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Good morning guys from Denver, Colorado. We're here at Colorado Custom Coachworks

and we initially came here to hook up with an old friend, Jack's Austin. But

they're having an open house here of all their skoolies and ahh... I don't even know

the proper language but I know they're school buses. But maybe once they're

converted are they called skoolies?...I guess so... I'm not sure but I hope to find

out..Yeah! But this is awesome! It's a new experience and that's what life is all

about... So this video is just going to... Bear with my voice as well. The allergies

are killing me! But this video is just going to be a tour of a bunch of these

buses. And hopefully you can find some inspiration to fulfil your own dreams

of building a bus or building a van, building a 4x4 or whatever you want in

this world!.... Well, first up... Our next-door neighbors...Tyler and Lexi...Hey guys!...Yeah and this is their bus.. So

these are just gonna be just three minutes short clips.

Give us your elevator pitch about your bus... Sure!... One wild ride is the name of

our bus...I love that! We bought it a year ago yesterday and

converted it in a little over seven months...That's a good timeline!... We've been on the road

full-time for five months now.... Congratulations!... From California and been

through like 15 or so states already so far...You're travellers?... Yeah! We're full time on

the road. We're going somewhere after this. We don't really know where!...That's the idea right?... Lets check this bus out...Our cat Rika travels with us she's a

bus cat now!... Hey kittie... She warmed up really well.

Oh this is beautiful inside guys!...Yeah, this is it! Thank you... This is awesome!.. Ahhh....Custom

couch cushions.... Fresh, clean... We got a bunch of bamboo for the counter tops. A whole

mass of it for 80 bucks.... So no off gassing issues or it's

environmentally friendly? A good resource!... Well your counters are like so

deep...Huge inner space... That's like, you could like make bread on it you know...Roll

out a pizza crust or something...Yeah! We definitely wanted a lot of counter space

for cooking and stuff... Yeah!.... And then just an RV kind of oven... Our little shower..Gets the job

done though!...Oh, oh! I like the wood... Yeah, we don't use it too if we can use

somewhere else we will. This is kind of like a last case scenario because we

only have like one or two coats on the wood and there's a water barrier

behind it. You can turn that puppy into a sauna!.. Right!... And

then the compost on the toilet...Compost toilet, nature said... Yep!... Nice bedroom... Yeah we got

the TV..Then you have the door that opens.. Yeah that rear handicapped door was something we actually looked for... Nice

wood! And then we reused extra flooring to kind of put that up on the back. We

actually used...We had a bunch of extra, so we did like all the trim and

stuff. And like anywhere we needed to add it..Yeah! That's all! Like the

laminate floor..That works! Nice. Well thank you for the tour Tyler!..Thank you!.. Okay one

last thing Lexi, shout out to your social media links.... We are on Instagram

as: "One wild ride bus" and YouTube we've just started our channel not too long

ago and it's: "One wild ride."...Perfect! Thank you guys.... Thank you!

Okay, so Colorado Custom Coachworks recently moved into a new fabrication

shop. And we are surrounded by buses. This is a very big facility and they allow

do-it-yourselfers to come in and use their facility! Because not everybody has

room to pretty much you know, build the bus of their dreams....Alright! First stop

Jacks Austin...Hey it's great to see you again... always a pleasure...

This is your new project... This is bus number two...Yep!

I sold bus number one, cashed out, expenses on it were too much money...Do I have any

toothpaste on my mouth?... No... Yeah! Just like I was traveling a lot...

Driving alot. As you guys know fuel is the biggest expense!

I was not balancing my budget with my income you know, YouTube and

everything... So...I cashed out, got myself a bus and converted it to vegetable oil!

Yeah... Yeah! So you know we're just showing inspirational things about all these

buses! So the inside you have not even started on yet?...A little bit..Yeah we are still like

We're gonna, we're gonna start on it here this week. We're gonna make it look nice

and pretty. It's, we still have a lot of work to do...Oh yeah, yeah! We got a double

skylight, we have this gold wing window thing that we cut out of the existing

handicap door.... That's awesome! So... But most of the work we did was

engine work and structural stuff like that. Welding...You know...Alright! So the

cameras not necessarily going to pick up on all of the veggie oil stuff because a

lot of its in the infrastructure... Yeah! Up underneath... Yep! But... 30 seconds on the

veggie oil...Ahhh it goes from a tank into a heated filter to the heavy duty oil pump.

