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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn 10 Creative Ways To Say OMG ? in English | Speak English Fluently | English Vocabulary Lesson

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oh my god I think I lost my phone oh my

god I can't find my friends anywhere oh

my god that was so scary

okay guys welcome to let's talk and you

are with me Mira well guys you must have

heard me saying oh my god so many times

the fact is that you know and I know

that we face at least five situations

every day where either we say oh my god

or we're test texting oh my god to

someone now guys when oh my god

is such a commonly used phrase why not

get a little bit of variety a little bit

of spice in the same all right

in today's video you are going to learn

ten different ways to say oh my god so

that you don't have to repeatedly say

the boring phrase or get others bored by

saying the same phrase well I am going

to begin with a rather unique word to

express oh my god are you ready alright

the first word is agates yes so this by

far is the most unique way to say or to

replace oh my god it actually means yay

God so basically people believed that

there is one God and that's why this

word came in existence

agates now let's try putting it into

sentences shall we alright

agates I never thought of that

agates he should really stop talking

eggheads go put on some pants you crazy

eggheads you should really take a bot

now see how you use the word agates in

replacement of our very beloved phrase

oh my god well I have more such

interesting phrases for you ready now

the next one is a British way of saying

oh my god have you already guessed what

that is well the next word what the

phrase is

blimey haven't you heard this particular

word in different British movies or

series well that's where I learned this

one from now I'm going to use it in

sentences for you

alright blimey I forgot to wish my mom

and dad on their anniversary

blimey it's raining again and I forgot

my umbrella blimey my phone got switched

off again what am I going to do alright

guys the next phrase is jeepers you can

also add Jeepers Creepers which actually

is basically a very very creepy series

of movies you know but the actual

phrases jeepers jeepers there is a

lizard on my belt you see what I mean

well I have more examples jeepers


please don't show me such scary movies

again ever

jeepers what a crazy show that was I've

got goosebumps jeepers that was the most

difficult Trek I have ever done now guys

the next one is sort of an expression

when you are in more of a shock you know

and that expression which you can

replace with oh my god is holy moly well

I personally use this especially if I

have a friend

whose name is Molly right it goes

together well let's try it in sentences

holy moly I won the World Cup tickets

holy moly the electricity bill this

month is $1,000 holy moly

all my white clothes have turned red

what am I going to do all right guys

now the next one is particularly

something where you want to avoid

cursing you know when you want to say

the word shit but you cannot see it

because you have elders around or you're

in a formula toss fear this is the one

that you can use holy smokes

so instead of using the word other word

s you just say smokes right well I am

going to use it in different sentences

so that you get just the right way to

say it

holy smokes are you joking holy smokes

you got your hair colored red holy

smokes why is your hand in plaster holy


that's an amazing news well guys I know

that you're enjoying already because now

the next phrase is when you're trying to

keep you know that composure and just

want to sound very conservative yet be

expressive and for that you have a

rather sophisticated phrase and that is

my word doesn't it sound very olden ages

English like a classic sophisticated

phrase well let's try using it in

sentences my word this report is simply

terrible my word I cannot believe

you went without me my word why would

you say such a rude thing my word who

does such stupid things goodness

gracious me a rather elegant phrase to

replace the old one right goodness

gracious me it's graceful the way the

word says and it's pretty elegant now

let's try using this goodness gracious

me what happened to me why am I talking

like this goodness gracious me why are

you not wearing the same color pants as

us goodness gracious me where are we

goodness gracious me why are you back

answering your mother now let's try this

one for heaven's sake

doesn't it happen to you when you're

just irritated and angry this comes out

of you that just for heaven's sake stop

doing something now sometimes people

also say oh my god out of irritation but

especially for when you're irritated and

you want to express that and you just

want to stop using any abusive language

try this one out guys let's try it in

sentences now for heaven's sake just

decide which restaurant we want to go

for heaven's sake enough of this loud

music for heaven's sake can we just stop

watching family drama series see how we

avoided an abusive language and still

could have express when we are irritated

on somebody or on something that is

happening around us guys the next one is

to sound like you know you belong to a

different decade altogether you know

it's very sweet and it's very Amos

and that phrases dear me alright yeah a

few examples for you Oh dear me why is

your forehead bleeding dear me what a

terrible news dear me

don't worry it will all be fine Oh dear


you scared me well the next phrase is a

very good agree phrase and that is good

golly good golly this place is a mess

good golly I have no clothes to wear for

the event good golly you broke all my

glass plates good golly you have grown

up to look so different

well guys I'm sure you have enjoyed

today's lesson because it has so many

different varieties of the way you want

to express oh my god in different

situations for different moods for

different anger or different feelings

well that's all for the day but I'm sure

you're going to use any of these phrases

very soon if not at least in today's day

either in messaging or you would say it

out loud I'm sure you're going to use it

well with this I'm going to conclude

today's video I was used soon in another

video with another topic until then this

is me Meera sing goodbye

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