Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Perfect Chair PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic

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Hi, I'm Mark with Human Touch and I want to tell you a little bit about the

Perfect Chair Omni Motion Classic, the PC-610. The PC-610

is a chair unlike any others as far as comfort, quality and

craftsmanship -it is unparalleled.

You have somebody making these chairs, the wood bases, who cannot even start making them til they have served at least a two-year

apprenticeship. That is something many of our competitors either

can't, don't or choose not to do. The PC-610 Omni Motion Classic also comes with the

nickel-plated glide reel system, which is patented and proprietary to Human Touch.

It's part of what gives the Perfect Chair a quiet,

seamless glide to recline or incline to your desired comfort level.

The PC-610 has a five-way omni motion controller. You can bring the chair up,

leg-wise, to whatever height. You can recline to infinite positions all the way from upright to zero-gravity.

The leg rests, you can bring up or down at your convenience.

The dual-motor capability gives you infinite positions for comfort and/or health reasons if you have things like:

edema, swelling and

circulation issues.

You can recline back, elevate the feet and that's going to force blood back to the heart,

improving circulation. The Perfect Chair also has a fifth way, you can go backward

forward, lift the legs up or down, but anytime you want to go back to the zero-gravity position

all you have to do is press that button in and it will take you back to the zero-gravity position.

When the chair stops, you know you're back in true zero-gravity.

A lot of quality aspects have been put into this chair, from as I mentioned, the two-year apprenticeship in building the wood.

The commitment with even constructing the seams on all of the pad sets

-they are triple French-stitched which means that there is a lot more work involved, a lot more cost and

more time, but it also gives you a very strong

seam that rarely has ever had any issues whatsoever.

You also have with this chair, in the power version, a battery backup. If you are in a area of the country

where you might be more prone to power outages, places like in the midwest,

snowstorms or maybe in the southeast where there are hurricanes, if the power goes out you simply push the same button and when it senses

there's no electricity, it will trigger the battery and it's good for one incline to bring you forward.

You can still sit in the chair after that just don't recline until you've replaced the batteries; it takes two 9-volt rectangular batteries.

They don't

wear out with normal use of the chair,

but we recommend you replace them every year whenever you replace smoke alarm batteries and things like that.

It's an extra

added measure of safety and protection built into this chair not to mention the warranty is improved with this

model of Perfect Chair. You have a 3-3-5 warranty. You also have a

400 pound weight capacity with the Perfect Chair PC-610

you also have many ways you can customize your chair through the usage of

different base colors: dark walnut, walnut and

chestnut. You have eleven different fabric options including: top grain and premium leathers.

You have many accessories: up to three different tables, memory foam, jade stone heat kits,

back covers and many other options that you can add in to customize your Perfect Chair to your liking.

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