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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EP 3 MIYAJIMA REI | OBSOLETE

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I've come from the Japan Defense Forces, Cold Weather Combat Training Unit

under our confidential exchange officer program.

I'm First Lieutenant Rei Miyajima.

As of today, I am in the hands of the Ladakh Scouts.

Indian Army, Special Mountain Warfare Brigade, Captain Wangchuck.

I can't believe you've come all the way from Japan.

Why come to this extremity?

Miyajima: Presently, you are the only unit in the world to have armed

EXOFRAMES as regular forces for the front lines.

It is my duty to observe and report on the state of affairs here.

Wangchuck: Japan's signature is in the Sankt Gallen Arrangement, is it not?

Would it even be possible for the JDF to utilize EXO's?

Miyajima: I'm here to observe.

How my report will be interpreted...

is beyond me.

You've come to the right place.

High-altitude environment isbeyondour control.

Welcome, to the Siachen Glacier. It will be a short but welcome stay.

Miyajima: So this is...

Wangchuck: Is it your first time seeing a real EXOFRAME?

Miyajima: Only in lecture.

Wangchuck: The machine is controlled via the Saddle.

It reads your consciousness, then moves on its own.

Though, it doesn't completely remove the sensations of the operator.

You can imagine it as two sheets overlapping, forming another.

It feels perplexing at first, but you get used to it.

Miyajima: I see...

Wangchuck: You can rely on the saddle for operation,

but communications and fire control are up to you.

Because those are human-made additions.

Miyajima: If we could analyze and reproduce this system...

Everyone thinks of that.

But presently all engineers have given up.

It may look like a scrappy 100-dollar machine but...

the technology is beyond our imagination.

I see.

Wangchuck: Apparently the foundation systems aren't mechanical.

It's probably a modified creature from the Peddler's home planet.

Some type of cyborg, I guess.

It's controlled by consciousness

but we can't even define the consciousness in ourselves.

They say it can only be described as telepathy.

Miyajima: It sounds not very appealing.

Wangchuck: We just slap on some armor and firearms,

and install a heated seat.

Even just that is plenty useful,

especially in such an extreme environment.

We are on the front lines, preparing for a fight with the Pakistan Armed Forces.

But for now, our worst enemy isn't them, it's the mountains.

Presently, there are more deaths...

by avalanches and altitude sickness than hostile attack.

What made the Indian army take the plunge into EXOs for tactical operation?

Wangchuck: We could care less about the bans set by Sankt Gallen.

But the first to utilize EXO's was Pakistan.

Miyajima: Is that so?

Wangchuck: It wasn't made public.

To them, EXO's are more of a means to transport black ops units...

than a combat machine.

They'd wanted to use that pass through the Saltoro Mountains

to sneak a stab at us.

After our patrol unit encountered them,

even the Indian Armed Forces got ruffled enough to use them.

But this is...

Wangchuck: The location and proportions of the joints are different from humans.

It's probably uncomfortable,

but you'll get used to it! See! This is a dance, Rajini dance!

Subordinate A: Moving objects on the ridge!

N-N-W, headed for Ghent Kangri.

Subordinate B: Azad Kashimir Regiment's EXOFRAMES, highly probable.

Wangchuck: Idiots! They crossed the cease-fire line. But how?

Miyajima: That's the beauty of EXOFRAMES.

Forget all tactics in the past. They are game changers.

Subordinate A: We've been spotted! They've crossed the ridge!

Wangchuck: They have infiltrated the glacier! Are they crazy?

There's too few to prosecute military operations!

If their aim is to transport black-ops units, they only have to escape.

They're just toying with us!

Hey! What are you doing!

Miyajima: Holding them back!

That's our duty, Captain!

Wangchuck: Idiot! You can't take an EXO down there!

The enemy is! They're trying to go through!

Wangchuck: He's pissing me off!

Subordinate A: I can't just stand by and watch!

This is our territory!

Wangchuck: Shit!

This is a shit-show! Lieutenant Miyajima! HALT!

Subordinate A: I don't know how!

Subordinate A: Hey, Captain!

Do you think...

this was the first time EXO's were used in a battle between regular armies?

Wangchuck: It could be. But I doubt it will be recorded.

Pakistan is denying involvement.

Subordinate A: That may be so, but will the top brass accept it?

They'll be under pressure from above.

Oh, and that exchange officer wasn't one of the Japan Defense Force's.

Subordinate A: What?

Wangchuck: Do you remember what I showed him with the EXO?

Subordinate A: You said you were doing a Rajini dance then did weird movements.

What was that?

The stretches are called "RAJIo-taiso dai-NI".

I learned it when I was studying in Kyoto.

Any Japanese person would recognize it.

He didn't.

Subordinate A: Then what...

Wangchuck: Forget it. Don't disclose it. Let sleeping dogs lie.

That's the secret to a long life.

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