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Nolan: Swear to God, now he has this woman tied up,

his own aunt.

He has a shotgun rigged with duct tape and a string

so he can shoot her from the fireplace.

Yeah, while Chen's across town going toe-to-toe with the 5-4.

Yeah, thirty gang members against me and my T.O.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my God, that's hardcore.

How the hell'd you get out of that?

No joke, my T.O. goes, "When you're in the LAPD"...

Together: "You're never alone."

And right on cue, an airship arrives with a SWAT team.

[ Laughing ]

Damn, there's me thinking

discharging my weapon this year was a big deal.

Aw, don't beat yourself up, Chris.

I'm sure someday you'll catch up.

[ All murmuring ]

Oh, it's like that?

Oh, yeah. It's like that.

Come on, you guys. We're not in the Academy anymore.

We don't have to be competitive about everything.

Well, it's not a competition when I always win.

[ Group "Oh"s ]

Ooh, that's a deep cut! But he does have a point.

That's it, West.


You and me, right now --

We're gonna settle this thing once and for all.


[ Cheering, laughter ]

Drink up. Drink up.

[ Cheering ]

I can't believe they still can't let go of their rivalry.

Can't you? They were first and second at the Academy.

Their dads were first and second.

Oh! Sorry! Sorry!

Oh, ho, ho!

[ Chuckling ] You okay?



I was just gonna get some air. How about you join me?

[ Exhales sharply ]


No, no, no. Don't.

[ Cheering ]

So, I'm actually fine.

Just...a little worried about Chris.

I mean, you always gave the best advice at the Academy.

Thank you. Uh, what's going on?

At first, I thought it was just a rocky transition.

You know, going from being top of the class

to being just another Boot.

But...he never really evened out.

Did you know he barely passed our six-month exam?

Can you believe that?

Actually, I can.

If he came in expecting it to be easy,

I mean, it is not.

I'm worried.

What if he's really not ready?

Should I say something?

I can't answer that for you.

I can tell you that this year has been tough for all of us.

I mean, no vacation, no sick days,

constantly under a microscope.

We've all stumbled.


If I were you, I would just...

tell Chris you're there for him.

And if he can bear down for one more month,

then he can take some time off

and just clear his head, you know, reset.

I've been trying to convince him to go on the road with me,

take an RV and camp, hike,

just disconnect from all the noise

before we come back as P2s.

See, that would be perfect.



I knew I'd feel better talking to you.

50 bucks.

Nolan! I need your help.

I'm sorry. How is this helping?

Jackson and I are tied.

One more event will settle this.

If you hit Nolan, you lose.

Wait, what game is this?

Suicide darts.

Suicide darts.


[ Alarm clock ringing ]

[ Ringing stops ]

I do not wanna go to work today.

Mm, you can be a few minutes late.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

Yeah, and do push-ups in between every call

and jog behind the shop?

No, thanks.


Oh, come on!


Bradford's chill.

I mean, maybe if you're playing pick-up with him,

but not when he's your T.O.

He once designed an IED

to blow up baby powder in my face

just to make a point.

Is he allowed to do that?

I just need to get through the next thirty days,

and then I will be free.

No more mind games. No more Tim Tests.

No more chewing me out in public.

Okay, so you're saying thirty days,

and then I can make you late?





If we bump into each other at work,

can we please just play it cool?

I'm not cool?

No! You know what I mean!

Like, on the...D.L.

The D.L.?

Yep, I said that. I'm sorry.

[ Laughing ] Don't laugh!

Don't you work with your roommate?

Oh, Jackson's got my back. He would never talk.

Well, I can't promise I'll be able to keep my eyes off of you,

but otherwise, deal.

Thank you.



[ Both laugh ]

But, wait, Grace might actually

let her ex-husband come back home?

For the sake of her son.

Look, I-I get where she's coming from.

I mean, I did something similar with my ex.

Staying together for the kid,

even when you knew the relationship was doomed.

Did that actually make things better for Henry?

No. But what am I gonna do?

Mansplain to her that she's making a mistake?

