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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dance Moms: Dance Digest - Well-Oiled Machine (Season 6) | Lifetime

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Are you coming to play?

No, I'm not working anymore. So--

- Oh, god. - Do you know what?

Do you want to go to Debbie Allen's studio?

That's the other option.

Our group dance this week is entitled "Well-Oiled Machine."

and thank god Abby has already given Gianna direction

and choreography So that she can teach

the girls until Abby decides to come out and be with her team.

So where are we going this weekend?

We're going to Phoenix.

Maddie's supposed to be here right now.

But she's filming her final scene for the movie.

So she's going to meet us in Phoenix

to learn the group dance and be back on the team

for the rest of the season.

I am very much prepared to follow up with Debbie Allen

and to see if she'll let us use her studio.

For sure.

The ALDC right now is not the right place for our girls.

And right now, our girls need a place to rehearse and to work.

We are doing the costumes, right?

So she didn't give you guys the costumes?


What if we call Kira and see what

she has there at her studio?

Does she have dancewear?

Call her and see if she has stuff that we can use.


I'm happy that you guys are here.

And we have a lot of gratitude for you

letting us be here today.

Oh, no, I'm happy.

I'm happy to be able to fill in while you're

waiting for Miss Abby.

Let me see what y'all got.

Come on.

I'm just in awe to be in the presence of Debbie Allen.

She's taking the time out of her schedule to be with our girls.

And their own dance teacher couldn't do that.

That's nice!

Good job.


OK, so you've been working for how long?

Since when? - Yesterday.


OK, you know, it's very, very evident that you've

worked together as a group.

And I guess it's about deciding what is the narrative.

This is why dancers make the best actors

because we don't have words.

We have our bodies and our faces to tell the audience in how we

move what are we talking about.

Kendall, where are the earrings?

Where's your costume?

HOLLY: Kira came through with the costumes.

They look great.

They work perfectly for the number.

So despite no support from Abby, we do have costumes.

Stop. Back up.

It's the shorts are all different.

And you can-- it's blatantly obvious they're all different.

Abby, that's all we have.

I think we have to make it work.

ABBY: Put the black leotard on, and then put

the crop top over the leotard.

HOLLY: At this point, Abby is picking apart the costumes

because she is so mad that we took

matters into our own hands. - Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

What if we put that burgundy skirt

on underneath the suspenders but over the shorts?

Look in here and see if there's shorts.

Yeah, take the leotard off.

Put the new shorts on.

I don't care how they fit.

Just put them on.

HOLLY: Honestly, the costumes are what,

five points of the dance?

I mean, why don't we focus on the dance

itself rather than the costumes?

I pride myself on making my dancers look good on stage.

Well, you know what, Abby?

This could have been done days ago.

There's no need for this.

OK, well, if you don't feel your child

can dance and handle all this pressure, it's OK.

We can reblock it.

HOLLY: No, that's not my point.

My point is you were not here to do your job this week.

We all know it.

I'm just voicing it.

And I think the girls want to dance.

And now, they're getting sidetracked

because you're focused on the costumes instead of the dance.


You are making this whole costume thing my fault.

It is your fault!

You didn't bring costumes.

You didn't who up to do your job.

You brought costumes that have booty shorts

that you can see every line in.

They had black on.

They looked great.

You're messing them up and flustering them.

No one else is.

You are.

Because you don't do your job.

ANNOUNCER: Entry number 75, "Well-Oiled Machine."

[applause, cheering]

[music playing]

[choir singing]

(ON RECORDING) 3, 2, 1.


These kids, they've been put through the ringer this week.

But the "Well-Oiled Machine" worked.

It went on stage, did its job, and it drove off.

ANNOUNCER: Overall high for group.

This has been a really tough week for our girls.

They've showed up.

They've worked their butts off, which is

more than I can say about Abby.

So no matter what happens today, I'm very proud of them.

ANNOUNCER: The first place goes to entry number 75,

"Well-Oiled Machine."

[cheering, applause]

I am so happy the girls won first place.

We're in Phoenix.

This is a hard competition.

They won with Gianna's help and the moms' support,

not with Abby's help.

Abby, we did it without you.

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