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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Diving Over a Table Goes Wrong!

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[Adrian:] As you get older your mind goes, "Oh I can totally do that" and your body goes "Nope..."

"Nope, you can't do that"

[Background chatter]

[Sliding across floor]


[Niko:] Don't jump over the table

[Wren:] Why?

[Niko:] Don't jump over it

[Adrian:] I'm pretty sure I can do this

I've done it-- I did it back in 2013

Actually, no, I'm 100% sure I can do this

[Items on table shaking]

[Niko:] Haha! Holy shit!


[Adrian:] Argh... I think I cracked my shoulder


[Off screen Wren:] You hit the barrel of the gun

[Adrian:] Ow...

[Clint:] Oh my God! dude

[Off screen Carmichael:] Oh dude...

[Adrian:] Ah.. that's not good dude

[Off screen Carmichael:] Here, let's see if there's like a cut or bruise

[Adrian:] No. No, it's like [censored] up

[Patting on back]

[Patting on back in slow motion]


[Off screen Carmichael:] Oh no!

[Off screen Wren:] That's 'coz you like, pancaked on the ground!

[Off screen Clint:] Dude, I heard a crack. Was that your--

Was that the floor?

[Adrian:] That's my collar bone

[Clint:] Dude, oh my God!

[Adrian:] Well, that's what happens when you try to go 100%


[Wren:] I saw what you did, you hit the ground like it was a bounce board at a

like a gymnasium

[Background chatter]

[Niko:] First off. Respect

Secondly. Did you break your collarbone?

[Adrian:] Yeah, I think I broke my collarbone

[Wren:] Press right here

[Adrian:] It's crunchy

[Wren:] Like, press right here

[Adrian:] I can't move it

No, no. Don't touch it

[Niko:] Can I move your shirt back

[Adrian:] Hold on

I'm really disappointed in myself. I used to be able to do that like, no sweat

As you get older your mind goes, "Oh, I can totally do that" Your body goes, "Nope..."

"Nope, you can't do that."

Dude this was the-- Oh my God, I'm so pissed at myself

I'm gonna go to the ER

because I can't move my arm

I felt the crack when I landed

[Niko:] My sister broke her collarbone going over the handlebars of her bike

The same way you went over that table

[Adrian:] Yeah now the adrenaline's wearing off

I can feel the pain coming in. And I know that I've broken something because I cannot move my right hand

[Niko:] Here's how you make a sling

Take a big piece of fabric

Hold it this way

Then you go

like this

and you tie this together

This is the best I could do

[Clint:] Dude, somewhat jerry-rigging it though is cooler that way

[Niko:] And you can wear like this


[Wren:] How'd you break your shoulder? Oh, I just jumped over a table full of guns

[Adrian:] Ay, that's gonna make a good video at least


[Niko:] Yes


[Niko:] Adrian broke his collar bone

[Adrian:] Don't ask how


Oh it hurts. I'm just pretending

[Niko:] He's at a 7.5

[Steve:] It hurt

In fact, look look at this

This is as far as my hand could go right here

See that, I used to be able to touch this and do this. See-

[Adrian:] Great, great, great


[Off screen Carmichael:] No, this sounds amazing!

[Wren:] Dude, I mean the smoke simulator inside of me

loves the specific like

actual tendrils and wisps of the smoke that you see

[Off screen Adrian:] One of the ways, that I like to think of, when I'm framing up a shot

is adding layers and making a shot look like it's popping out at you

And there's there's depth

like depth is something that's very important

One technique we use literally, adding fog throughout our scene

It just gives us a little bit more atmosphere

and it helps carry the light and it just makes things look a lot more cinematic

you can see how they kind of have more of a cinematic feel

and I feel like the fog is what really helps sell that - beautiful light shafts and whatnot

[Wren:] There was uh... we did a video of a couple years ago...

"Mean Police"

We flooded the entire studio with fog, specifically so we could have some laser pointers

and actually have like, some lines to draw through the fog

Any time you have a laser pointer, you have to have fog

Like, you can't just use a laser pointer without fog

[Off screen Adrian:] We're gonna try to replicate what we captured when we were shooting Tactical Reloads

Only instead of using a RED cam, we're using a...