How well is that gonna go over?

Yeah, not well.

But if you leave her alone,

you risk giving the ex an opening.

Tough one.

I'm looking for some sage advice here.

If you haven't noticed, my personal life's a dumpster fire.

All I can say is...

I'm rooting for you two.

Good luck, buddy. [ Chuckles ]

[ Claps hands ] You can do it.

I'm telling you. [ Laughs ]

Today is our rookies' one-year mark in the F.T.O. program.

Congratulations on not washing out.

[ Cheering ]


We'll see.

There's still time.

That also means today is the start

of your Thirty Day Push.

Why is that important, Officer Nolan?

Because in one month,

we will no longer be probationary employees,

but fully fledged patrol officers of the LAPD?


Damn it.

Because, as your T.O.s have pointed out,

you are not there yet.

The end of the race is always the hardest.

The Push is to remind you not to celebrate

until you cross the finish line.


Together: Yes, sir.


And...that's all I got.

For the first time in history,

the night shift did their jobs --

left no open cases that require follow-up.

So, go on, find some crime.

And be safe out there.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

It's weird we haven't had any calls yet.

Crime doesn't run on a schedule, Boot.

[ Police radio chatter ]

What are you so happy about?

What? Nothing.

Can't I smile?

You've just been doing it a lot lately.

I didn't realize happiness was an impediment

to being a good cop.

I'm just surprised you haven't tried

to talk my ear off about whatever it is.

So, what? Did you rescue a kitten?

Adopt a star?

My personal life is none of your business.

Finally. There's hope for you yet.

[ Scoffs ]

Lopez: My mom is driving me crazy.

She's teamed up with Wesley's mom,

so every time I try to make a decision

about the wedding, I'm outnumbered.

You're the bride. Shouldn't you get final say?

I'm the only girl in either family,

so they're living vicariously.

And I don't have the bandwidth to push back

because I'm so focused on making detective.

If I don't make the next round of promotions,

I'll have to take the detective's exam again.

But while I'm distracted,

those viejas are hijacking my wedding.

Come on. I'm pretty sure it's not that bad.

They decided the color scheme should be pink and peach.

Oh, no.

Do I look like a woman who's ever worn peach?

No. You're definitely an autumn.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Is that...?



Wait a second.

No. Forget it.

Okay, so, how about you make visual confirmation

before you speak?

Roger that.

You a little nervous about court today?

My lawyer says,

with all of my positive changes that I've made

and my improved relationship with Donovan, there's no reason

the judge shouldn't grant me shared custody.

That's great!

Yeah, except the judge is a real hard-ass

and has a reputation for being unorthodox in his rulings.

I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

Man! I don't know that I've ever had a shift this quiet.

[ Tires screech ]

Did you really just say the "Q" word in my shop?

What? Quie--

Na-na-ah-ah-ah-ah! Stop!

You do not, under any circumstance,

ever use the "Q" word while on duty.

That is like saying "Macbeth" in theater

or talking about a no-hitter in the dugout.

O...kay. I had no idea you were superstitious.

That is not superstition. That's fact.

[ Seatbelt clicks ]

Where are you going?

I am going to get the trauma plate for my vest,

'cause I have a feeling I'm gonna need it.

You and your big mouth probably just cost me custody of my kid.

[ Vehicle door opens, closes ]

Dispatch: Wilshire units, information only.

Hollywood division is in pursuit

after a shots fired call.

Event 8-0-5 working on channel 4.

Information only.

[ Radio beeps ]

Turn that on. I wanna hear.

[ Click ]

Officer: Uh, gr-gray Maserati, no plates.

[ Siren wailing ]

Suspect vehicle is picking up speed.

Uh, we are southbound on Normandie, 50 miles an hour.

We got moderate traffic.

Wait. That voice.

That's Chris.


We went to the Academy together.

His dad worked Narcotics with my old man back in the day.

Well, at least Hollywood's getting a little action today.

O-O-O-Okay, wait. I'm -- J-Just stand by.

[ Siren wailing ]

Something's going down.

