Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RTOPO - CAD software for topography

Difficulty: 0

Loading a XYZ file of points

Generating intermediary points on3dpolyandspline” (break lines for triangulation)


3D Orbit - when you press the mouse left button and move the mouse.

Geological layers (can be seen below ground) are also triangulated.


Redrawing the points

Colored-filled contour map

Cross sections and longitudinal profile

Editing the points

Saving the changes

Defining a POLYLINE

FILLET command application on POLYLINE

Projecting POLYLINE over triangulation

Saving the XYZ points file, which also contains the new points resulted from projection

Numbering setting for the points resulted from projection

We are generating sections along the projected POLYLINE over triangulation

The Description of RTOPO - CAD software for topography