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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What’s the Point in Gaming Chairs? | Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review!

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I never understood the appeal in gaming chairs, but now that Ive been using one I actually get it.

Hello everyone, my name is Adam and welcome to TimeLag Gaming!

Look I know racing gaming chairs are such a cliche but theyre a cliche for a reason.

I use to never want to get a gaming chair.

I never understood it.

Then I finally sat down in one at the end of last year and that made me want to get one.

I was going to get one on Black Friday but decided to put it off.

Then E-Win reached out to me and sent one to review!

Ive done a lot of research on different brands of gaming chairs and the good and bad

of these cliche racer style seats,

so in this video Im going to review this premium E-Win gaming chair and break down

if gaming chairs are worth it in general!

If you do a lot of sitting and youve got a chair you like and are comfortable in, then

theres not much point in getting a gaming chair.

But if youre like me and use some dinky chair from Ikea that kills your back and you

dread sitting inthen you might want to consider getting one.

Gaming chairs are designed after race car seats and thats what gives them a unique

look and feel.

I myself sit in a chair a lot for editing videos, live streaming, and of course gaming.

I use to have a nice $100 office chair, it was sort of comfortable, super bulky and I

couldnt focus in it.

Also it wasnt that ergonomic, I just didnt like it and I ended up selling it on OfferUp.

Then more recently Ive been using a simple Ikea chair and I get super uncomfortable after

30 minutes.

But now with this E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair I can be comfortable for hours on end!

So lets get into the review!

The assembly is fairly straight forward although the pictures on the instructions were a little

confusing at first because it was showing a different model.

I also read them in the wrong direction and installed the seat backwards at first.

But it was also midnight and I was super tired.

Most of it already comes preassembled you just got to attach the back of the chair to

the seat and then the seat to base.

The box it came in did a good job protecting it and there was no issues there.

It was actually easier to put together then my old office chair.

With that one you had to attach the back of the chair to the seat by connecting the arm

rests to both pieces and it was really tricky.

The E-Win was much easier and it comes with all the necessary tools you need, along with

extra pieces.

You also get these white gloves to help protect it during assembly.

Moving on, this champion series chair has all the highest end features.

It has Prime PU leather, Cold Cure foam, a sturdy metal frame and base, 4D Armrests,

155 degree adjustable backrest, multi tilt with locking, height adjustment, lumbar support

and head pillows.

E-Win Gaming Chairs also come in tons of different sizes, styles, colors and prices to fit you

and your budget.

The leather is a high quality synthetic that is designed to look and feel like leather

while being extremely strong and stain resistant.

Synthetic leathers are very common on all office chairs but this leather is actually

really nice.

I remember on my previous office chair it had cheap thin leather that stained easy and

wore down fast.

On the E-Win its nice and thick, has a real feeling texture and is much stronger and resistant

to wear.

The cold cure foam is very comfortable, its very dense while also providing great cushioning.

It has some good give to it but its not like the super cushy office chairs that absorb

you in then then the foam wears out and gets thin.

I prefer this much nicer foam as its comfortable and relaxing while gaming but rigid enough

that you can focus up when you want to get work done.

The foam is also molded similar to a seat in a race car so that it sort of hugs your

sides and has a high back which I really like.

The frame within the chair is made out of thick steel and the base is made of aluminum.

Lots of other gaming and office chairs use plastic for the base and thinner steel for

the frame.

The armrests can be adjusted in 4 ways.

You can move them up and down, side to side, forward and back, and you can swivel them

to adjust the angle.

These armrests are also very secure.

In my house we have another office chair and the armrests look similar but they are very

loose and dont stay in place.

And despite how they look, the tops of the armrests on the E-Win arent hard plastic

but a softer material that has some give, so they are fairly comfortable.

However I actually dont like this style of armrest in general and I ended up taking

them off, but Ill get into that later.

One of the features I love about the chair is the 155 degree adjustable backrest.

This essentially has a car style lever where you pull it up and change the angle to whatever

is comfortable.

This free range of tilt is so nice and if you want to just lay back and relax it tilts

all the way back just like PewDiePies chair.

Also when you lay back you feel secure, not like its going to fall over.

The adjustable angle is such an important feature for me because when Im working

I like to have a very straight upright position so I can focus.

And when Im gaming I like to have it tilted a little bit so I can relax.

The ability to change that angle to whatever you want is amazing!