Okay, he's left on Wilshire.

E-Eastbound on Wilshire. Speed is 70.

[ Car horn blaring ]

This is heavy traffic. He's -- He's blowing lights.

Sidewalk! He's on the sidewalk!

He's too amped up.

Dispatch: Copy, eastbound Wilshire,

speed 70, blowing lights call.

6-Mary-100, copy?

6-Mary-100: Copy. Advise Mid-Wilshire.

Want is 245 with a handgun.

Control, 7-Adam-15, attach us to the pursuit.

Event 8-0-5 and switching to channel 4.

[ Radio beeps ]

"Quiet," he says.

6-Adam-41, just T.C.'d,

Wilshire at Virgil.

We are lead car. I-I'm gonna need backup, guys.

I need -- I-I need help!

Copy, 6-Mary-47 help call.

Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire units responding.

Control, 7-Adam-19, attach. Code 3.

[ Siren wailing, engine revs ]

Copy, 6-Mary-47 eastbound on Wilshire,

approaching MacArthur Park.

That's right around the corner.

[ Siren wailing ]

Control, 7-Adam-07, we're two blocks from there.

Suspect vehicle has crashed!

[ Tires screech ]

[ Engine revs ]

[ Tires screech ]

Hey, get back! Get back!

Hands! Hands!

[ Engine revving ]

Show me your hands! Hands on the window!

Chris, get back!

Hands! Hands!

Show me your hands!

No! No!

No! Chris!

Son of a bitch!


[ Tires screeching ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Tires screeching ]

Nolan: Control, 7-15, we have the Maserati,

northbound Park View.

In pursuit. Speed's 60. Occupied once.

Lopez: 7-Adam-07, shots fired.

Officer down. Repeat, officer down.

Requesting R.A. for a 25-year-old male,

gunshot wound to the chest.

Come on, come on, come on!

Conscious and breathing.

Park View at 7th.

Dispatch: All units, be advised, 7-Adam-15 in pursuit

of gray Maserati heading south on Alvarado.

Do you see him?

Negative. I lost him at the last intersection.

Damn it.

Female dispatch: Attention, all units.

Air-12 spotted a gray Maserati matching suspect's vehicle

entering covered parking structure at 6th and Grand.

7-Adam-15 responding. Code 3.

[ Siren wailing ]

Just keep breathing, buddy, alright?

Tim: Martinez.

Alright. Huh?

Sarge is gonna want to talk to you. You're a witness.

I'm not leaving this kid alone.

I'll go.

EMT: One, two, three! Lift!

[ Engine starts ]

[ Siren wailing ]

This shouldn't have happened.

I made a felony stop.

Rios just charged.

I mean, he's made mistakes before, but never like this.

He knows --

stop at a safe distance, wait for backup,

approach with caution, but --

It hap-- It happens.

Rookies aren't used to the adrenaline.

They get amped up. It's lights and sirens syndrome.

I told him on day one. I told him.

It's the hardest part about being a T.O. Okay?

We drill it into their head, but at the end of the day,

they make their own calls.

Still feels like my fault.

No. Come on.

[ Groans ]

You hurt?

Nah, I just -- just tweaked it pulling him out of danger.

I'm alright.


send an additional R.A. to my location.

[ Siren wailing ]

Jackson: You're gonna be okay.

Look at me. Look at me. Alright?

Remember the obstacle course at the Academy?

First time through, you had a torn hamstring

and still beat me.

Yeah, and I practiced every single day after that,

knowing that you'd be coming for me.

I was only number one because you were there pushing me.

And now I'm gonna be here pushing you,

getting you back to your feet.


Okay, and I expect your "A" game, man, alright?

None of that "I got shot" B.S. You hear me?

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

Chris, you hear me, man?

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Alarm buzzing ]

He's losing too much blood!

How much further?!

Driver: Three minutes out.

Chris. Come on, Chris. Stay with me, man! Come on!


[ Tires screech in distance ]


[ Vehicle doors close ]

Nolan. Door.

