Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (Eng)진지하게 공모전 참여용으로 찍었는데 왜 또 웃기냐구요 [박막례 할머니]

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[Kimchi Cheese Dentis~] What is this?

Kimchi Cheese Sandwich


Dentis Kimchi.. Kimchi Cheese Dentis

[Watching Oh Sang-jin dance] Can I dance however I want to?

This only lasts 15 seconds.

This is Dentis' competition to find the best smile and the first place reward is 300 won.

You have to force it (a smile)?

[ddong ddo ro rong] Kimchi~



[Watching Oh Sang-jin's video first in order to see how other people did it.]

He is handsome.

What do you think after watching it, Grandma?

[Look at the dance~!] -He is handsome. -No, I mean..

Hey, look at how other people did it.

[Analyzing the dance while watching the family version]

It's an idea.

[Analyzed a total of 3 videos]

Hey let's film it right away. I got the feeling of it.

-Is it the same song? -Yes

Hello, kimchi-jjigae Detis

[She is taking part in the competition but has the guts to say the title wrong] No, Grandma..

It's Kimchi Cheese Dentis! How can you mistake the name?

We will be eliminated.

[First try] Kimchi Cheese Dentis~

[Cut cut!] Grandma, Grandma

It's too similar to the family version video we watched just before.

-What? -It's too similar with the family version.

-I did it differently though. -It's too similar

Oh really? Then I'll think of another idea, let's do it one more time.

I said you can't do it like that. You have to do it differently.

Oh gosh

I will try again.

[Second try]

[STOP! Cut!] Grandma, Grandma, Grandma

Why? Why are you stopping me again?

-It's similar to the photographer from before. -Because I saw him! It should be similar becuase I saw him!

No, you have to do it differently. You know that! We said we would do it differently!

We can't copy others, we are creators.

Okay, hurry and turn it on.

[Creator with many complaints] Do you think it's easy to come up with something new? We only watched a few before!

[Third try] Kimchi-jjigae doen-Jji kimchi-jjigae jeon-jib

[NG! NG!] Grandma, Grandma


What do you want me to do?

I tried my best.

How do you want me to make a dance when I am not a professional?

This is not about dancing good,

you can just do anything freely.

Then what about eating kimchi, eating cheese, and then smiling?

[Fourth try] Dirty after eating kimchi

[Crying all of a sudden?]

Why are.. why are you crying?

Because it's spicy.

[Fifth try (Park Makrye's idea)]

Eating kimchi for real

[Kimchi Cheese Dentis] Fight after eating kimchi~

Have hemorrhoids after eating kimchi~

[Sixth try (Park Makrye's idea)]

Oh, it's greasy.

[Seventh try (Park Makrye's idea)] Chi-ji after eating kimcih~

The door is closing.


[A very passionate competitor]

[Grandma Park Makrye]

[Watching what she filmed]

You edit it.

[Feeling burden..] You edit as if it's the last thing you will do before you die.

It's up to your hands.

[She laughed so much her necklace is out of place] Hey, this is enough.

This is a campaign to let people know to laugh a lot, after all.

They say it's helpful to force a laugh as well.

Hey, you can't force a laugh or tears.

Soo-young doesn't usually laugh because she took after her mom.

-Yeah -Hey, Soo-young

-Yeah? -Hey, forcing a laugh is also helpful.

Let's laugh!

I'm busy.

Youre busy? Hey, they say it's helpful to force a laugh too.

[Tti-rik (she hung up on her)]

[Translation : A nasty situation] Oh my, she's so nasty..

She hung up, she says she's busy.

Being busy is her business.

I have my own business too, does she only care about herself?

[Showed Makrye the final video after she came back home / Very nervous..]

[The actual video she sent in for the Kimchi Cheese Dentis competition] Hello!

Oh, my stomach hurts.

I don't care about kimchi-jjigae.

Oh my, oh my What should I do?

Where did all the footage of me dancing go to?

There's only videos of me laughing there, and nothing about my moves.

What are you doing?

They said that it doesn't have to be a dance video. It can be a video that makes people laugh too.

But the videos of you laughing are the funniest ones.. It makes people laugh the most.

[Makrye's laugh makes people smile]

Aw, I hear things because I heard it too much.

Kimchi-jjigae sparkle.. kimchi-jjigae cheese..

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