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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 PHRASAL VERBS using the prepositions OFF, ON, OVER, UP

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all right james from engvid meet you can

grow reading sci-fi or Scientific

American 10 things coming to you in the


speaking of coming to you I would like

to talk about phrasal verbs that we can

use in the business environment whether

it is an interview or just working with

colleagues or coworkers I'm gonna work

on seven of them with you first we'll

talk about what a phrasal verb is then

we'll talk about the prepositions that

we're going to use and how they're

changed by the verbs we'll add and how

you can use them in a business

environment you ready let's go to the

board so I'm sorry II says on or off

this hasn't really helped us right now

because we're not going to work with

them I want to read something to you and

then we're going to insert later on what

the appropriate phrasal verb will be

once you learn what they are a simple

conversation hey Jay this is e he's

talking hey Jay I have to cancel the ATM

is 8:00

I have to cancel the 8:00 a.m. meeting

tomorrow James why what's up E mr. e the

boss asked me to accept more work on the

Helen Helen Williams account James yeah

she wanted me to review it in detail

with you mr. e we were supposed to look

for information online about the

important parts of the accounts and

contact her to give her the information

later James I heard you two don't have a

good relationship he well that would

have required you to get the right

information from the right people sounds

okay nothing to change but when we speak

as English people to one another we will

use either idioms or phrasal verbs to

contain the same amount of information

but in a smaller recognizable pattern of

word pattern and a pattern can be

anything like oh my shirt

how the red and white goes means

something that is repeated and because

it's repeated it's easily understood all

right so we're doing this we've done the

sentence on the board and I'm going to

go right now and we're going to get


teach you the prepositions and the

phrasal verbs so that we can put them in

the right place at the end of this

lesson are you ready let's go

so we did all these beautiful sentences

and you don't know why we're gonna go to

the board and figure it out by looking

at the phrasal verbs and prepositions so

why don't we start off with what is a

preposition a preposition I look at it

as pre-positioned is we've designated or

we say a preposition tells us where

something is gonna go we use it in

sentences to tell us how where and why

right preposition and because of its

position it gives us an indication

between the verb and the subject what

they're about right so I go to the store

right direction

what's another we can say for a

preposition for this is for you you will

receive it using that preposition tells

us how how the verb and the object of

the subject are working out now why are

we doing this when we use phrasal verbs

we take prepositions plus verbs the verb

still keeps most of its meaning though

as you change the preposition it changes

the meaning of what when you add a

preposition it changes the general

meaning of the two coming together got

it so what I'm going to do today is I'm

going to kind of give you a general

outline of what the prepositions I'm

working with today mean and you'll see

how when we add it to the verb how it

changes it and then when we go back to

our sentences on the board

you'll go oh my gosh this is how it

works and this is why it means this

you're ready let's go to the board first

thing we should look up is the

preposition off when somebody says off

you probably know it most commonly from

turn off the lights it's a movement away

or detaching now I'm not going through

all the move the definitions because off

has about five definitions I'm just

going to deal with the ones that we need

to work on with our phrasal verbs today

in future lessons I'll tell you

different meanings of them and you can

see when you see them all together

how you can figure out what the

preposition or how the preposition

affects a sentence or rephrase levert

and today's meaning earth means moving

away or detach and you know that already

if you jump off of something you detach

or leave it to remove all right what's

the move the next one is on when

something's on it's touching a good

example is let's do it on Monday well

when we say do something on Monday and

usually use the preposition on for days

it means there's an attachment or a

movement on right we can also say

touching move or continuing right so an

example for continuing is move on

continue okay over funny enough because

you would never think of this but when

we use the preposition over with other


it can mean communicating or considering

thinking about think it over

you like that one right there that means

to communicate to consider think about

or communicate up means collecting

coming together approaching means coming

closer to when you say the car pulled up

to the house the car came closer to the

house completing we'll finish up on

Monday and improvement let's fix it up

all right so I've given you some

examples there and told you how the

basic meetings now let's look how we use

these prepositions in these phrasal

verbs to create new meanings or greater

meanings remember we set off means to

call off or say off means to detach a

move away if you call off something

means to cancel an event when you cancel

you move away from it you're not going

to do it anymore so you're moving away

take on it means to accept more work

here we say attach or touching well if

you have one thing and you attach

another is taking on more work right you

so you accept to have more work or more

responsibility alright so if you take on

more work at work you're going to have

