Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 妹妹結婚在家坐席,胖大哥親自擺盤,有模有樣像個大廚!

Difficulty: 0

What are you doing? Don't speak and I am just trying it

Ya's mom that's it

Do you want to eat such a great dish? Yes. They are all yours later

Can I eat it alone with so many people on that table?

I will serve it by your side then. Haha You are so smart

I will take them out to get rid of the extra oil

Can this apprentice be a teacher today? Sure

I told you, boss, that I could do it as well

One drops and this is yours

Can you teach me if I give you a cigarette? No, I don't smoke

Then how can you be my teacher? No I don't teach

You have to have a sense of ritual

A pack of cigarettes wants to bribe me

You do not even want to teach me with a pack of cigarettes so you have to give me some gift

Aunts are here. I see Dajun posts on the phone and they are so good

That side

Brother-in-law is so handsome today

He is so handsome after putting on his suit

He is tall and thin

Pack if you can't finish

To aunt and eat well, drink well. Cheers

Others have finish eating so I will eat something big

So fragrant

We will eat causally with my uncle

You eat the pig face brother and no one eats this

So full and this is pig's tooth

Have a big bite

So good

The Description of 妹妹結婚在家坐席,胖大哥親自擺盤,有模有樣像個大廚!