[Nick:] 80D

The cameras are obviously different but can we match the lighting?

[Off screen Adrian:] We are gonna try to replicate two shots

One shot is if our actress Jemma

and the other shot is of Freddie

And today we are using two aperture lights

We're using the 120 D, which is a single source light and we're using the Light Storms

First shot we're gonna do is of Freddie

This is when Freddie was interacting with Niko and he was doing a...

I think it takedown of his gun

We have a edge light

kicking at the back of his hair which is gonna give us some nice background separation

and then we're gonna have our fill, which is some CTO coming in from the right-hand side

Then we have this, which is just gonna overall just boost our exposure

We're just kicking this right up into the ceiling, but it's kind of mimicking what these

fluorescents are doing, just to kind of give us a little bit more of a lift and exposure in this entire room


Fog helps so much

If you look at the shots that we're using right now, you can see like, certain areas

bloom in a way. In a very beautiful and smooth way. To get that look you use fog and that's something that I feel

a lot of people, especially like students when you're first starting out, you kind of neglect or forget to use

You should definitely try it

The second shot we're doing, is we're gonna be replicating the look of our female lead

Wren, you were going to play the female lead

Thank you

So the floor plan is very simple

All we wanted to do was create a nice cast of light behind her

Give her a nice halo around her head

Fog definitely helped create that bloom which was something that we were talking about earlier

we have a 120 D kicking up through the ceiling, giving us a little bit more of an exposure gain

And then our camera, is placed right over here and...

The 120 D is directly behind her. Just bouncing at the back of her head, creating a beautiful

Hair, like, kind of back light. Then we got a little bit of filling coming in from our door

Which is a natural light and you can see in her eyes

This is what you would call a "catch light"

her eyes are catching a little bit of that door

[Nick:] 42 millimeter

[Adrian:] That looks identical, almost

[Off screen Nick:] That's really close

[Off screen Adrian:] Using a combination of the single source and our talent

I think it's safe to say that you can create a very film like image, kind of like what we used with the helium camera

[Nick:] Let's make the sequel. Frame-by-frame

[Muffled comments]

[Off screen Nick:] What's up Adrian?

[Adrian:] Hey buddy, what's up?

[Adrian:] Not good

I mean, if it wasn't for these painkillers...

Which I'm not advocating drug use, but...



They're helping me out right now


(singing) I broke my collarbone!

[Adrian:] Dude yeah. Look at this. It's like

[Off screen Nick:] Oh dude...Oh it's--

[Adrian:] Yeah

It's straight yellow. It used to be black and blue, but now it turned yellow

Okay, so I don't know if I have to get surgery just yet

My doctor looked at me, and he's like, all right you broke your bone

in two places

This is one of the most difficult areas to--

I wouldn't say difficult area to do surgery on, but...

they don't want to just jump right into, you know, worst-case scenario just yet

which would be me having to do surgery on my clavicle

They're gonna wait two weeks and see how I start healing up before they

jump to that conclusion or that decision. So...

Fingers crossed I don't have to because I have gotten surgery on my foot before

they drilled holes into my foot and that was not fun. I was out for about a month

Well, how has this affected my daily life?

Well, it's like I just lost my right arm effectively. I can't do anything really with this arm

I can't pick things up that are too heavy. I can still like use it. But I shouldn't

It's highly advised that I don't use this arm

So I've been using my left arm for everything, and I am right-handed

If there is a silver lining of this story

I will become more adept at using my left hand

I'm learning a little tips and tricks right now

Like if you're editing and you only can use one hand

if you want to scru through your timeline instead of moving the whole thing around

you just hold the left mouse button down and just push with your thumb back and forth

and as you can see you can-- you can scrub

I think they said a total of like, six...

Six weeks

Six or seven weeks before I can actually like, move this

[Background music]

[Jake:] Sam, what are you having for lunch today, man?

[Sam:] Copying the Flexpro meal recipes

[Jake:] Really?

[Jake:] No joke

I have a little cigar here. I'm working on graphics today. So you know...