more work

tongue-twisted get on now I put whiffs

right but in this case on means what we

said on me is touching or attach or to

have a good relationship well when you

have a relationship with someone you're

either close or far away if you're

attached you're probably touching so if

I say I get on well with him or her it

means we are close over okay sorry sorry

I got another one I got this one before

I forget depends on somebody needs

something to work okay so you need it so

you need to have some kind of touching

or community like a contact in order for

it to work so I need this this has to be

attached to me to work and that's why we

say it depends on all right so it

depends on what time it is it depends on

Fred if friend is not in contact it

won't work depends on the time if we're

not attached to the right time or

happening at the right time it won't

work over-over means communicator

considering so when you go over

something it means to review in detail

you have to consider think about

something and probably communicate it

with someone else when I go over your

work I'm going to look look at it look

over the work but and then I will

communicate what I found in that work

all right I will think about it and

communicate it

look up what did we say but up up means

collecting approaching completing and

improvement when you look up information

you look information on a book or online

that means you're collecting it right so

you're collecting information you're

looking up to approach knowledge

understanding so we're using these two

together down here and finally to follow

up you want to contact a client and give

them information when you followup with

somebody you're going to collect the

information right approach the client

and complete the the meeting by

informing them so they have more

information to make a better decision

okay so now I've shown you how we've

gone from taking our prepositions to

help form new meaning by adding them to

verbs and as you can see call you know

all means make a call call us you're

gonna call someone to move away right

take when you take something you bring

it to yourself take on and we said on

means to attach and you can go oh my

gosh yeah by themselves they mean one

thing but just by adding these

prepositions to each verb we've

increased the meaning so you can say

more with less and when we go back to

the board in a second and you're going

to see how we're going to replace the

sentences or the sentences parts that we

started with at the beginning of this

video with these new phrasal verbs and

how we can say shorter sentences make

much more sense be fuller with meaning

and make you clear and like a mini

speaker don't forget we're also gonna do

homework and bonus now okay so now that

I've explained the phrasal verbs to you

and the prepositions let's put it into

action all right so we did this sentence

we'll go over it one more time hey Jay I

have to cancel the 8:00 a.m. meeting

tomorrow why what's up E the boss asked

me to accept more work on the hill and

Williams account yeah she wanted me to

review it and it's in detail with you we

were supposed to look for information

online about the important parts of the

account and contacts her to give her the

information later I heard you two don't

get a don't have a good relationship

well that would have required you to get

the right information from the right

people quick snapshot like picture and

now let's go into the phrasal verbs now

let's throw the first one I have to

cancel what did we say cancel was

you can do the same thing with a wedding

or any event that's right call off but

you cancel an event you can call it off

call off a wedding call up a meeting

call off the ATM meeting tomorrow so

they're gonna call it off and we're

going to figure and figure out why

what's up e boss asked me to take on or

accept more work on okay now one of the

things I want you to pay attention I'm

taking my time of course to let you try

and figure out before I get there look

how many words these or this phrasal

verb or the phrasal verbs I'm using can

replace look at this face so the boss

asked me to take on the Helen Williams

account that means more you know take on

take on yourself some responsibilities

to take it on yourself

in addition right what about the next

one yeah she wanted me to review it in

detail with you all right

have what do we have here believe you

have won a brand new car okay go over it

with you

just as on means in addition to go over

means information go over something

right inform what's the next one we got

so we're going to go over it review it

with you we are supposed to look for

well one of the words is here already

I'm sure you caught it already right so

I'm going to erase it but I don't need

to cuz I'm going to replace it erases in

to replace all of this has to go and we

can just put this look up alright to add

on when we're looking up something to

inform ourselves we were supposed to

look up the important parts of the

account and what

for in the foremen communicate follow-up

remember we follow up we get the

information we give it back to somebody

additional information so up meeting in

addition and you notice how this whole

entire sentence just disappears like

myself okay so here we go I heard you

two don't have a good relationship what

do we say instead what can we say I'm

getting rid of don'ts cuz I have to and

I'm going to change it over here okay

I'm gonna put it back in here because we

need it I'm speaking to myself saying

the word don't is necessary to make this

sentence make sense so some of the times

you will notice I will change it to make

it make sense and it's necessary but

what I'm trying to get you to understand

is how these two words can be contained

all of this information and that's why

we use phrasal verbs as opposed to just

the verb or just a preposition it cuts