And then on in towards the engine wrapped in the coolant lines to keep it

nice and toasty. It goes into another heater and then it goes into a selector.

So.... On the inside, I basically select diesel or oil. It's just like an

electronic valve, right? And then after that it goes right into the engine and

then the unburnt fuel gets returned back to the tank....Alright shout out to the

social media stuff... Come on by the channel, say hello! Everything is that

Jax Austin, J-a-x Austin like the capital of Texas!... Right on brother...

Hey good to see you... Always a pleasure!.. Likewise.... You guys, thank you so much for letting us

stay the night and come tour your facility! So what you got?..Ahhh first we can start with the track.. Oooh yeah! 4 X 4...

After my own heart!... This is a kind of a branch off that we're trying to get into

a new touch into the over landing side. But its a bit more...As you can see the vintage steel...

Love the old Briggs and just pretty much same treatment as this. So it's..Seating on that F-650... Okay!... And what

engine are you gonna put on this?....This is got a five nine second generation..Okay, It has it already, it's just out!

Yeah, it's sitting on the other side... Nice...Mechanical 12 volts, second gen

cummings...This is gonna look awesome ones its all kidded out...Alright! JT's turn!

What is going on here?... Alright! So this one's gonna, she's actually got a little

Fiat 500...Ahhh..She wants to be able to pull it up in there when she goes on her travel.. Yes!

And then of course when she gets stationary, she'll pull out, use it as a drive around

So the back of the bus is actually obviously gonna flip all the way down

and become the ramp for the bus. Uhhmm... And then add stationary position so when she's

hanging out, we'll make it a big patio, deck hanging out there..So she has to

have some outdoor living... And then we've roof raised this one.. 20 inches...Yeah!..Yep!

Roof raise adds a ton of real estate..A ton of room! It's actually below 12 still

exterior. So bridges aren't a problem!..Okay, nice! And then inside is...I mean she's gonna

end up, I mean I can't even touch. So it's over 8 ft on the inside..Wow..As of right

now... Yeah... Alright, so one of the really awesome things that you mentioned is

that you help people pick the chassis.... Right....Because there's a lot of knowledge

that you guys have or anybody in the industry or that has the passion for

buses..... Yeah! So you can help people to choose what's the best chassis for them

right?... Yeah, yeah exactly! So... Per the customer's needs of course that's how it

always works uuhhhmm.. Yeah! Mountain buses, you know... They're built for driving in

mountains. This one here even has the sanders at it will drop sand in front of the tyres..When it's harder

going down the hills... This is a top notch bus for sure!... Awesome! Let's

check it out!... Yeah.... Obviously the interior is still a big work in progress... Yeah so...

Pretty much just just look around.... Lighting, lighting.... Oh there we go!

Now we have lighting..Cool and yeah pretty much just gutted... Completely

gutted. And then we've cut all the hat channels, extended it, placed in the new hat

channels. Chris.... He's actually.. Refurbishes this hat channels and sells into other skoolies

doing their own roof raises...Oh nice!...Even other builders. There's quite a few

builders out there that uses Chris's hat channels. They're actually

structurally the correct way to do it..Ahh... We match or exceed OEM standards on, on all

of our structure. That's definitely a big, big, big part, big risk.... Very seriously

Yeah.... That is so much storage space for building a

loft or whatever the heck you want to do.... Yeah! So the thing with the roof raise is

it allows you to design your layout. Like you can walk on the side, versus having

to walk dead centre...Exactly... Yeah exactly! Totally!... Alright, thanks... Yeah... We are going

to go check out some more buses!...Cool... And I see a bluebird... Here we go!

Steve... Welcome!... Thank you for the tour!.... Of course come on in...And we have, Nick from

Colorado Custom Coachworks and Britney from Stars of the Show..That's Coda..And...Juno's back

there..She's.... Stop hiding!... Beautiful bus guys!... Thank you

so much... Thank you for inviting me in to share it with the viewers!.... Well

welcome.. So this is our bus. We've lived in here for 18 months full-time.

We've been full-time traveling since May 4th. We've done 10,000 miles since then.

