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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Craig & Whitley Went on a Second Date! | Tell My Story Follow-Up

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- I'm trying to move to the other side of the diagonal

on the table.


- I think this is good.

- Good?

Like that?

- Yeah, yeah, we want to see you.

That's better.

- You can hear me okay?

- Yeah.

- Now that you've had some time away from it,

what's your--

Like, when you think back, are you happy you did it?

- Yeah, actually I am.

I was like, nervous at first.

- It was an experience.

I'm glad I did it.

- And then, Craig is also really dope so I was like,

that also kind of helped.

- [Steve] Was there a moment that you were like,

yeah I think, like, I want to know more about this guy?

- So like the immediate time I knew, I was like yeah,

I want to get to know him more,

was when he said something about communication.

- And a deal breaker is not communicating.

I don't like people beating me around the bush.

- Yeah, like just be like, yeah, yeah.

- Definitely, definitely.

Being able to have dialogue,

articulate what you have going on inside your head

so that person actually understands you.

- Most people our age don't talk about like,

oh, communication is key so I was like, okay...

- So once the cameras stopped rolling,

like then what happened?

- Yeah, we were just,

yeah, trying to figure out what the next move was.

- He asked me if I wanted to hang out that day,

and I was like, I'll be very honest,

I work two jobs and I'm in school so like,

things have to be planned for me.

- At first we were going to head over

to a jazz market on a Wednesday.

- He's doing his clothing line, and like music and stuff

and so he's more free during the day

and then, like, I'm almost the exact opposite,

so the weekend was like the perfect time for us

to finally get together.

- We figure it all out, I guess, over the next few days

that we were going to go to the movies.

- Like, I just really want to get to know you,

like actually talk.

And I was like, is there anything that you want to do

and so he picked the movies.

- Is the movies a good place for a first date?

What do you think?

- Totally, I told her, I was like,

you can tell a lot about a person, you know,

from watching a movie, you feel me, man?

- You can't really, like, get to know anyone at the movies.

- Yeah, I like the person talks a lot during movies,

like all right cool,

what you thinking?

What you got on your mind, you feel me?

- Tell me about the date.

- I was on time.

He was late.

So I waited at the bar, and I forgot he didn't drink,

and I was like ugh.

- I was late.

The uber canceled on me twice.

- We were late so it was slightly tense

and he wanted to eat and I was like,

we should just wait til after the movie,

and like, he's like no, no it's fine.

Let's just do it now.

I was like, I'm going to eat something later,

and we can like talk.

- I did enjoy the time that we had after the movie.

We walked through the French Quarter

- Where are we?

We are by the casino.

- Yeah.

- And then we also just left the movies.

- Yeah.

- And we just walked around Bourbon and Canal

and just started talking and like actually connecting

and I was like, okay this is what I was looking for.

- It was nothing in particular.

We were just, you know, talking and chatting.

- Did you talk to Whitley about, kind of her,

her school and her work and stuff?

- We did, I believe but she kept it short

because she was explaining how it stresses her out.

- And then I was kind of talking to him about school

and work and I'm sure, like,

he listened and he was attentive

so I appreciated it.

- How did the night end?

- We ended it off sitting outside of Harris

- But it was like 2:30, I think,

it was like 2:30 in the morning

And I was like, I need to go to bed

- Did you make a move or anything?

- Mm-mm. Nah, nah.

- You guys kiss?

What happened?

- So, no. I was --

I thought he was going to go in for a kiss or something,

and he didn't.

I was like, okay.

- So, I was sick, you heard me?

It was a cold, like I was sneezing and everything.

It was not, yeah.

- Did you ask him about it?

Did it come up later?

- No, I was just like, I mean,

if he's not interested in that way,

then that's fine.

There was a kind of a slight miscommunication

when I was talking about developing a friendship.

Okay, maybe there was just bad miscommunication

on my end and I didn't rectify it or anything so.

- And so, have you gone out since?

- We haven't but I attempted to communicate her.

- His friends were in for Mardi Gras

so we weren't able to see each other.

Then the weekend before Mardi Gras I was really busy

with interviews and working at the clinic.

- Are your schedules kind of compatible?

- I'm not really sure.

I feel like my schedule is pretty open.

- The timing has just been really bad.

- She's just got a lot more going on that's,

like, time constrained

- He was like, let me know when you're free.

I'll probably be texting him tomorrow, you know.

Like, hey, I'm done studying for the weekend.

What are you up to on a Sunday?

- Nice and chill.

Like hey I'm around on Sunday.

- Right, just go with the flow.

And if it works, then it works.

- Hello, Steve here, director of Tell My Story, season five

So, communication, we know it's key for relationships,

but is it enough to overcome other compatibility issues?

Sometimes even if both parties are willing to

work at something,

they still end up being, kind of, out of sync.

Anyway, let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe

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