Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Procesmanagement | Hoe creëer je veranderingen in een organisatie?

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Rules management and Process management are both important for companies and together they create the base for succesfull change.

Process management indicates the order; how do you run your activities and rules sometimes restrict you.

And the rules that restrict you have to be managed so you are able to eventually also manage your processes.

I think that the most important thing that companies need to realise is that process management, rules management and data management

need to become one and that they are no longer seen as three separate fields of study.

Secondly they need to realise that we need to take this away from the IT and shift this to the business,

because the business eventually manages these things and decides what happens.

The core values of the Dutch State lottery are involved, reliable and leading

and in order to make this happen we need to have our processes in order and Mavim Rules is the most important instrument for this.

The role that Mavim Rules plays for us with the implementation of process management can best be described as:

The tool to register processes

To enrich processes with all information needed to be able to create a process-oriented organisation

Thirdly the tool to communicate the processes in such a manner that the processes are adapted by employees

And eventually to be able to continuously improve your organisation

The advantages for the customers when using Mavim Rules, are many.

First of all it offers overview and insight in how an organisation works and operates.

Furthermore the employees know exactly what to do and how to do this.

This creates visibility and tranquility for employees, and a workplace that actually knows what is expected of them.

And then Rules are fun!

The Description of Procesmanagement | Hoe creëer je veranderingen in een organisatie?