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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FUNNIEST TEXTS FROM PARENTS

Difficulty: 0

Dad there's a moth on the outside of the bathroom door can you get rid of it please hurry? I'm going to cry Dad


Dad is dead. You're next, love, moth

I should do this to sausage because he always calls me upstairs. He's like baby, baby, baby. Come upstairs. There's a moth

Brah what am I gonna? Do besides eat your clothes? I mean unless you wear Gucci's

There ain't nothing to be afraid of

Whats up guys, today

We are reading texts from

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So if you've ever been texted by your parents very relatable video 10 out of 10

Oi, you want me to get you anything while I'm here pecan pie

pecan pie

Wtf and when you go to write know somebody change that autocorrect to pecan pie

And you want a diet, but your parents don't believe in diets and as I posted it and was like what is happening

Help me. You want pecan pie? They try to say no, but autocorrects to pecan pie every time

You get a text from Dad

I'm gay

I'm sure I'm sorry. He's not gay. He's just like to the math.

Dad is like knock knock. Who's there?


You who?

Yoo-hoo, big summer blowout

Dad says hey. Do you want me to buy you something from the store?

some condoms going out with some girls I need protection



Your face is protection enough

Apply cold water where it burns

What an uncomfortable now?

Okay, so kenzie over here. I made a shortcut on my mom's phone so every time she types dirty clothes

It says acid.

Do you have any acid?

acid acid acid acid


Mom, acid

I'm not meaning to say acid. I mean acid no, not acid acid acid! damn it

You heard the woman poor mom trying to type out dirty clothes like five times. And just autocorrects every time


Acid come here and help me figure out why it's saying acid

I'm trying to say acid, but it's saying acid what the hell? I swear I'm typing acid mom really wants acid

Give her the acid (Whispering)

Ohhhh my God Makenzie came through. Makenzie. I swear calm down. I'll get you acid. I'll have it tomorrow afternoon

Makenzie come here now

I don't have any acid right now. Come in here room right now next episode of Dragon Ball Z

We'll find out if Makenzie's mom gets acid alright. Somebody texted grandma here

Heard you got an iphone if you need any help with it. Don't hesitate to call me. Hope all is well. Love leon "PoIM"


Grandma shooting blanks don't worry it takes some time to learn the text practice makes perfect


What the heck? oh another one from Grandma heard you got an iPhone how do you like it? Massachusetts!

When you think it's trying to say How make chicken? what where buy chicken mom. This isn't Google



Spirianmos Avacoda

Grandma said do you have an extra gift girl? for what?

tall thin Jessi friend

We have a nice Snuggie. It's extra $20


What?! mom said any plans for tonight?



Dang by your own mom. I mean I know my parents would be glad I'm staying home

Let don't me go out anywhere. in elementary school. My best friends lived walking distance from me

It would take five minutes to walk to her house, and they're like no she could come to our house

But you can't go to her house Why?!! broo. It was always I could never go to anybody's house

I wanted to have sleepover so bad

Dad said, what are you doing tonight?

Studying. you are a nerd!!! Get out of here Get drunk!! You are ruining my name at least pretend

You're drunk in front of your friends

I feel bad, yo that's messed up. He's studying

He try to make a good honest living, ow. I hit my hand too hard

I mean, I feel like if you encourage your kids to do that kind of stuff. They won't want to do it

I know if I ever have kids, I would be like hey. Hey. This is alcohol. Do you want it? It'll get you drunk?

And then I'll get some so drunk, They'll never want to be drunk again

It's water {I swear} you don't believe me?! I swear people don't believe me when I say shits water

Its on! Lets go! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

Now is it alcohol? I mean for somebody who can't even handle a shot of alcohol

That is a lot of Alco- "Alcohol"

Its water

Just chill you want to breathalyze me? Go on go on

Minty fresh huh? bit... when you accidentally text your mom Rack city bitch rack rack City, bitch. Oh my God sorry Mom

Omg sorry mom, i meant to send that to my friend

Its ok

Ten ten ten twenties and them fifties, bitch

My mom will be so pissed if I sent her bad word. She'd be like no! you can't say that

I've only cussed like in front of my mom like twice

I was like really mad and it was on accident and but now I feel like

Like like she gets very upset when you cuss in front of her

But so we just don't cuss from my mom, but sometimes we do accidentally

If you guys hear that it is my dog and she won't stup up

Let's kick shit around while mommy's making a video dad said how's practice going? terrible. I want to stab everyone here

