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Hello, today I want to talk about the book Effortless by Greg McKeown.

Effortless is about making things easier.

So, when you simply cant try any harder its time to find a different path.

There is an eb and flow to life, rhythms are in everything we do. There are times to push hard

and times to rest and recuperate. But these days many of us are pushing harder and harder

all the time. There is no cadence only grinding effort.

Our brains are foggy. The ground beneath our feet

seems unsteady. The air is thin.

And it can feel surprisingly exhausting to make even an inch of progress.

Perhaps its the endless fear and uncertainty about the future.

Perhaps its the loneliness. And isolation.

Perhaps its financial worries and hardships. Perhaps its all the responsibilities

All the pressures that can suffocate us on a daily basis.

Whatever the cause is the result is that were often working

twice as hard only to achieve half as much.

Strangely some of us respond to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

by vowing to work even harder and longer. It doesnt help that our culture glorifies

burnouts as a measure of success and self-worth. The implicit

message is that if we arent perpetually exhausted, we must not be doing enough.

That great things are preserved for those who bleed, for those who almost break.

But burnout is not a badge of honor. It is true that hard work can equal better results,

but this is true only to a point. Theres a limit to how much time and effort we

can invest. The more depleted we get the more our return on that effort dwindles.

This cycle can continue until we are burned out and exhausted.

And still havent produced the result we really want.

What if instead we took the opposite approach,

what if instead of pushing ourselves past our limits we sought an easier path.

Greg McKeown completely rejects what he describes as todays hustle culture.

The idea that in order to achieve success we must work ourselves to the brink of insanity.

Long hours, no breaks, little sleep, high stress and zero fun. These are things that

leave the body and mind bedraggled but are often created by western society,

especially in the corporate, medical, sports, and academic worlds.

Here are five Steps to make things easier.

First one: Done. Ask the question:

What does done look like? Take 60 seconds to visualize

what done looks like. This makes you mind relax because it knows that here is a clear end goal.

Second step: Delete. What steps can I delete?

There are probably a few steps you can remove on your next project

and still get great results or in your everyday life.

Deleting and decluttering is always a good way to go.

McKeown recommends starting every project from zero by taking out a blank piece of paper and

asking yourself: What are the minimum number of steps required to complete this project?

Start with a list of steps you believe are necessary to complete a project and

delete all nonessential actions. For each nonessential step removed, we gain more time,

energy, and cognitive resources to put toward whats essential.

3. Obvious. What is the obvious first action?

If you identify where to start first the project will be less overwhelming. First

action is usually easy to identify and easy to do. We often get overwhelmed because we misjudge what

the first step is: what we think is the first step is actually several steps. But once we break that

step down into concrete, physical actions, that first obvious action begins to feel effortless.

4. Gradual. What gradual pace can I sustain?

Establish a smooth and steady progress. That you can easily sustain each day, instead of rushing,

remember that sustaining something long term is so much more beneficials than giving it

your all at the beginning and then being too tired to continue.

Make a list with the bare minimum and the absolute maximum work for each day. So that even on the

hardest days you can do a little bit and that you never over exceed the maximum. Its about gradual

progress and not overwhelming ourselves. This is always better for the long run and to get thing

done more efficiently instead of working harder while being tired and making very little progress.

An important quote is:

Do not do more today than you can completely recover from by tomorrow.

5. Grateful Clutter makes everything so much harder and

were like a slow computing with all these taps opened up. We feel much lighter when we let go of

heavy emotions and thoughts that do not serve us. Instead we can focus on what we are grateful for.

This makes life so much lighter. Here is a rule that McKeown uses,

every time he complains he will immediately think of something hes grateful for.

If you routinely ask yourself those five questions, you will enter an effortless state,

Youll be able to make things more easy and to get better results.

I hope this helped you and thank you so much for watching my friends.

I really appreciate it and I hope to see you next time again.

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