Got a gun.

You need to secure it while I go after the suspect.

I'll go with you.

No, that gun is a crucial piece of evidence,

and TID has their hands full processing the shooting scene,

so I am designating you the finder.

Photograph everything.

Make sure you get that gun exactly how it was found.

Glove up, collect it, and store it in our shop's lock box.

You got it?

Yes, ma'am.

[ Radio beeps ]

Control, 7-Adam-15.

Suspect vehicle located

in a parking structure on 6th and Grand.

Gun on scene.

My T.O. is in pursuit of suspect

through a maintenance door on the northeast corner.

Need backup. Code 3.

[ Radio beeps ]

[ Machinery hissing ]

[ Machinery clanking ]

[ Flashlight clicks ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Control, 7-Adam-15.

Shut down all code 3 units.

Suspect is G.O.A.

[ Radio beeps ]

Damn it.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

Nurse Lisa: 25-year-old male,

single gunshot wound to the chest.

Possible lung collapse. He's down two liters of blood.

Aren't you taking him to surgery?

If I don't stop the bleeding, he won't make it to the OR.

Three, two, one.

Get a gurney. Clear Trauma 1.

Get him on the monitor.

[ Indistinct talking ]

Jackson, I hear-- I heard what happened. Is he...?

They're, um -- They're trying to stabilize him.

He lost a lot of blood.

[ Crying ] Oh, my God.


Get it out.

[ Crying ]

I have to go back to the station, okay?

I got a mandatory callback, but...

will you call me with any news?

Of course. I'm -- I'm not going anywhere.

[ Monitors beeping ]

[ Indistinct talking ]

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Vehicle door closes, siren wailing ]

Okay, scene's secure.

What the hell are you doing?

You holding something in your right hand?

Your gun hand?

How many times I gotta tell you

to keep your gun hand free at all times?

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

You've been on this job a whole year, and you're still making

the same dumb mistakes you've been making since day one.

You want to end up like Rios?

Whoa, Tim.

That's enough, man.

Excuse me?

You don't have to talk to her like that.

She's my Boot.

I'll talk to her however the hell I want to

so she doesn't end up eating through a tube the rest of her life.

You got that?

Let's go, Boot.

I did not need saving.

[ Vehicle doors open ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Camera beeping ]

I kind of went overboard with the crime scene photos.

Better safe than sorry.

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

No sign of the suspect?

No, he got away clean. But we did recover his weapon.

Nine-mil. Recently fired.

Good work. Anything else?

Uh, yes. The car is registered to a dealership --

International Luxury Auto.


Not reported.

We need to run background checks on the dealership employees.

Already happening.

But we would get a much faster ID

from the mobile fingerprint unit inside your car.

We pulled a clean print from the driver's side window.

Uh, yeah. Great.

Any update on Chris?

Nothing yet.

How is it out there?

Controlled chaos.

We're spread thin through two divisions.

[ Device chirps, beeps ]

And just like that, our suspect has a name.

Serj Derian. Number one on Robbery-Homicide's hit list.

Younger brother of Ruben,

the head of the Derian crime family.

Linked to drug trafficking, extortion,

kidnapping, and murder.

But so far, none of the charges have stuck.

Now, remember, this guy has already shot one cop today.

I need you focused, not angry.

Soldier, hold the fort down

Yeah, I bet I burn that... down before I pucker up

Stuck on the cusp of a new age of human consciousness

Officer: LAPD!

Serj Derian, come out with your hands up!

Name dropping the dead finger to obelisk

Insane, insane world

Lucy: Clear!







Insane, insane world

He's not here.

[ Vehicle doors close ]

Hey, you gotta go.

I know, but how can I?

Serj wasn't home.

Bradford and Chen are searching his stuff right now.

What'd I miss?

Harper has a custody hearing in about an hour,

and she's conflicted about leaving,

but I say number-one priority has to be getting Lila back.

Tell me I'm right.


Look, take it from me.

Nothing is more important than family.

Alright, fine.

But I will be back right after.