We left Southwest Florida to Portland Oregon. We hit all the national parks

national forests. Anything we wanted to do. Big cities, we did it! We've paid to

camp four times, six if you count parking tickets. For grant over like four hundred

fifty bucks! Oh that's a good budget for ..Yeah! Not so

bad....For camping... The reason we're able to do it is because our bus runs off grid

completely. So we have 2.1 kilowatts of solar on the roof and it allows us to

run absolutely everything inside. We have one air conditioner, washer/dryer combo, we have a

normal ac refrigerator, coffee maker... Like we don't really worry about

electricity so it's great!... Nice... We carry 110 gallons of fresh water. That gets us

set up for showering everyday, doing our dishes... We could last about a week pretty

comfortably.... I like the way you designed your place.... Oh that's my wife I can't take any credit for that...Okay...I like the

way you designed the place..Thank you... Awesome! Washer, dryer and you guys is this a

residential?... Yes... Fridge, freezer?... Yeah, it's just a home depot. It's a 10.2 cubic foot

fridge.... But you have an energy surplus so you leave your inverter on 24/7?

Yeah.... So we didn't do any DC wiring in the bus. We just decided that we've

oversized to account for whatever the losses people talk..About 20% or

whatever...Uhhmmm... So we just decided to oversize based on

that and honestly it's been a great decision. Because it's not a question of

like if something is gonna break... It's more question of when...Oh yeah!... So you

know, when this fridge breaks we can use our emergency exit and we'll just shove the

fridge out... Yeah... And we'll shove a new one in and we're back on the road from Home

Depot for 200 bucks.... Exactly.... I'm envying your storage space!

When you see a house that we're dealing with... Yeah!... You'll know why... Well we got

like eight feet here and then under our bed there's a bunch more! These are all

gases this piston. So we have 110 gallons of water here, a bunch of hiking and

camping stuff on the other side... Yeah! And then ahhh bathroom....Yeah we have a standard shower. It's

34 by 30 inch basin and then just poly wood... That's huge!... Poly board walls that I

build... Then composting toilets... Yep! Awesome, beautiful. I like the wood... Yeah!

It's all cedar. We built the door just with drawer slides. Thanks to an idea

from Christian Alexis over at "A tiny house expedition." Thank you so much Brittney! And now shout

out to your social media..Yeah! So we, you can find us on Instagram: @theadventureorbust

or you can also find us online at:! We..

So check us out!... Cool... Thank you so much guys! We have a to the penny expense

sheet on our website to! So the entire build is itemized. When we started

this build we didn't know how much it was gonna cost. We were like really

sketched out and we didn't, we had no idea how much we need to save or

whatever. So... We ended up just kind of jumping in and winging it and but no one

had a list out there that said what they paid exactly... So our whole bill to

the penny is like 27,000 dollars including the bus. $5,000 for solar.... Wow!

So it's like an achievable cost... It is! 27 for this, not bad!... And so our spreadsheet is

online. It's totally public! People can plug and play and change... You're like "oohh I don't

like that fridge. I want something else." Change it!.. Cool!..And then you'll see your

new total...Awesome! That's a great resource!... Yeah!

Alright! Here we are!...Welcome... Mike... Welcome... Nice to meet you on the road here... Yeah and

tell us a little bit about your bus... Sure! Well if

anyone's ever seen well this is the navigation bus... I've been

living in it for about a year and a half. It's been my home. I travel kind of

full-time doing DIY stuff, helping people build. I'm currently helping my friend

Jack's build a bus. So... That's why we're all, you know, that's why I'm here. That's

where we met and what not...Man this looks very comfortable! And they're like

very open and welcoming... I like the bench seats. So you can totally hang out! And I

saw you had a table here last night.. Yeah.. Playing a card game... Yeah, I got a, there's a

full six-foot dining-room table inside this bus. It's stored down here below and

it kind of folds out, pops the whole middle so you can actually dine and eat with

people up here.... Wow!... Yeah! This bus, this bus wasn't just built for me. I like to

tell people it was built for friends!..This is one of my current friends.He's, he's living with me for about two

weeks and he'll be flying out. So it's kind of fun to have people in and out

and... Yeah! You know have the space for people to be a part of the lifestyle.

Come visit, you know that kind of thing! So it's great to have the extra storage...

The extra beds.. You know, to kind of have people around... Well that's what, one of

the challenges we're facing is, we're gonna need to get a rooftop tent... Yeah!

