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I'm still on vacation except today guys I had to

come back one day to complete a bathroom. Maybe

you have seen my previous videos, that was that bathroom in Katwijk.

On a Monday I had a few calls in sick so I had to step in and it was a

very crazy week anyway because we had several projects running and we couldn't have those sick calls.

But sometimes that happens and we don't let that stop us.

This means that we are now a week and a half late with this bathroom,

but it is still delivered within the delivery date,

the final delivery date, only I would rather have delivered this bathroom a week and a half

ago than I could have enjoyed my holiday today .

Doesn't matter, we'll just go back to it! I have to tell you this bathroom really...

turned out really nice, in fact all bathrooms

we do we try to deliver as well as possible.

So we're going to finish the holiday vibe in a very relaxed way because it's just a

holiday for me. So we're not going to stress but just finish this bathroom.

Now I'm going to the Bouwmaat to buy things and then we

'll see how this bathroom has turned out.

I have an insane weakness when I am a business and I walk

along the tool wall, I always have a look and there is a very good

chance that I will buy tools because I am a bit crazy about tools.

It's like a toy to me.

Hey. -Hey.

I saw your bus coming and I thought that's a familiar sight.

Are you going to make a gutter?

I have a wooden loft and I want to make a zinc gutter there

I always see you doing plumbing so I thought I'm going to do that too.

I ordered a gutter and I'm going to do it myself.

- You have to have the right stuff.

Yes I have. I have such a burner and I've done it

several times and now I see your tips so it should work.

I'm going to fill up, normally I never fill up at this gas station. This is the second time

and the first time it went completely wrong! I have a private car and it runs on petrol

and my work bus runs on diesel. If you want to fill up with diesel in your petrol car, you can't because

that hole is too small, but you can do it the other way around. So I

filled half of my tank with petrol and suddenly I thought oh no... But then half of it was already in it.

And with this pump I also had another problem. I really wasn't there.

That's where the whole trouble started. I thought I was just

refueling privately . So I put in my private pass. And I entered the wrong PIN three times.

And the second time I thought, hey, how can that be? What is that code again? And I try

again. Wrong! Just blocked! Then it turned out afterwards that my private pass was in it.

So finally put in the business pass and then went private refueling.

Then I thought, what am I going to do blablabla. Okay you know what,

I'll just fill the other half full of diesel and see how it goes.

And to my surprise, it just went well. I had some hiccups

now and then, but other than that it went really well.

And today is the second time I'm going to refuel,

so the last time was here and I'm just going to make it up today.

Last time it went wrong and now it's going well, you just have to look at it positively.

When you put the adjustable wrench on it, tighten it tight

until there is no more play between it, this will prevent damage.

I had neatly put my bread ready in the morning and put it all neatly in a

bowl. I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs.

When I was at the office I thought, I'm going to have breakfast now. I

'm always very early on the case. Yes, forgot my bread! So now...

It's really crazy. I'm totally in the holiday vibe! And

it feels very strange to just have to work for one day during your holiday.

On a roll.

I think it turned out beautiful. The design is also very nice.

I am happy that the customer is also happy, there is still one thing that needs to be done and that is the

kit work and of course we only brought the best in house for that and that is Ben.

I can only do 2 guys who can kitten very well,

that's Ben on the other, you can guess who that is.

Hey Ben do your best.

It's holiday hip hip hooray lalala

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