Take my unmarked. I'll ride back with Nolan.


Give Lila a hug for me.

[ Indistinct talking in distance ]

What are we looking for?

[ Sighs ] Anything that could lead us to Serj.

What the hell?

You got something?

Yeah, a police report.

There's more.

"Suspect -- Serj Derian."

His name's all over these.

Someone inside the department

has been feeding intel to the Armenian mob.

And by someone, you mean...

A dirty cop.

Come in.

Close the door.

So, Bradford and Chen just found confidential police documents

in Serj's home.

Case files for LAPD investigations into the Derians.

You saying there's a mole inside the department?

It'd explain why these guys have been so slippery.

So, we haven't been able to make a single case against them.

What does internal affairs say?

They're mobilizing.

Commander West was keeping it close to the vest,

but I got a sense they already have a few cops in mind.

So, what do we do in the meantime?

Serj's older brother -- Ruben.

[ Clears throat ]

He runs things from his house in Glendale.

There's a chance Serj is holed up there.

If not, Ruben's the first person we should be questioning.

Why are you only telling me all this?

I know I can trust you.

So I'm making you acting detective

until this calms down.

You already passed the exam, so I might as well

take advantage of you until the brass realizes

what they're missing out on.

Copy that.

So, round up as many units as you need,

call a judge for a telephonic search warrant.

Yes, sir.

I've wanted this for so long, so thank you.

Just wish a cop didn't have to get shot for it to happen.

We answer the call when we get it.

Still thinking about Grace?

You're a good detective.

[ Chuckling ] You're an easy case.

Days like today just make you realize

how little time you could have.

Time I want to spend with her.

That's the kind of thing you might regret not telling someone.

You know what? When we get back to the station,

I'm gonna book the evidence and I'm gonna call her.

Call her?

You better get your ass over there

and tell her in person.

[ Computer beeps ]

They're putting together a raid at Ruben Derian's house.

Is Serj there?

Only one way to find out.

[ Radio beeps ]

Control, 7-Adam-15. Attach us to that ATL.

[ Radio beeps ]

[ Siren wails ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Vehicle doors close ]

Man: Lock and load.

Any eye on Serj?

Not yet, but there's at least a handful of unknowns inside.

What's the game plan?

House is around the corner.

I'll have officers cover the perimeter while the rest of us breach.

I would put Stapleton, Cole, and Brady on the 3/4 corner.

Jennings and Sanchez, they can take the 2 side.

We'll join you in the stack.

[ Chuckles ]

Sorry. Second nature.

All good, sir.

You're the senior detective on site. Operation is yours.



You're acting detective?

For the day.

Doing great.



Wish I was breaching with you guys.

It'd feel good to subdue a felon with force right now.

Only temporarily.

Be safe.

You too.

[ Banging on door ]

Lopez: Police! Open up!

Hands up! Turn around!



Stand up!

Hands on your head! Turn around!

[ Doors bang ]

What can I do for you?

We have a warrant to search the premises for Serj Derian.

[ Sighs ] You could have just called.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Handcuffs click ]

So much banging and crashing just to discover

that my brother didn't randomly drop by.

All clear. No sign of Serj.

Mr. Derian, we'd like you to come with us to the station voluntarily.

Yeah, you bet.

Uh, look, why don't I meet you guys down there, huh?

There's only a half-hour left

in what has been the best game of the season.

It's zero-zero.

A tactical master class.

[ Remote clicks ]

Your brother shot a cop. You're coming with us now.

On what charge?

You're a material witness to your brother's actions,

and refusing to help could be construed

as aiding and abetting.

Let's move.

[ Part Chimp's "Dirty Sun" plays ]

[ Flatline ]

[ Indistinct talking ]

[ Paddles whine ]

Grace: Clear.

[ Paddles thud ]

Nurse: Negative. No response.

Alright, book the evidence.

I'm gonna check and see what's next.


[ Vehicle doors close ]

[ Clank ]

Auto registration.

And could I get a firearm tag?

Wait a minute.



Th-- Uh, there was a gun. There was, um...

