Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Buddhist Monk’s Secret Hobby! Whole Temple Covered With Pictures of ....

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A photo studio

There's a man who comes here often and every time he comes,

he prints so many pictures of k-pop girl groups

Production Crew/ That doesnt sound that strange

No, no

Do you know who he is?


A Buddhist Monk

A Buddhist monk & K-pop girl groups, What kind of combination is this?

Twice is TT

[Twice] *We replaced the song with Buddhist chants due to copyright issues*

I love Sonamoo

[Sonamoo] *Again, we replaced the song with Buddhist chants*

Ill show you why I print pictures

Follow me

This is a small temple, where he stays


So confusing

The rooms filled with pictures, including walls & the ceiling


[Kim Yoo Jung]

[Soo Ae]




[Kang Min Kyung]


Theyre Mamamoo

Hes the religious idol stan

(Reserved to be the 5th MooMoo)

Not because I like them that I post,

I look at their energy

Energy of celebrities are pure as stars

Although theres no way to prove it,

He says the energy of celebrities are better

I pray diligently, hoping for great fortune & success

(Buddhist Chant)

Dont take this the wrong wayThere are also male celebrities

[Song Joong-ki]

[Sul Woon-do, Kim Sung Hwan]

From sports stars,

famous Hollywood actors,

various politicians,

to religious figures

Theres 3,000 celebrities

All the rooms are full

Production Crew/ Did you memorize all their names?

Of course, how else would I post them on the wall?

Suhyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany

Pictures arent everything

These are

Stone towers…?!

All of this is a celebrity hall of fame

How many are there in total?!

The stone towers are stacked endlessly

Like all hall of fames, the cast is phenomenal

How did he stack all these stone towers?!

I did this for 15 years

Wait, there's more…?

Where is this, sir?

He dug underground for these celebrity stone towers

I dug 1-2 years with a pickaxe to make this place

The total area he decorated is big as 2/3 of a soccer field

I want to protect & pray for pure energies

Leave the worrying about celebrities to this Buddhist monk ;)

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