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Sami: Hello, this is Sami with Special Needs Apps for Kids (now In order

to buy your first app, you're going to need wi-fi

access, an Apple ID and password, and you're going to need the credit

card information you used to create the original Apple ID.

All right, so the first thing I need to do is I need to turn the device on,

so I'm going to hit the power button and then I'm going to slide to unlock

it. I'm at the main screen. I am then going to go to the app store. So

there's a little blue button with an A on it, it says App Store, so I'll

going to click on that. Touch it to open it up. It's going to launch the

main screen. Very similarly to iTunes, it asked me if want to download this

free thing, I'm going to hit not now.

Along the top I've got News, What's Hot, Release Dates and a search button.

I've got some apps I might be interested in. Staff Favorites, I've got Sign

In, Redeem and Support. I'll do that in a second, but I want to go along

the bottom here. I've got Features, I've got Genius, I've got Top Charts

category, and Updates. These will all be important later. When you buy an

app, if you click the Genius button, and it's blank here but I have nothing

turned on.

I don't have it turned on, I haven't bought any apps so it doesn't know

what my buying habits are, but once I start buying apps, especially when

you start buying for your kids, it'll start suggesting other apps based on

what other people have bought. So this could be a good place to find new

apps for your kids. When they outgrow an app and you want to look for new

apps, this is a good place to go, too.

The other one you're going to use a lot is Updates, this is sort of

automatic. When you get online, if the wi-fi is turned on all the time, any

new updates will show up here and you can choose to update all, so that's

nice little feature.

So let's order our first app. I'm going to sign in, so I hit the Sign In

button. Once you've signed in once, it will stay signed in the whole time.

Use Existing Account, Create a New Account, and Cancel. I'm going to use an

existing account. This is the same account, by the way, that I use on the

iTunes store. So I'm going to turn off the video and type that in, and then

turn it back on.

I just logged in. I'm going to search for my first app, and that's

Proloquo2Go. I'm going to put my finger and touch into the search button,

and it pops up the keyboard. I'm going to type in Proloquo2Go. I'm going to

search. My search results have 2 sections on the screen. One is iPad apps,

and the other one says iPhone apps. Proloquo is actually in both. There are

apps that were built for the iPhone. The iPhone is about half the size,

screen-wise. You can play a lot of iPhone apps and it'll tell you if it's

iPhone or iPad compatible.

Basically what it is, is an iPhone app, that you have a x2 zoom, and it

zooms up the screen. Then there are apps built for the iPad only. So any

app that's in the iPad apps is either going to be a hi res application,

it'll say HD App or something like that or iPad Only App. Then there are

some that iPad compatible and it'll show you that.

We're concerned with Proloquo, right now. So you can see here it's under

the iPad app, so I'm going to pick that one. Then I get the Proloquo

screen. What you get here is an app screen. It says the name of the

application, developer's home page, report problems, you get descriptions

and if you click on "more" you can see more descriptions. You can use your

finger to scroll up and scroll down. Then you see a picture area. Within

the picture area you can swipe to see different pictures. So this is the

app that I want. If I want to buy it, right there is the dollar amount. I

can just click Okay, and I can click Buy App.

The first that it's going to do is it needs to verify my account

credentials, so I'm going to click Okay. What it's going to do is it's

going to go to the account and verify. I gotta sign in the billing

information. I'm going to turn the video off while I do this. Let me do


Okay, I've just gone through the verification sequence and basically what

it's going to do is it's going to validate that the iTunes account you

logged in as is actually correct. In order to do that, you actually need

the credit card and you need the verification code on the back; the 3 digit

verification code on the back. I've gone through all of that and then it's

asking me if I want to buy this. I'm going to click on Buy.

Then what it's going to do is then go through and download it. What it's

saying here is that I've already purchased it, so I'm going to click Okay.

Then it should start the process of downloading. What you're going to see

right here is that it's actually going out to the website and downloading

the app. This is a fairly large app, so it'll take a little of time to do

the downloading, so I'm going to turn off the video. That is buying your

first app on the App Store. Thank you.

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