There's supposed to be a gun.

[ Heartbeat ]


[ Heartbeat quickens ]

[ Heartbeat quickens ]

Dirty light

Like a ray of dirty sun

Like a ray of dirty sun

Go at the speed of dirty light

Shine like a ray of dirty light

[ Door closes ]

Yeah, I understand. Thank you.

[ Receiver clicks ]

Sir, the weapon we recovered from the Maserati,

the gun that was used to shoot Officer Rios.

I secured it, and now it's missing.

[ Sighs ]

That call was from the hospital.

Chris Rios just died.

That gun is now a murder weapon.

And you lost it.

Can we talk about what happened earlier?

When earlier?

With Emmett.

There's nothing to say.

The guy tried to tell me how to do my job.

On today of all days.

I don't care if he's your boyfriend --

He's not.

Actually, he's a little dead to me right now.

You may be 30 days from crossing the finish line,

but the only thing that happens when you cross it

is that I won't be there to keep you from washing out.

Or worse.

So you better believe

this next month is gonna be tough.

'Cause I know you can handle it.

That's oddly sweet.

But you're not the one I'm mad at right now.

I'm used to you. I --

Okay, look.

You are only gonna hear me say this once.

Emmett's a fireman.

They're idiots.

[ Scoffs ]

But they mean well.

And Emmett...

[ Sighs ]

...he's a not-bad fireman.

Don't write him off.

I thought we weren't going to discuss my personal life.

We're friends.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]



[ Crying ] Chris died.

Oh, no.

I can't leave you alone for a second.

Hey. How was court? Did the judge --

He's gonna make his decision tomorrow morning.

But how about we focus on the murder weapon

that went missing from the shop?

Okay, you saw me bag it...

and put it in the lock box.

The only time we stopped between the scene and the station

was at Serj's house, for the raid.

Could one of his guys have taken it?

No, not possible.

We had the perimeter completely contained, and I locked the car.

Are you sure?


Mostly sure. Almost mostly sure.

Even if I didn't, it was secured in the lock box.

And there's no sign of forced entry.


You find the gun?

No, and I don't think he's going to.


The lock box in the shop wasn't broken into,

but the key for the boxes is universal across the LAPD.

You think a cop took the gun?

It's the only logical explanation.

We know there's a dirty cop connected to Serj.

They must have heard on the radio I'd secured the weapon.

How long were you away from the shop during the raid?

Uh, we were, what, 20 minutes?

More than enough time for one of the officers involved

to take the gun.

It makes sense, but it's cold comfort.

Even if we get the weapon back,

the chain of custody has been destroyed.

The D.A. can't use it to convict Serj

for the murder of Officer Rios.

If we ever find the guy.

Oh, we'll find him.

I'm calling all the officers from the raid

back to the station.

Officer Lopez will be in charge

of going through all the body cam footage.

What can we do?

You and Armstrong can take a run at Ruben Derian.

See if we can sweat something out of him.

It'd be my pleasure.

Alright. That's all.

Hey, Sarge?

Look, Officer Nolan conducted himself admirably

throughout the raid.

I don't think he's to blame for what happened.

That'll be my call, Detective.

I'll deal with it when the time is right.

Sir --


You do not want to have this conversation with me right now.

Armstrong: Tell us about your brother.

Serj? He's a nice guy.

A bit of a free spirit.

You two close?


But I haven't seen him in a couple days.

He takes off sometimes.



[ Chuckles ] Those Germans.

They really have a word for everything, don't they?

But you reported his car stolen this morning.

An hour after it was used in an incident

that ended with a dead police officer.

The Maserati belongs to the Derians' dealership.

It was found missing during inventory.

How convenient.

Dozens of people have driven that car in the past week.

Now, my client has been very cooperative,

so if you don't have any more questions...

Alright, if you hear from your brother, give us a call.

He killed a cop.

He is going to prison.

It is up to you to decide

whether or not you are going with him.

I'll keep that in mind.

[ Door opens ]

Now what?

[ Door closes ]

We find a new way to flush Serj out into the open.