Okay, just don't get any blood on your clothes. You're a police officer. You shouldn't be condoning this

Don't tell me how to live my life damn who would've thought the police would be like no, son, you cannot stab anybody

I'm gonna arrest you today, is.. is.. that a threat? then you would arrested his son. Oh my God so today. I was just chilling

We're listening to music. I was driving 90 and carpool on the highway. I wasn't paying attention. I was just driving fast

There's like nobody on the road, and then I see cops behind me

He's got his lights on hella fast and comes really close up to me. I was Like OMG I'ma get a ticket

I went so long without going to get ticket

And now I'ma finally get a ticket

And then I just like pull over to the side and then he just drives past me. Just like zooms past me. Im like hell

Yeah, it's a good day for a cop to have the job to do cuz he didn't pull me over

yeah, it's somewhere to go, so

Yeah, buddy wanted to pull me over so bad like oh my God this bish is going 90

But I got somewhere to be so thank you whoever made that 911 call

Okay, so you text mom. What time are you home? I'm really hungry that get some food, bi--. Oh

I hope mom that hurt it's not really hurts come on. I can't we just supposed to be my mom to some millennial bi-- mom

I mean, I can't imagine my mom talking like this. I mean those are some savage moms out there. How would be this mom

Know I'd be nice. I make food all right you text mom mom. I think there's a thief in the house

Come home. Go hide in your closet, NOW! I'll be home in 15 minutes. I can hear steps mom. I'm scared

Just be quiet, honey, okay. I think he's gone now phew but can I get out of the closet omg

He locked me in! no, he didn't

I did and I came home early from the meeting omg you're easy to scare

I hope you're still talking to me. Love you, mom.

The Mom comes home the kid thinks it's a robber, and then she hides in her closet

And then the mom comes in and locks her in boy parents these days be recording the shit for YouTube

We got another cop Dad over here. So you take that?

I want to punch her the eye with a rusty fork well, this is awkward

I didn't mean to text you that hi dad, LOL hi, Katie

Don't forget to wear gloves

keeps the fingerprints off the fork even if it is a

Rusty one my favorite part of this is how you don't even question who it is the less

I know the less I can say during the interrogation

Dad the real MVP mom texts. How's it going? The house is on fire Piper is beating up parker with a skateboard

Billy's doing body shots from a hookers, Bellybutton. Why can't I have fun like that at home?

Know my mom would freak out WHAT?! I'm coming home right now what what's going on?

I wish I could take a shot from a hooker belly button

That sounds so disgusting you know those lint in belly buttons

And lint smells bad and you were taking a shot. Most hookers don't have like a flat nice stomach

It has a couple of ridges and a couple maybe some scars from a couple babies being popped out what what kind of Hook is

You talking about mom. He broke my heart. I don't know what I'm going to do. I am ruined

I need advice mom, honey. I'm going to tell you what my mom always told me if a man breaks your heart


his best friend Nana said that?

Okay, now I know how you were made. Your great aunt just passed away

LOL, why is that funny? It's not funny David

What do you mean mom, LOL means laughing out loud. Oh my goodness. I sent that to everyone

I thought it meant lots of love. I have to call everybody back. You text mom. I need more contacts

I just put in my last pair

So I'll need another set and like a month and a 1/2 if that's possible? sure you order them or should I?

That was adorable. You text Dad Het what's up? Who texts dad hey whats up? What's up gas prices. lol Dad

I mean like what are you doing? your mom. I want to move out

I'm going to a party will you be drinking? No. Will you be doing drugs?

No, Will you be having sex? No Then why the f** you going?

Dang it's 10:00 p.m.. Where are you?

I'm in a dark alley with my drug dealer

Trying to get a good deal on this new batch of weed as long as I know where you are

Do you actually mean drug dealers and Dark alleys?

I wouldn't know, but I mean is that what people do? Mom

I would like to let you know that I feel robbed for not growing up in a colder place because I could have been

an Olympian for glorified sweating ah you finally unveil my secret guilt I have failed you

I hope with much therapy

You'll be able to move past this unbearable

Transgression and somehow piece together a life worth living you pathetic human being

Hey, honey. Did you pick up those assholes yet? Wrong person dad. Sorry that wasn't meant for your mother

Wait, what asshole? Do you meet me and my sister?


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