To go along with this the chair has a tilting ability that lets it naturally tilt back more

depending on how much you lean.

This can also be locked so the chair doesnt move at all.

And of course you have your standard height adjustment to raise or lower the chair.

Ive also heard that the range of vertical adjustment is better on the E-Win than with

other brands.

And lastly the chair features a lumbar support pillow.

The E-Win has its lumbar pillow tightly strapped to the chair making it adjustable in height

and keeping it from moving.

This pillow is great for lumbar support, helping you sit with better posture and preventing

spine issues and back pain.

The pillow along with the backrest helps create an ergonomic design that helps your posture

and comfort.

The pillow can also just be removed if you dont like it, and even without it the chair

is very comfortable and supportive.

In addition, there is a neck and head pillow which is nice.

I only had two minor issues with my E-Win gaming chair, thats the armrests and neck


The Armrests are great but my desk is lower to the ground making it so I cant push

the chair all the way into the desk when Im done using it.

I also dont like these style of armrests in general.

But I just took them off and I actually prefer it with no armrests.

It makes the chair take up way less space and I can easily push it in when done.

Also I dont miss that theyre gone because when editing I prefer to rest my arms on the


And while gaming I prefer to have my controller in my lap or on the desk too.

Now that I removed them, the armrests dont get in my way.

So the armrests arent really an issue I just prefer the chair without them.

And the fact that you can even take them off is a great feature.

With other chairs you dont have that ability, just like with my old office chair.

The other issue was the neck and head pillow.

This neck and head support was way too low for me and whenever I moved it up it just

slid right back down.

However then I figured out you can just unhook the pillow and strap it around the outside

so it will be perfect height for you!

I really like the comfort the top pillow provides.

So these two minor complaints are really non-issues, and overall this gaming chair is fantastic!

ALthough I also did a bit of research to see what problems people have with gaming chairs

in general and those seem to be pretty simple and most dont apply to the E-Win brand.

One issue is some gaming chairs have a lip where the seat angle gets higher like in a

car and that can lead to discomfort.

None of the E-Win gaming chairs have that though.

Another complaint is gaming chairs have bucket seats where it curves up to meet your sides.

This can limit movement depending on how you like to sit.

Everyone has their own preferences but for me this was never an issue and I like how

it hugs your sides.

Gaming chairs also dont have any seatpan depth adjustment but most standard office

chairs dont either.

And E-Win offers many different size variations so that you can buy the one that will fit

your body correctly.

The E-Win also has a 155 degree angle adjustment which not even higher end office chairs have.

So in some ways its more adjustable.

Some people dont find the lumbar support to be adequate on gaming chairs.

The E-win chairs have good size lumbar pillows that do a great job supporting your back and

help you have proper posture.

Its also well known that gaming chairs are actually good for your back, promote better

posture, and can help with back pain.

They are also designed for more comfort during longer periods of time as they provide better

support for your upper body compared to office chairs.

Then of course some people have an issue with the price.

Office chairs range in price from $50 to $1,000.

Gaming chairs are usually around $100-500.

It is true that gaming chairs are often overpriced because they have a popularity appeal, however

the E-Win chairs are priced very well and Ill get into that shortly.

So as you can see there arent many real issues with the E-Win chairs.

But thats not to say you wont have any.

Everybody is different and some people will prefer different types of chairs.

You should find the chair that works best for you and your body!

The E-Win Gaming Chairs comes in a ton of different models, styles and colors.

The models range from less expensive to more expensive like the champion series I have.

But they also range from recommended height and weight capacity.

Each of their chairs is designed for a different range of recommended heights a range of supported


I think the different options is great because when it comes to gaming chairs, one size doesnt

fit all.

Each of the models also have different styles that have differing aesthetics.

And each version has different colors you can choose from as well.

Im 61 so I went with the champion series as that has the recommended height and all

the premium features.

I went with the black and white as I wanted a more neutral look and my room has a lot

of black and white in it.

I was thinking of going for their blacked out version that looks more professional but

I wanted it to have a little contrast.

The two lower end models dont have all the premium features hence the lower prices.

Speaking of prices, these different models of gaming chair come in different prices.

This ranges from $200-400.

However right now all their chairs are on sale for the new year and you can get an additional

30 percent off by using codetimelagon their website.

They offer free shipping and their shipping is very fast, I got it within a few days.