What the hell do you need our body cams for, Sarge?

Sgt. Grey: Above your pay grade.

Come on.

Oh, hey, Cole.

How you holding up?

Not well.

I should have said something.

Hey, no. This -- This is not your fault.

Lopez: House is around the corner.

I'll have officers cover the perimeter

while the rest of us breach.

Okay, I would put Shelton, Cole, and Boyd on the --

[ Keyboard clacks ]

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Keyboard clacks ]

Armstrong: We have a warrant to search the premises for Serj Derian.

[ Keyboard clacks ]

[ Keyboard clacks ]

Double-O-Smitty. At your service.

That man clearly does not know the "on" button from the "off."

[ Slurps ]

[ Groans ]

[ Keyboard clacks ]

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Officer Erin Cole never switched her camera on during the raid.

She's a rookie, so it could just be a mental error.

Or she did it on purpose to cover up taking the gun.

Either way, we need to talk to her.

I can reach out to her T.O., call her back to the station.

No need. Cole's ID badge shows she's still here --

in the locker room.

She dumped everything that we could use to trace her.

She's running.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

How was Officer Cole at the Academy?


Yeah, she was a go-getter.

I mean, she wasn't the strongest or the fastest,

but she made up for it with passion.

I certainly wouldn't have flagged her as someone who'd betray the badge.

And as a rookie?

Maybe she didn't turn. Maybe she was rotten from the onset.

Meaning what?

She was put into the department by the Derian family

as a mole?



No sign of Cole yet.

An S.I.S. team conducted a raid on her home

and searched the home of two family members.


Forensic Accounting says there's been

no financial activity on any of her accounts.

Well, she's a cop.

Smart enough to know how we're gonna try and catch her.

And to know that every available uniform will be looking for her.

She'll probably flee to somewhere

that's familiar to her.

The question is, how will she get there?

We put a BOLO out county-wide.

The Sheriff's Department, Metro Transit,

Port Police all been notified.

Eyes are open.


Uh...excuse me.

I'm so sorry about Officer Rios.

Thank you.

I know that you guys are working through the night.

I wasn't sure what to get -- I mean, dinner, breakfast?

No, uh, no, pizza always plays.

You guys want to grab this for the...?


[ Sighs ]

Anyway, I mean, I-I know you're busy.

[ Sighs ]

I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you.

I'm thinking about you, too.


thank you so much for the food.


talk soon?



Hey. Everything okay?

Um, no. But that's a problem for another day.

Right now, we need to find Erin.

Lucy: What are you looking at?

I'm just going over all her social media accounts.

I'm just hoping to find something in here

that'll give us a clue as to where she went.

I just don't get it.

She's so happy and carefree.

W-What could happen to make her do this?

Yeah, I mean, social media shows the side of us

that we want people to see.

[ Keyboard clacks ]


The other night at the bar,

Erin said she wanted to go on a road trip in an RV

just as soon as the Thirty Day Push was over.

You think that's her escape plan?

It would give her mobility.

It would give her a place to hide off the grid.

[ Distorted Pony's "Death in the Turnstile" plays ]

[ Radio beeps ]

Nolan: The house the RV is registered to

is at the end of this street.

On our go.

[ Radio beeps ]

I hope she surrenders without a fight.

I wouldn't count on it.

If she's in deep with the Derians,

she knows they'll kill her to keep her from talking.

[ Tires screech ]

She's on the move!

[ RV engine revs ]

Watch out. Watch out!

[ Tires screech ]

Control, 7-Adam-15.

We just got 245'd by suspect Cole in an RV.

Beige RV, Arizona plates.

Alpha-Bravo-7-9, heading north on Mission Road towards 1st.

[ Sirens wailing ]

[ Engine revs ]

Look out.


Look out!

[ Clatter ]

She's gonna go through. She's not gonna stop.

[ Metal creaks ]

[ Tires screech ]

Dispatch: Attention, all units.

Air-16 tracking suspect vehicle

heading east on Colorado towards Pasadena.


