-of-a-kind event in the country to learn about the true story of the cannabis plant.

With conferences led by experts in the health field, experts in drug policy, activists and businesspeople.

ExpoMedeWeed. Are you going to miss it?

This month we invite you to visit our website

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As always, be happy and see you soon!

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A red-blooded man, at the moment when he pulls down the panties...

From there, well...

Like I'm going to bark.

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His father, even without the rifle, shoots himself in the foot too.