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hi there my name is gary and welcome to the outdoor pov today i'm going to be taking a look

at the garmin fenix 6x pro solar uh it's not a review there's loads of reviews out there i'm not

going to do a review i'm just going to talk about a few points that i think you guys should know

before you make your purchase first up was the the kind of pre-installed maps on the garmin 6x

now for a watch that is a you know sold as an adventure watch

um you know kind of navigation features you've got aunt milton sas tv star advertising it

i have to see the level of detail that the maps give you in our kind of remote locations

i just don't think they're good enough um especially when you can do

like uh a hack i suppose pretty sure garmin don't endorse it but you can install a map

made produced by a a guy who goes by the name of torquay toaster so google him

i'm pretty sure you might kind of void your warranty by

installing it like a external map on your watch i don't know about that so you've got to be really

happy to do that but anyway for like free you can put on your garmin device and it works fine

a much more detailed map than what you get bundled with the 6x now yeah please comment

i may just not be kind of clicking the right buttons or not install the latest firmware

but um so if i'm doing it wrong i apologize garmin someone can let me know that would

be great but also you can pay i think about ten pounds or ten dollars i'm not too sure

and you get another map with much more detail now you kind of might be asking what's up

what's the big deal you do get quite a lot of detail with bundle or with the 6x on the maps

but you know if you're out in a remote location

and it may be not suitable to get an actual map out you kind of you know on a regular

map you rely on the detail of the map to kind of get your bearing and where you are

say a compass so you know which direction you are now for example where i'm walking now

on the 6x sora um it probably it probably wouldn't show these trees that that that around me just

should saw a little trail past a little line and no trees you've got reduced detail as such

so if you are out in the yeah actually on the fells or on the lures and you're trying to get

a bearing at least just kind of quickly look at your watch and um if you can see

a little kind of clump of trees to your left for example but on your watch it's not there

in my opinion at least anyway it's kind of it's just kind of it takes the guesswork out

the more detail you've got the map the the kind of better it is for you as an outdoor enthusiast

as i say you know all maps are limited and if the weather's right and get down get you kind of

proper map out encompass and take a good bearing but if you're kind of on your move and you just

want kind of quick references this talky toaster map which i said is free or really cheap does

it just is so much more than what is bundle for free bundled with the garden wash now bear in mind

the the model i've got the pro solar was over 800 pounds this is not a cheap watch another issue

i've had with uh or another another concern i've had with garmin over the years and probably all

devices that offer a optical like a wrist-based optical heart rate

is uh in my experience at least with the garmin it's just not good enough and uh

for the phoenix xxx well i did expect the worst um but i hope i really did hope for the best

and i've run with the 6x now for well fair few weeks and uh i've tried it on my wrist tight i've

tried it on my wrist snug and i've just had it kind of normal howard kind of just have a normal

watch and uh it's really sad for a device again i'll go back to cost it's not a cheap watch but

it's really just aside from a device at this price point that i can't trust the data that it produces

and the problem with that is if that date is wrong then all the metrics all you you kind

of vo2 max and everything all these calculations it's based on heart rate so you just can't trust

anything that's what means your vo2 max is wrong uh the recovery device is giving you is wrong

the training effect is wrong um it calculates you can calculate your training pace from that that is

wrong too everything if your heart rate is wrong you know it could be so you're going off an easy

one but it's in your heart rates 180 beats it's wrong then it's like i said it's giving you a vo2

max reading which is wrong and a lot of people use vo2 max to calculate their training pieces

everything unfortunately is wrong please comment below i don't want to be just bashing garmin and

other kind of producers of wrist based uh sort of heart worth if i'm doing something wrong maybe you

know i've got lots of hair on my arms or anything i'm quite skinny that might be an issue i don't

know um but if i'm doing something wrong or you know over something i should be doing i should

be trying um the watch is brand new so it's not i know in the past i'm supposed to kind of

keep the sensor clean i'm doing that but also like i said it's pretty new but yeah please comment you

know any tips i would love it if i could get risk-based accurate data from a wrist-based

heart rate monitor now luckily for me i tend to go from a kind of previous race

result or time so it could be a park run and then i kind of calculate with i think this using the uh

jack daniels formulas i'll base everything off that so you know you could run a 25 minute 10k

5k sorry and then you put that information into a calculator and it'll spit out all your predicted

uh finishing times for other races and also it'll tell you you know what your 400 rep time should be

what your threshold pierce should be and um it's it's pretty accurate i can't grumble with um if i

drew a line through my 5k 10k half and marathon time it's a pretty straight line there's no

anomalies um it's funny cause i love running marathons but i think my 5k is probably the

best time um but yeah it's pretty accurate on a positive note um it looks like the battery life

is amazing um i bought this device specifically for that i felt i needed longer battery and um

only charged it a few times you know you you kind of find yourself searching for sunshine now

and you see the little gauge on the front of the watch as it's kind of capturing the sun and

charging the device i think i've only recharged it a few times since i've had it so you know

it's not oh i'm not all about knocking garmin here i've got to say the battery life on the pro solar

um is phenomenal i hope you found the video helpful like i said it's not a proper review

just a few my thoughts might help you with your buying decision um if you did be great if you

liked the video if any of the things you know like i've said here are incorrect um then pick

me up they'll call me out the last thing i want to do is be giving people wrong information so

i'm just not doing something right with the maps i'll press a button or unlock something and it

throws up all this information then let me know that's fantastic also with the heart rate optical

heart rate strap if you've got any tips that could improve that for me that would be fantastic too so

yeah please like share and you know what i'm going to say now everyone on youtube says it

please please please subscribe tick everybody um and i will see you next time cheers


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