Nolan: Clear.

What do we got?

Harper: She's on foot. Couple minutes ahead.

Alright, head inside. Split up. She could be anywhere.

Control, suspect is on foot. Rose Bowl Stadium.

Requesting backup and airship.

[ Panting ]


[ Echoing ] Erin!

Drop that gun right now!

[ Voice breaking ] I can't.

Come on, Erin.

It's me. You know me.

We've been through a lot together. You can talk to me.

Just talk to me.

I never wanted this.

I know.

[ Breathing shakily ]

I had problems.

Debts, and...they paid them.

And [Exhales sharply] and then they owned me.

Who did?

The Derians?

I finally paid them back,

and I told Serj I was done,

but he -- he pulled a gun

and he tried to kill me when I wouldn't scare and --

The shots fired call.

Serj, he -- he got caught flat-footed,

and he -- he jumped in the Maserati, and...

Chris is dead because of me. [ Sobs ]

No, no, no! Wait, no! Don't! Just...

It doesn't have to all be for nothing.

Okay, you can start to make this right.

Just... names.

Okay? Just testify.

[ Breathing shakily ]



[ Thud ]

[ Radio beeps ]

Control, uh, requesting an R.A. unit.

[ Voice breaking ] 25-year-old female,

multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.

[ Sighs ]

Not conscious, not breathing.

[ Radio beeps ]

Sgt. Grey: I know you're all exhausted.

The past twenty-four hours have brought a...lot of heartache.

You did great work out there.

Remember that.

I was notified that Rios' memorial service

is Saturday afternoon.

Go home, get some rest.

[ Cellphone chimes ]


I'm gonna need you to stay behind.

IA is requesting your statement

while it's still fresh in your mind.

Yes, sir.

[ Door opens ]


You okay?

[ Door closes ]

[ Geographer's "Get There Soon" plays ]

I thought I had a chance at getting through to her.

I had no choice.

Oh, I...

I know.

Just such a waste.

[ Door opens ]

[ Keys jingle ]

You want me to make you some tea?

I'm okay.

Find the light

Come here.

In the darkest room

Give it time

Doesn't feel real, you know?

I know.

I been told

[ Knock on door ]

If you just stay true

Nothing good ever does come easy

It's Emmett.

Yeah, uh, you two should talk.

But you'll get there soon

[ Door opens, closes ]

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, ohhhhhhhhh



Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

I screwed up.


Yeah. You did.

How many times can you fall on your knees

Come in.

Before you never want to get up again

And chase your dreams?



You're one of the toughest women I've ever met.

The last thing you need is a protector,

and I didn't mean to imply that you did.

...I've never seen

I'm sorry.


I believe, I believe...

I accept your apology.



I believe, I believe, I believe



I'll get there soon

You gotta get out of here.

I've been trying


Whatever you say, boss.

[ Both chuckle ]

Will I see you tomorrow?

Yeah. Yeah.


And everything

That ever slipped right by me

Was it ever really meant to be

Or was it just bad timing?

I believe, I believe, I believe I'll get there soon

I believe, I believe, I believe I'll get there soon

I can see...

How'd it go?

Oh. Like opening a vein.

You want to hear some good news?

God, yes.

[ Sighs ]

My lawyer just called.

I got my kid back.

Shared custody. No conditions.

That's everything you wanted.

Nyla, congratulations!

You helped me get here, John.

Just...know that.

Thank you.

...get there soon

And thanks for telling me.

Uh...I needed some good news today.


Don't beat yourself up.

You did everything you were supposed to.

I just wish Erin would have given us

something more concrete before she died,

because Serj is gonna walk for Chris' murder.

I believe, I believe, I believe I'll get there soon

Erin: dead because of me.

Nolan: No, no, no! Wait, no! Don't!

It doesn't have to all be for nothing.

Okay, you can start to make this right.

Name names, okay? Just testify.



[ Gunshots ]

[ Keyboard clacks ]


[ Keyboard clacks ]

She said his name before she saw him.

You did good, my friend.

Very good.

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