Chewing on a little cigar thinking--

Having a kid-- the stress does it

Anyways, so the point is that

I'm gonna cut a couple pounds here. I'm gonna go on one of these keto diets

and it just so happens that they sent along some keto meals that are ready to go

and they were so good that I ate all of them

and now I'm-- I went to the grocery store, and I'm just replicating the actual meals

[Jake:] Really?

[Sam:] Yeah. I've been having that every single day for lunch this week

[Jake:] It's called Flexpro meals they come frozen. They have different kinds of meals that come

and they're well-balanced.They're healthy

and if you guys use the promo code

you get 20% off your first purchase

[Sam:] It's basically ultra-ultra low carb

It's called keto K-E-T-O because

basically once you'd hit like, this like, low carb threshold, your body goes into ketosis, basically

which is actually like a weird biological starvation mode that starts burning off fat

[Jake:] That doesn't sound healthy man

[Sam:] I already lost 5 pounds

I just eat tons of meat...

and it's great, actually. It's literally the steak and Scotch diet

I know that might not sound the best for your like, blood pressure and all

so I try and mix it up with like, some rum


[Niko:] Ivy made this card

Alright, we're gonna get Adrian a little get-well-soon gift because...

He really hurt himself and if I were to hurt myself

I would want my friends to get me a get well soon gift so...

Golden rule

[Steve:](Laughing) Get-well-soon card!

Hey, listen, I want to see if he can...with with his arm in a sling if he can jump that


[Niko:] Look at that tag on the side of this building

[Off screen Nick:] Alright...

[Niko:] Really going hard. People are tagging these buildings every day

See this stuff? That's [censored]

So we made a video called "Graffiti Graders" where we acted like snobbish art critics

And we went around and graded the graffiti around Los Angeles

because there's a lot of amazing murals out here

like the bombs and tags that a lot of people just throw up that

apparently there's some skill to it or something like that

based on the comments in that video. They're garbage

They look they are visual garbage

If you're gonna put a piece of art up in the public for people to look at

make it nice

So we offended a lot of people and I'm cool with that

Adrian breaking his clavicle

just really reminded me

of how

Vulnerable our mortal coils are on this planet


We do a lot of

Rambunctious stuff in the studio and just like, man it's that easy

just a snap, there goes your bone

[Adrian groaning in pain]

[Niko:] And I think it's just

you know a good reminder that, even if it's casual and it feels like it's a, you know, a vlog

Just being kinda made, you know, for fun on a channel

You still gotta be professional about things

If you're going to try to do something dangerous

You warm up to it. You put pads down

I was thinking about the stunts that I've done some videos like our

our first farcry video

There's an end scene where Eric Linden throws himself up, and he hits the pole and spins

and crashes through a table

It's a-- it's a huge hit. It's crazy

But they practiced. They put up pads first. They put pads on the pole

He would jump and bounce off the pads to get a sense of his momentum

can he clear it? Where's he gonna land?

and then little by little, they'd pull the stuff out until he could do the stunt

I think Adrian is a little embarrassed

by hurting himself like that, which is completely understandable

I think he's in a lot of pain which is-- also sucks. So I hope he gets better

I think it was a great lesson for everybody in the office about how far to take things

[Door squeaking open]

From all of us at Corridor we have a get-well-soon card for you

[Adrian:] Aww, dude

[Niko:] And I know you don't drink a bunch, but...

at least you can entertain your guests

and maybe take the edge off your pain

[Adrian:] That'll definitely be needed. Thank you guys. Oh my God


That's really kind of you guysI'm feeling horrible, man. It hurts so bad, but this made it feel a little bit better. Thanks guys

[Nick:] How's that arm feeling?

[Adrian:] Horrible, man. It hurts so bad

But this made it feel a little bit better. Thanks guys

[Niko:] I'm calling on all filmmakers for the

Hosted by our friends at Aperture

The rules are very simple

Create a film that takes place in one location

That's it. Easy

After you make your film, make a little behind the scenes showing how you're using lighting

To tell your story and create your environment, create your vibe

basically just fill us in on artistry that you are putting in to the lighting of your video and

and finally create a top-down floor plan of your lighting setup

Submit your videos. We'll have a link in the description

and Corridor Digital, all of us here, will be some of the judges helping to pick out the winners

It's gonna be exciting stuff. Hope to see some cool entries

and we will catch you guys...


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