Because in that 13 foot box that we're traveling in ...Yeah..You know you have the kitchen table

folds down but really is there gonna be room for your all your friends luggage

and all that so... Yeah...Yeah! No it's not, It's nice to have. It is big, it is big!

But it's... Yeah.... It's about the purpose and that's what I'm about!....I like your

wood work... Yeah!... Nice...You know everything's pretty residential here... Yeah!

Built it, you know, with normal sink appliances and oven and everything so... I'm

envious of how wide your counters are... Yeah! It's a good prep space you know.. Oh

Is that magnetic and wood?... Yep! Well it's magnet like cased in wood you know and

like you know... Exactly!..that stuff... But yeah! I know it's not magnetic... Yeah!

Yeah but yeah...The questions everyone here is gonna ask

No these don't go flying while driving. They've never moved! So they're

strong enough to take the bumps, you know and stuff... So that's good... Always funny

people are always like: "Isn't this gonna like projectile hit you?" Then I'm like; No. Like

they....I like it! The rustic look! And I was thinking of something like that in ours.

Yeah... Yeah, just like yeah... Making it intentionally rustic!.... Mm-hmm yeah! Kind of

mix it up... Yeah! Well coming through the kitchen. I got kind of in the hallway bit

with my fridge. There's a, there's a pantry right here...Nice.. You know, it's a home!

So why not have a pantry?... Yeah!... That kind of thing

And you're telling me also very much like Steven and Brittany... Ahhh..If this fridge

goes out, you just go to Home Depot and get another one...Yeah! This is a 120 residential fridge...

Yeah!.... It runs off my solar. It's totally there! And I did it for just the

expense like if something broke on it, it's like around 450 bucks.... Nice... And for

me...You know, that was a way better cost than

maybe going with some of those other options on the market...Which was just a bit

more expensive.... And you leave your inverter on 24/7... Yeah! Kind of. I have it on timer. So

this actually doesn't run through that cold of the night. Okay... So I only, it

doesn't run like you know midnight to 5:00 a.m. type thing...Okay! So it only

really runs the heat of the day so I'm not running the capacitor all time and...

The flux capacitor...Is it 88... Yeah, yeah! I know the, you know the, I think it draws like 6 amps when the extinct goes...

So I don't need that running six amps at night. You know...You seriously need a flux

capacitor... I do!..No, I just think that we could do some crazy things with this bus

if we did that... Yeah!...Subway tiles... I just put a new diverter in. So I'm retiling

the face there. And a composting toilet... So yeah!... That is a nice looking bathroom!

Yeah it's a full little wet bath you know... It's really easy to clean... Yeah! You

know... Easy to take care of and what not...And then back here is my bedroom. It's got a

couch folds out to a bed...Uhhmm got my nice little TV/ office second monitor... Oh

yeah!... So awesome!.... Yeah, it works! You know...It separates the space people could be

hanging out up front, I could be at the back and yeah It's good!

Thank you so much for a tour...Yeah and we're gonna be in touch and I know we're

gonna see each other on the road because you're a traveller!... Yeah I'm all over

So you can see me somewhere between you know, the 101 and 95... Nice... You know, there's a

little bit of real same..Yeah a little bit.You might find me somewhere in

between.... Shout out your social media links.... Oh yeah! If you want to find me, find me pretty

sure up my bus, my DIY stuff... I'm under navigationnowhere on all platforms so

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, website just: navigationnowhere... You can find me

there and if you have any questions or you just want to chat, send me a message.... Cool!

Alright Jax! It's always a pleasure buddy!... It's so good to see you. It's great

hooking up in a place like this... Oh yeah for sure! I can't believe we're both

close together at the same time... Yeah!... And I can't believe it's been... We're always

so close on our dreams... True... You know, with us moving into this expedition

truck and you building your dream bus.... Yeah... It's awesome to see people

following their dreams and making it happen!... Yeah true! And I can't believe, I

mean it honestly feels like just last week that we hung out..In Granville....

Yeah, exactly...So I know we're gonna probably see you in Europe at some point ...Oh yeah!

And if not, I want to catch you guys on the road somewhere in the US and ahh...If

you, also just want to fly out.... We're gonna try to get a rooftop tent

or something...That would be a pretty fun..We could hookup! We'll see how the channel goes... Alright!

Hey, thanks for watching guys! Make sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button to our

Channel, Jax's Channel and everybody else's

social media networks! We'll see you later!

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