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i haven't

i said the doctor's office

i thought i think look i got some issues right

and i need to go get checked out and i think i might have something called celiac disease

site june incensed


well as the actual use less so in a sense of the doctors of the treasury united are

how that's why it is that's the

hand one appointed in the face now you're getting in the street announce you know

what's your name of the money will certainly

tony or pronto

hit anonymous

h_i_v_ tests yet they tell you the %uh give your name number and it's going to go to database

if you get it for free on the little bands they set up on the street in vans on the street

yet pricked with needles from people that are not another part of the state their lives

and the people they set up in west hollywood you know

to test the folks that russ feingold a paper which will explain later and people like me

right cuz i wanna go pay the bills for having made sense at u_c_l_a_ medical center right

so but they tell you what we should have database the saudi government speak of addresses of

several my condominiums job like

info and basis that's how we handle aka ailich site of the doctor i'd i've my guided to somebody

says i might have celiac disease leafing

he says the well

%uh live with this

is like silly i could tell by looking at you didnt

as what you mean he said

looks like diseases usually %uh

the person who's coming to run for the family malnourished because of the disease

and there's the wrote the song live

but does he get a lot of weight

and with seven right

a mic art i got i don't have feel they are lowered celiac disease is not a nobody knows

it but he said yes he explains it

and some stomach thing exploded in everything but is the sierra using explosive and

please forgiveness like get into that

so but

as like so documentaries like the picture

of course you don't have to is like a hot they killed many people have been a problem

or people who you know can gain weight any discovery like

brightest anything more i was like i i i got you should soon for prominent management

yet ethics affections say that's you

of course it

you know i have an easy decision

yeah i can affect the c_i_a_ on other diseases that

people at the international appt ted

sizzler at israel liberals on a more eternity the intestine

that no he acted said that i could go get blood test done for our problem

%uh so i did it as they should be used to deliver your disease but just because you're

slightly portly

and he already made the decision is headed by

the way you looking retracted

it found might never get care dirty he's like like hike i write up the blood test for it

but look at you

it's no climb dot i've got the message very handsome could never have to say they can

simply because mobile

%uh no i didn't go that far and i thought we'd hang could be a lot of people usually

ship and i think he's right

so but i did the blood pressure suggesting

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