down on how much we have to write but

gives you the same amount of information

and this case is negative don't get


how long sorry don't get on and if you

remember when we said you get on you can

have a good relationship when you don't

get on you have a bad relationship now

what about this lost sentence well that

would have required you to get the right

information for the right it's very long

it's cumbersome which means a lot and

but not comfortable what do we say okay

I'm gonna get rid of all of that

oh let's go like a sail and this is what

I meant by I have to change the sentence

in this case I can't just say that

depends on it's not really enough but

you get the idea that depends on and you

will notice how much shorter this

particular sentence is compared to that

long since as I had and let's go over it

just to make sure we have the same

meaning that we started with so mr. he

says hey J I have to call off the ADM

meeting tomorrow James says why what's

up E

he says the boss asked me to take on the

hill and Williams account actually

sounds better right James yeah she

wanted me to go over it with you right

review it he we were supposed to look up

the important parts of the account and

follow up later right and I forgot to

put this follow up with her because in

this case the boss alright so there are

some things as I said we have to change

a little bit but we could I said we

could have to follow up later but in

this case I want to say follow up with

her later

okay I heard you two don't get along

well that depends on who you spoke to

cool right so there's that hidden

information where it's like you had to

speak to the right person to get the

right information to know if this is

true I don't need to say that I just go

that depends on who you spoke to in that

case since you're speaking to listening

to me and I'm speaking I would like to

do a bonus and I teach you a few more

phrasal verbs so we can go up to the

magic number turn and give you some

homework so let's go and take a look

drag on what does that mean when

something drags it usually means

something follows behind or is on the

floor being pulled okay it is not moving

quickly that's why it's being dragged

think of when you see a mother with a

child in the mall shopping the chat

come on you have to go we have to go now

she drags them along right in this case

when we say something drags on it means

to continue one of the meanings from on

and we go go on longer than needed so if

something drags on some of you might say

this video was dragging on it means you

should have ended at five minutes ago

that's what we mean by something drags

on it went on longer than needed the

meeting dragged on for like three hours

the movie dragged on for almost infinity

open up that takes the meaning from up

from approach did you remember when we

talked about okay up and approach but

when you open up to somebody it means

you talk about your personal life or you

talk about feelings that are important

to you so if you open up at work you're

gonna talk about your personal life or

your private life if you open up to a

lover or a loved one you will tell them

your innermost feelings how you really

feel about something dress up dress up

as we said from up means to improve when

we dress up it means to make something

look better one of the easiest things to

think of is right now I'm casual if I

were to dress up I would put on a tie

change this to a jacket wear some pants

comb back my hair and I would be dressed

up looking good right but it also means

to make something look better let's just

say you're at work and you have a

project and it's okay you know we need

to dress it up a little

it means we meet we need to improve it

to make it look better so maybe the boss

likes it or the client wants to get it

right so we we were designing a new car

you go we need to dress up the way that

this car is we're gonna add some lights

and some some other details we're making

it look better it doesn't necessarily

mean it's better but it looks better I

got it okay so now that I've given you

three extra ones to use on you can use

at work especially this one you'll use

that a lot he just dragged on the

meeting with his bla bla bla bla bla

let's give you some homework the

homework I'd like you to do is to write

out your own conversation using at least

four of these phrase

verbs in a work situation you can think

of an interview you can think of a

meeting you can think of presenting

something to a client and trying to use

these what these words in the way that

I've mentioned to you you could say

there's a client hi listen tomorrow I've

got something really desperate I have to

do so I'm gonna have to call off for a

meeting tomorrow okay yeah listen up but

I will follow up with you on that next

week okay and why don't we why don't we

go over it over the phone and I've just

used three making it up walking around

like I'm talking to a client you can do

that too you've done this with me I know

you've got a good handle on it and in

case you don't I would like you to go to

or you don't think you do go to WWE as

in english' vid' as in video' comm where

you can do the test and test yourself to

see how well you've learned these also

don't forget to subscribe and you can

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ring my bell ring my bell somewhere

around here and we'll shoot you the

latest video I do also as always thank

you very much for taking the time to

watch and to learn we're a community so

try it out you can put some of these

phrasal verbs paragraphs you try on

youtube or on Ingvild where other

students will join you and you know i'd

like to take a look and see what you're

doing as well anyway listen time for me

to take off and you have a good night or

a day whenever you're watching this I

don't know Joe

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