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We are a high-energy family.

Lots of energy, lots of people, lots of stuff,

always trying to do our best in whatever we do.

And we really do love music around here, so

between saxophones, pianos, violins, we have lots of music.

I feel like we do have a perfect life.

But if you really know the story behind our lives

and the challenges we've faced, you realize we're like everyone

else. Our second son, Michael,

was born six weeks early and was a little over four pounds.

Michael proved to be a special blessing in our family.

He taught our kids to love and accept unconditionally.

The beauty of life is that people are different,

and Michael's taught us that.

Michael's not the only special part of our family.

Marcy deals with headaches, paralysis, and pain every day,

and she's so classy about it, most people don't even know.

I think the challenges we've been through helped us

learn to support and care for each other,

and those challenges have really brought us close.

My name is Mike Lohner.

I'm a husband, a father, a wannabe musician,

a golfer,

and I'm a Mormon.

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