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When choosing a thoroughbred horse, you want to keep in mind what your goals are. Thoroughbreds

are often a little bit hot and quick, and so if you want to do something that having

a quick, hot horse is good for, then you can choose just about any. If you want a horse

that's a little bit quieter, you're going to have to be a little more careful about

choosing. So when you arrive at the place that you're looking at the horse, observe

how it acts on the cross ties. Is it easy to work around? Is it patient? If it is, then

these are good signs that your horse is going to be quiet. Then, watch the person that owns

the horse ride. It's always important to have the person that owns the horse ride first

before you get on, just so you make sure the horse is at your level of riding and you're

not going to be put in a dangerous situation. Whenever you're buying a horse, it's important

that you have someone with you that has good knowledge about confirmation and general riding.

When you look at a horse and you consider their confirmation, you want to make sure

that their body is proportional -- that you can divide them into thirds -- their neck,

their middle, and their haunches. You also want to make sure that they have clean lines

through their legs and that their feet look healthy and proportional to their legs. Some

horses have feet that are too small for their bodies, and these are going to be more likely

to go lame. The last step, whenever you buy a horse, is to make sure that you get a vet

to check them and make sure they're healthy and sound.

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