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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Useful English Expressions - English Vocabulary Lesson

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hello everyone this is my Steven even

honey and I'm helping with the new fees

so today's piece is cry over spilt milk

so dry over spilt milk our fiscal

meaning or examples if any angel baby

freeze polite is come at the personage

Maggie little meaning Yahweh stuff is

gonna the black people get sugar and

obsidian lunar does it make any sense

other ones is watching email also good

kinda it's a little skinny belt get Oona

that doesn't make any sense

so exactly this is the meaning water

freeze temple pieces he's really upset

with the entities Oh choking higher

doses up change neck he cuts that they

put a nice mm upset obviously thousand

users that they cry over spilled milk

for example if I say I know you didn't

mean to break my phone so there's no use

crying over spilled milk so send a

sample service right you get you set up


so is there as the Army's Facebook or

set up a use Kaiser - I hope the space

will be helpful to you and I suppose it

will you serve it so that's it from my

side I become happy until then they cure



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