With their sale you can get their lowest end model for only $150 and the champion version

I have for $300.

However with code timelag you can get the champion series for $209!!

I understand people not wanting to spend $400 on a chair, but at $200 the E-Win champion

series is a great value and I absolutely recommend it!

They also have it on Amazon right now for $260.

For comparison your typical no name gaming chair from Office Depot is around $200, and

on Amazon you can find some low quality no name ones for $100-200.

The E-Win champion series gaming chair is much better quality and has more features

for just a little bit more.

Also check out this comparison of a no name gaming chair vs an E-Win chair.

The quality of E-Win gaming chairs is so much better than the cheap gaming chairs youll

find elsewhere.

Your standard nice office chair, like the one I use to own, costs about $100, this is

twice that but way nicer, more comfortable, more adjustable, and way more durable.

There are of course other brands like Clutch and DxRacer but from my research the E-Win

chairs are actually better in many ways.

A lot of YouTubers use the E-Win gaming chair too, people like Steven from boogie2988, and

Nintendo YouTubers like Wood from BeatEmUps, and John from SpawnWave.

E-win is an excellent brand.

Their reviews across amazon and their website prove this.

All their chairs have a 4.5 to 5 stars and their reviews say they have great customer

service and that their chairs are amazing.

Are gaming chairs worth it?


Of course they arent for everyone, some people may prefer a standard office chair.

But from my experience they are way nicer, more comfortable and more feature packed than

your standard office chair.

That being said its always a good idea to test out different types of chairs for

yourself so you can find one thats great for you!

So is the E-Win champion series worth it?


This chair is seriously amazing and its a great value right now.

I know thats easy for me to say since I didnt buy it, but Im telling you this

thing is worth it.

I regret not getting one sooner.

If I would have known how great these really are I would bought one years ago.

Yes this is a luxury but if you can afford it then its definitely worth getting.

Dont take my word for it though.

My friend John aka Johniibo also uses an e-win gaming chair.

I wanted to let him shares his thoughts real quick since he paid for it himself and has

been using it for longer.

Thanks Adam, I appreciate you asking my opinion on this.

Hey everyone, my name is Johniibo.

I play a lot of games, I stream a lot, so Im sitting down the majority of the day

I want to find a chair that really suited my needs.

I was using this old office chair that I got off Craigslist for about 15 bucks.

And unsurprisingly that gave out in like a couple months because it was off Craigslist.

So I started looking for actual gaming chairs, I did not want to spend a ton of money but

I also did not want to get a low-quality chair.

And I hear good things about E-Win racing chairs at the time so I checked out their

website and fortunately

they were having a sale for Memorial Day and I was able to get the champion series for

$80 off.

I think it was $280 full price and I got it for $200

So I was ecstatic about that because you know this is out of pocket, theres a large up

front cost and I was worried about putting money out there and getting a product that

I did not enjoy.

I was just worried about that so I was ecstatic to get a sale and after the seven months that

Ive been using it, I use it pretty much every day and I think its one of the best

chairs that Ive ever owned.

Its definitely the best gaming chair Ive ever owned and worth the investment.

So if youre worried about that large upfront cost dont be, its a great chair, its

very comfortable, it has not lost any comfort, any sturdiness, anything.

Its been a great chair over the past 7 months and I use it for hours on end everyday.

I did want to point out one thing though.

I am unfortunately not the smallest guy in the world so I may have gotten a chair that

is one size too small.

I think I was on the cusp of what they recommend.

So if you are on the cusp of what they recommend I think you should maybe go with the bigger

size because youll be able to notice

It doesnt really affect my comfort level, but it definitely is a little tighter than

I was expecting.

But its still very comfortable, I love it, I enjoy it everyday.

I hope this helps, enjoy the rest of the video.

Thank you John!

Be sure to checkout his YouTube channel Johniibo, he also livestreams a lot over on Mixer too!

In conclusion, I love my E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair!

I know they are cliche and I didnt use to believe the hype either, but the hype is


I have used plenty of office chairs like the big leather ones and the smaller Herman Miller


I have also used lots of Ikea chairs too.

Above all these I prefer the gaming chair style and E-Win is fantastic brand for them!

But now I want to hear from you.

Whats your experience with gaming chairs?

Are you considering getting one?

Let me know your take in the comments down below

Thank you so much for watching!

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